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The Potting Shed - Part 2

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James and Michelle finally meet !
The Potting Shed – Part 2

Life on the allotment, was never going to be the same for me, how could it be? James was there working alongside me every day, so naturally, we became close friends, with our love for horticulture and vegetable growing our common ground. But the sexual tension between us was hot and constant, neither of us bowing to it, but you could almost see the heat rising between us. It was only a matter of time, until it exploded, and we both knew that.

At times, I sensed James seemed to take great satisfaction in knowing I had watched what should have been his own private, intimate act – but the ‘occasion’ was not mentioned again. I still had the lovely vision in my mind of this gorgeous guy pleasuring himself so openly, and when I allowed my thoughts to linger on it, my body tingled and my juices ran at the prospect of what may be to come between us.

The summer days started to shorten, and work on the allotment turned to harvesting and gathering what the land had given us. James and I took great pleasure in competing with each other as to who had grown the best of this and that, and our daily banter although friendly, undeniably had meaning to it – way beyond anything we had grown on our plots. It was almost as if we were nudging one another into to make the first move.

It was the end of a long working day. A still coolness in the air had taken me by surprise – and I had dressed inappropriately for the weather, only in small shorts and vest top, I was cold. James was in his shed, and I knew he wouldn’t mind: -

“James, do you have a jacket I can borrow please”, I asked as I stuck my head around his door – “it’s turned so cold”…

James turned, looked at me and smiled “It clearly is cold” he said obviously enjoying the site of my hardened nipples through the thin fabric of my top. He handed me a jacket and shyly I put it on.

“Hey – why don’t we celebrate the great summer we’ve had – I was going to light a fire and cook here tonight – you wanna join me?” James words sent a thrill of anticipation and excitement through me, and I readily agreed to stay.

After a while, James had expertly lit an open fire, and together we cooked on it. We feasted on a delicious meal using some of our very own harvest and we shared wine from my potting shed fridge. Once we had eaten, chatted and laughed so much, my head felt a little light from the wine and the ambience, and the heat of the fire felt so good through my body.

James sat next to me, leaning against the shed, staring up at the early showing of stars in the now night sky. I couldn’t wait any longer, my body so needing to feel him, to taste what I had been waiting so long for.

“It’s so peaceful here,” I said, smiling, as I sat in front of him. He looked down at me, staring right into my eyes. We seemed to lock eye contact for an eternity, our stare saying so much. I leaned forward to him and kissed him gently on his mouth, it was so right, so natural. I brushed my lips onto his and lingered in the moment, feeling my heart immediately starting to beat faster.

James pulled my head to his own and kissed my passionately back, the hunger in his kiss and touch, told no lies, and I knew the mutual passion we had harboured for so long, was about to be born. He tasted so, so good, and in the warm glow of the fire as he kissed me his hands started to caress my body sending shockwaves throughout me.

I pulled back and sat up, smiling at James, looking him in the eyes as I pulled his t-shirt up over his head. Finally, here he was in front of me – so close. His taught, muscly torso resplendent in the firelight. I just couldn’t help myself, as passion took over and a burning need rippled through my whole being, I started to kiss his neck, my hands exploring the body I had so lusted after for the past weeks. He was so broad and lean, his skin warmed from the glow of the fire.

James moaned quietly as my mouth slowly travelled from his neck to his nipples, they felt like hard nuggets against the smoothness of his chest, and they hardened rapidly under the pressure of my lips and the gentle biting and grazing from my teeth.

Looking up into James eyes and smiling, I let my hands find the way to his shorts, and enjoyed the longing in his eyes when he realised the inevitable. Without taking away my stare I undid his button and zipper and slowly pulled the garment down over his, what was now, rock hard cock and thighs. It came as no shock that James wore no underwear, and as his cock sprung from the confines of his shorts a small gasp left my lips. He was, as I had remembered, very well endowed.

As he continued to sit back, against the shed, looking down at me, I took his cock in my hands, and stroked his veiny shaft, very gently – his back arched and I enjoyed the site of his lips parting and the sound of his moaning. Pushing apart his legs, I knelt in between them, and without releasing my gentle grip on his cock, I continued to kiss his wonderful body, from his nipples, slowly down and over his stomach until I reached that sensitive area just above his groin. James had put his hands on my head and I could sense the urgency in him as he guided my mouth to take in his cock.

As I continued to stroke his shaft, a little harder, I let my mouth cover the tip of his cock and tickled James gently with my tongue. I knew he wanted me so bad, as he tried to push my head down and thrust his hips upward. Smiling, and still stroking him I pulled away and moved my mouth down the side of his shaft until I was able to gently lick his balls, I could feel my own pussy juice flowing readily, I was so wet for him.

I could resist no longer, my mouth travelled back to his cock and hungrily I took him into me as far as I could, right to the back of my throat – he felt so good – as I moved my mouth up and down– James thrust himself deep into me as he held my hair. His pleasure was my pleasure as I sucked and licked, bobbing my head and gently squeezing his cum laden balls. James body went stiff, and I felt his cock pulsating in my mouth as he fired his sweet cum into my throat, pulsing over and over as he let out an animal-like sound. I swallowed willingly, enjoying the salty fluid and I kept my mouth on James cock, not to waste a drop, until I felt his spasms subside.

As the last embers of the fire glowed, I looked up at James and smiled – a smile that said a million words of the fun that was still to come.

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