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The Office

She needed his help...
She knocked on the door to his office, while adjusting her plaid skirt. Nervous, she bit down on her ruby red lips, and straightened her white blouse, the one that fit her just so.
“Hey there, what can I help you with?” he said with a smile.

“Well, I have a big presentation coming up and I could use some help” she bit down harder.

“Sure, grab a seat... . why don't you read me what you have already”.

She sauntered in and took the seat at the edge of his desk. She crossed her legs slowly, causing him to clear his throat. She fumbled with her pink cue cards and read her speech, anxiously, and a little too quickly. He was amused by her sweet nature and loved it when she blushed.

“Sounds great! What is it you need help with?” he paused.

“Aw, thanks. I really need help putting together my slides...”

He pulled up his search engine and started typing. She stood up, and positioned herself beside him. Her smell was intoxicating to him. He closed his eyes, just for a moment. She bent over to see better, elbows on his desk. He clicked around, not really focused. “I like that one” pointing at some photo, brushing his arm. So close, they could both feel the heat.

He gazed up at her, taking her all in. She returned his look and they stayed there for a moment.

He stood up, keeping their eyes locked, she stood too. He moved in closer, her breathing quickened. He walked forward, she walked back two, three steps until she felt the wall. He put his hands up on either side and leaned in close.

They could feel each other’s breath on their lips.

Ever closer he moved in, kissing her hungrily and deeply.

Their tongues dancing around, she was tingling. She grabbed him pulling him, wanting him closer. He dropped his hands down to her side, grazing her hips. She pushed him away, walking him back to his chair.

He fell back, and she fell to her knees.

He was thinking of her luscious breasts, barely held back by her shirt . They stared at each other, while she unbuckled his belt. She deftly unzipped him, reaching for him.

She couldn't help but lick her lips, before licking him bottom to top. She wrapped her lips around him and took him all in, as far as she could. She reached under his shirt, lightly scraping her nails down his chest. He wanted to lean his head back and enjoy, but didn't want to miss the sight of her.
She bobbed her head up and down slowly. She sucked ever so slightly, he moaned with pleasure. Wrapping her hand around him, she flicked the tip of his swollen hard cock with the very tip of her tongue.

She felt his hips writhe, clearly needing more.

She ran her hand tightly, up and down, faster until he emitted a deep groan, then once again took all of him deep in her throat. Sucking him as hard as she could, he was as close to the edge as he could stand, she looked up at him one eyebrow raised.

She licked her lips and stood up. Undoing her blouse one button at a time. Crimson bra almost too small for her heaving breasts, she lifted her skirt and wiggled out of her white little panties. She was wet, and slid one finger down to her anxious slit to make sure, closing her eyes with pleasure.

He wanted her to continue, waiting as long as long as he could, grabbed her wrist and took her finger in his mouth wanting the taste of her. Spinning her around, he lifted her skirt to lay on her back keeping hold of her wrist with his left hand. He rubbed her pink cheek with his right hand, down to her warmth.

He teased and taunted her slipping one finger gingerly insider her searching and exploring. She started to squirm with delight, he wound up and spanked her.

"Oh, yes!" she explained.

He slapped her ass again this time leaving his mark.

Clearing off his desk in dramatic desperate fashion, he grabbed her by the waist with one arm and sat her on his cold smooth desk top . She placed her feet on the desk as close to her ass as she could and he dove in.

Holding her hips, strong hands rough on her delicate skin, she was filled with desire. He buried his face in her, nibbling her clit, his warm soft tongue licking her lips forcefully taking in her taste. He darted his tongue around her aching pussy. He groaned out and begged for him. He ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, his thumb feeling his way around her, causing her to buck and plead for him.

"Please take me... Fuck me" she strained.

He dropped his pants and tore off his shirt, every sound she emitted made him harder.
She placed her hands behind her and sat up to kiss him while he entered her, stifling her screams.

He slammed into her as deep and hard as he could. Her legs went numb as he rode her, taking her apart.
With one heel she pushed him off and turned over on all fours. Over her shoulder with that eyebrow raised she said in a guttural voice "Fuck me.... "

He grabbed her wonderful hips and entered her as she ground her hips around. She was so close, her pussy was dripping wet, he pushed her further along.

"I want to see you" he said.

She looked at him and locked eyes. He sat back in his chair, she straddled him. She played with the head of his cock, teasing him for an eternity.

Taking just the very end of him inside her and winding her hips around. He pawed at her breath and unhooked her bra. She took her left nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around, while pinching her right with his other hand.

"Oh god" she said involuntarily, she knew she could hold on much longer.

With that she lowered herself onto him slowly, luxuriously. She raised and lowered, always keeping their eyes locked. Faster and faster she went until she could see in his eyes he had to let go. She put her hands behind her head and gave up. The pulsing contractions from deep inside her causing shivers; and for him to release, with a growl. He grabbed her ass and brought her closer to him. Their sweat combined with the rhythm of their breath.

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