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The Oral Only Affair

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Two Lush friends take the plunge and meet
“WTF??? Your boyfriend won’t give you oral sex? Why?” 

The little black box popped up with a reply a few seconds later saying, “I tried to get him to without being pushy but it is not his thing,” she replied.

“Get rid of him! Life is too short to waste on a guy that will not eat pussy,” I typed via IM.

“I really like him. He is cute and so nice,” she answered.

The IM’s continued over the next few weeks, both of us having fun talking dirty and both of us knowing it will not progress any further. She knows I am married and only here for the fantasy and I know that she will not meet anyone off this site. We sometimes just chatted about life but often times ended up role playing and masturbating (At least I did. I assume she did too). I used to joke with her that we could have an Oral Only Affair and that I would fly in once a month just to give her oral and make her get what she was missing. It was all in good fun and we actually developed a friendship of sorts if you can call someone a friend that you have never met, never spoken to, and never planned to meet (Hello? Manti Te’o? WTF?). She said she was an avid swimmer and we joked that when I came to town, we could go for a swim and the winner would choose who got to cum first and where the other person would cum. But when a business trip suddenly found me in her city, I had a real moral dilemma. Should I try and meet or just keep things where they are? 

I told her I was coming to town and wanted to know if she was ready for the Oral Only Affair. I really expected her to tell me that I knew it was all fantasy and that she was not interested. She said she was interested in meeting but nothing more. We finally agreed on a meeting plan. We both belonged to the same national gym chain so we agreed to meet there and go for a swim. If either one of us decided not to show up, there would be no hard feelings.

On the big meeting day, I figured she wouldn’t show up. We decided not to exchange phone numbers in order to keep things uncomplicated, especially because we were both in relationships and did not really trust each other 100%. As I changed into my speedo, yes my speedo long shorts (not the tiny little banana hammocks), I tried not to think too much about it. I rationalized that if she did not show up I would get in a good workout and I would not be cheating on my wife so I would not have lost anything. When I made it out to the pool, I was both disappointed and relieved that it was empty, unless you count the 75 year old man swimming laps (I half expected him to say “Hi. I’m Paige. Sucker.”) As I limbered up and did my stretches, a young woman appeared out of the women’s locker room. It was her, no question about it, and she was hot! She was wearing a one piece suit (think Baywatch) about 5’ 4”, 120 lbs, with huge breasts, a nice flat stomach, toned shoulders and arms and perfectly curved hips. On top of that, she was stunning in the face, with gorgeous green eyes.

She walked right over to me and said, “Rob?”

I broke out in a huge grin and said “Paige? Wow. You are gorgeous. Way better in person. I did not think you would show up.”

She replied “Same goes for you. You are far more handsome in person and you are definitely in the shape you advertised. I was definitely apprehensive but here I am.”

“Ok. Then. Ready to swim?” I asked.

“Sure. Let’s see what you got.”

We both jumped into our lanes and I suggested that we do a few warm up laps before the competition started. She said she could keep up but I definitely had my doubts. I am a pretty strong swimmer and all the women that I train with swam in college or currently swim competitively. I don’t know whether or not she was “warming up” but I took my warm up laps extra slow and she raced out ahead of me. After about 5 minutes, she stopped and waited for me and declared that it was time to race. We decided to go for 20 laps (1000 meters). On your mark. Get set. Go.

She jumped out ahead of me and I let her go. After 6 laps, she had about half a pool length lead but I suspected she was going all out and I was only at around 75% of max effort. By the halfway point, her lead was down to three body lengths and I was just getting warmed up and hitting my groove. By Lap 15 I decided to quit fooling around and closed to within one body length. Staring under the water at her magnificent breasts, her flat stomach, and her perfect ass made me so horny. I had to work hard to concentrate on my form and not let my breathing get out of control. I think my hard-on caused some drag and slowed me down a few laps. If I had rolled over on my back, I would have looked like a shark. I had expected her to fade by this point and was impressed with her form and decided to end this. On the 19th lap, when I did my flip turn, I pushed hard off the wall and pulled alongside her and kicked it into high gear. She did too and was able to stay within a body length but when it came to the last lap, I pulled away easily and cruised into the wall with a three body length victory and then moved over to her lane to wait for her. We both stood there huffing and puffing and I could not resist giving her a huge hug. With her huge breasts mashed into me, I honestly wanted to take her right there. There was this electricity between us but I let go and just looked into her eyes for a minute to see her reaction. She was still breathing heavy and I think she was pissed that she lost. She was the first to really say anything.

“I really thought I was going to win. I guess you were just toying with me,” she said.

“No. You were much faster than I was expecting. I am impressed. I guess I will be choosing who cums first,’ I replied with a big grin on my face.

“Whatever, Mr. Married Man. You’ve misjudged me if you think I am hopping into bed with you.”

“Well… So what next? You want to go get some dinner?”

“Nope. You are definitely sexy but this is where it ends. You are married and I have a boyfriend. I am really glad we met though. You are as fun in person as you are on IM. Not creepy at all.”

I was a little surprised as I thought for sure this was heading somewhere. I told her ok and went to give her a hug goodbye. When I hugged her, that electricity returned but she quickly gathered herself and reminded me that this was her gym and that people she knows might see her.

I told her “I’d be lying if I told you I was not disappointed but I understand. If you change your mind, I am staying at the Four Seasons downtown, Room 505. I would give you my cell number but we agreed not to do that.” 

She said “I had a lot of fun. Have a good night. Stay out of trouble. See you back on Lush.”

Two hours later, after a shower, glass of wine, and nice meal, I was relaxing in my hotel room catching up on email and browsing Lush when an IM popped up. It said “Are you in your hotel room stroking your cock?”

I replied “Yes. Thinking about you. Tease”

“I’m downstairs”



“Room 505. Come up”

“Ok. Promise you are not a psychotic killer.”

“LOL. I am not a psychotic killer.”

A few minutes later there was a soft knock on the door. I opened it up to see her standing there wearing jeans and a tight fitting top. She was barely inside the door when I gave her a huge hug and started kissing her slowly and passionately, sometimes breaking the kiss to move down and kiss her neck. I honestly did not know whether to jump her or just take it slow but her initial apprehension made me decide to slow it down a little. I poured her some wine and we sat together on the couch drinking and chatting, my arm wrapped around her shoulder. When the wine was finished, I put our glasses down and started kissing her. I kissed her slowly and sensually. I worked my way down her neck and shoulders with my mouth while my hands teased my way up and down her body, never resting on one spot for more than a few seconds. Her hands also roamed all over me under my shirt and it did not take long before we were both shirtless. I stopped for a second to admire her amazing natural DD’s. I wanted to bury myself in them!

As I kissed her neck and played with her nipples, I noticed how sensitive they were. I worked my way down and started kissing them, taking each of her nipples in my mouth and working my tongue around them, gently kissing and sucking. Her breathing became very heavy and she held one of her hands behind my head, pressing me into her. As I kissed, licked, sucked and toyed her nipples, my other hand was rubbing her thighs. Her breathing became very excited. I kissed my way down stopping at her toned abs, making little circles with my tongue and then kissed around to her hips, doing the same thing. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid off her panties and pants revealing one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. It was nicely groomed and if you look up perfect pussy in the dictionary, I am pretty sure you will see a picture of her privates.

We moved over to the bed and continued making out and exploring each other’s bodies. I resumed kissing my way down her body again and this time had one of my hands inside her thighs as I worked her nipples some more. I felt her pussy for the first time. It was so wet! I very gently rubbed her clit and she let out a huge moan. I kissed my way down again and licked all the way down her hips, down her legs and moved inside her thighs. I started half way down her thighs and licked my way back to her pussy making little circles with my tongue. I lifted her leg up and licked her butt and even her taint. She was breathing so hard now and making little soft moans here and there. Her pussy was so wet! I licked up the sides of her pussy, continuing to use my tongue to make little circles. I got very close to her clit, backed off and licked other sensitive spots. I finally made it back to her clit and by then she was lifting her hips off the bed desperate to have me lick her most sensitive area. I started by licking slowly just lapping like a little kitty cat and changed to making circles with my tongue, very slowly.

When I did finally get to her clit she moaned loudly and put her hands in my hair and whispered. “Oh god. This feels amazing. I am so wet.”

I slowly increased the pressure on her clit and could feel her building up. I took one of my fingers and inserted it in her wet pussy. I thought she might cum right there but she did not and she moaned loudly and arched her hips up again. I was working my tongue faster now and curled my finger up to hit that rough spot inside the top of her pussy. She was worked into a frenzy and I knew she was close. I kept licking and fingering and rested another finger against her asshole. As soon as I put the tip in, she erupted. Pushing my head into her pussy and lifting her hips off the ground.

She yelled out “Fuck. I’m cumming. Don’t top.”

I had no intention of stopping and kept the pressure on her clit with my tongue and kept fingering her pussy and ass. She was screaming loudly now and she kept her hands on the back of my head.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming again! Fuck!”

She came four times in quick succession before I finally started easing her down from her orgasms. I took my fingers out of her and just barely licked her clit. Her breathing was ragged and I kissed my way back up her body, kissing her lips, letting her taste her juices on my face. I lay next to her for a second as she calmed down.

“Holy Fuck. That was amazing!” were the first words out of her mouth.

When she finally calmed down, she climbed on top of me and started kissing me. We only kissed for a minute before she broke the embrace and looked at me and said, “My turn!” She started kissing her way down my body, letting her firm full breasts trail down my chest and stomach. She reached into the waistband of the sweatpants I was wearing and pulled them down. She looked down at me all naked and just smiled and admired what she saw. She immediately took my cock in her hand and started gently stroking it while she rubbed the tip on her face. She rolled it all over her face and just lovingly held it before gently licking the sides. She went to work licking like a lollypop, up and down, using her hand to stroke slowly while she did it. She knew I was getting worked up as she looked up and flashed her eyes at me and gave me a teasing smile as she slowly worked up and down. She finally took me into her mouth and I gasped at the warm sensation. She surprised me by taking it all the way in her throat and it felt like heaven. I knew that if she kept doing that, I would not last long. She went up and down like this several times and I felt the cum in my balls start to boil but she backed off and just used her tongue on the tip and she worked her hand up and down my shaft. It was pure heaven. A nice slow blow job is simply the greatest. She alternated between licking the tip and using her whole mouth to go up and down. Every time I thought I was going to start getting close, she switched up just enough to keep me from cumming. Each time she went back to using her mouth on my entire cock, I started moaning louder and louder and she knew I was getting closer. She started going a little faster and used her other hand to play with my balls. When she rested the tip of her finger on my asshole, I moaned loudly and spread my legs to give her better access.

I gasped and said “Oh god. That feels amazing. I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

She stopped sucking and looked up at me, just using her hand and started talking dirty, “I want to see you cum all over my chest sexy. “

She positioned herself up a little more so that her chest was right up by my cock and worked her hand faster and said “Your cock is so beautiful. Let me see it spurt out. I want to see you cum. My pussy is so wet from sucking your cock.”

Her hand, mouth and dirty talk had worked their magic and I let out a large grunt and the first shot erupted and covered her chest with a milky rope. Shot after shot came out bathing her with my cum. She cooed while I erupted as if she was so proud of what she accomplished. She stroked until the last drop was on her chest and then put my cock back in her mouth to polish it off. I was so sensitive that I almost jumped when she did this but loved the sensation. I was still hard when she finally stopped and crawled up my body, my cum dripping off her chest on to me. As she slithered her way up like a snake, my cum got all over us and she started kissing me with passion. My hands were pinned under me and under her thighs and I lifted her forward so that her she was now going to ride my face. We were definitely not done yet.

This time, there was no slow build up. She sat on my face and my tongue went to work on her pussy. I wasn’t rough but my tongue lashed her clit with more urgency this time as I licked her beautiful slit. I started by just licking her clit and making circles on it then I brought my finger up and started fingering her pussy while she rode my face. She started rocking herself back and forth, smothering my face as her juices flowed. I loved having my face covered with her wetness and, again, place a fingertip on her asshole, sending her over the top. She pushed down hard on my face and let a scream and placed her hands on the bed astride my head and let her body go. I wished someone was filming it because I am sure it was a beautiful sight. She was humping my face, driving her clit onto my tongue while I held her up and drank in her juices. When she finally stopped cumming, she rolled off of and slid next to me. She looked exhausted and I was grinning from ear to ear. She looked down and saw that I was hard again and smiled.

She looked at me and said “You are amazing. So worth it. You ready for your Round 2?”

Did I really have to even answer… and so began our Oral Only Affair.

The end.

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