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The power of touch

It’s been several days since you’ve been to see me and we rest quietly on my bed. Sprawling naked and relaxed, intimately linked together by the casual placement of our bodies. You wrap your arm loosely around my shoulder, settling my head onto your chest while gently cupping the back of my head, fingers sifting through my blonde hair.

I can feel your lips pressing kisses against my hair. The only sound is that of your steady heartbeat in my ear. The gentle movement of my body, as your breathe.

God I love the way you make me feel.

The smell of your skin, so warm and masculine, makes my stomach clench. The rough texture of your cheek abrading my neck, as you place small kisses along my jaw. The strength of your fingers as you turn my face towards you, so you can press your lips to mine in a soft joining. No rush, just peace.

The casual stroke of a finger along the length of my neck sends a shiver racing down my spine, lifting goose bumps up and down the skin on my back.

No sound emerges but I can feel you laugh, your shoulders shaking gently at the way my body reacts to the simplest of your touches. I can feel the smugness almost seeping from you. I know the kick you get out of making my body want you; how you only need to look at me with those gorgeous blue eyes to have my knees weak., and how just the sound of your voice saying … “I want you girl” ... has me sopping wet; desire clenching hard and hot in my belly.

Your amusement annoys me.

Your confidence, so much of what attracts me to you, also makes me want to have you hard and writhing under my touch. I want you calling my name, helpless to the whims of my pleasure.
I want to hear those deep low moans as you near the edge. I want to be the one to tip you over. I want to watch, as pleasure erupts and you cease to breathe in that moment of release … your body trapped in the pleasure of my making.

I want that power.

I need to show you that you’re not the only one with the power to arouse with a touch.

Your large strong hand rests on my naked hip; fingers spread wide and slowly caressing with long, slow, sweeping movements.
My leg sprawls across your hair roughened thigh. The contrast of smooth and rough making me feel so soft and feminine.
I can feel you stir; your body twitching then relaxing and slowly starting to drift in to that space between wakefulness and slumber.

A wicked smile flits across my face.

I want to feel you hard and pulsing. I need to make you pay for the constant teasing that you love to inflict on my body.

I let you feel my fingers drift across your chest and I can hear the murmur as you rise slowly from slumber; your head turning towards me, lips brushing my forehead. My eyes track your mouth, lust pooling low in my belly.

I love your mouth.

The bow in your top lip was the first thing to attract my attention, after your intense blue eyes. Oh, and your bottom lip ... I can’t explain the pleasure I get from your mouth.

You started to drift off while my attention was distracted by fantasies of your luscious lips. I can’t resist. I push myself up, slip my damp tongue along the seam of your lips; moaning softly at the pleasure, tracing the gorgeous curves. I know you’re awake. I can feel your muscles tensing under me, a sure sign that you’re thinking of more than sleep. Placing my mouth to yours I gently rub back and forth. Soft damp kisses. Your lips part and I gently suck on your bottom lip, pulling the flesh into the warm recesses of my mouth, teeth gently biting down on the fullness.

A soft whimper slips from my throat as I watch as your eyelids lift and that sexy knowing glint appears in the blue depths. Damn you, you know the effect your mouth has on me and you smile slightly at me.
My breath catches as you slowly wink.

God you are everything I want in a man.

Steeling my resolve I lean back onto my elbow, watching as your eyes drift shut, a slight smile still about your lips.

I lie on my side, leg draped across your hips, breasts resting against your chest, my nipples hard and aching. I drag the pad of one finger across your flesh, watching as your nipples pebble. Take my tongue and swipe it across the small hard bud, my teeth dragging quickly behind.
I hear the sharp intake of your breath and it is music to my ears.

Laying my head back onto your chest, I shift myself down, drag hot wet kisses down the muscles of your stomach. Place my head just above the rising shaft of your sex, I can see you thickening, pushing towards my parted wet lips; only my hot breath caresses the waiting head.

I want you waiting and expectant; I trace the outline of your sex. Not touching, just hovering over your skin, brushing the outline on your taunt stomach. Your muscles pulled tight as you hold your breath. Gently tickling the flesh of your inner thigh with my fingernails, I laugh softly as your shaft jumps and twitches, as if searching for my touch. My hot breath flows over you as I settle between your open thighs, my long lean body slipping full length between your legs. Still not touching, I hover just above you. You’re now fully engorged, thick, hard and pulsing. Watching the intense focused look on your face almost makes me forget the reason for tonight ... the lesson I want to teach.

I lock my eyes to yours, place gentle kisses on the soft skin of your inner thigh, small white teeth biting and then lips sucking the flesh.

Almost without my control my eyes drift to the length of you; a gorgeous thick shaft, perfect in its smooth velvet skin, the softer head oozing slick clear fluid. My small pink tongue peeks out between white teeth and laps up the wetness seeping from you.

Hearing the hiss of your breath I’m encouraged to continue; tongue barely touching, gently running the full length, base to tip, one long slide over the sensitive skin as your cock twitches and pulses.

I can’t tear my gaze from your arresting face. Hint of blue between slitted eyelids, hands fisted by your side. I can’t keep a smile from appearing when the growl from deep within your chest reaches me. You know what I’m doing and you’re trying to resist the temptation to use your hands to guide my mouth onto you.

I keep your face in my sights, rise up over you, lips parting and slipping over the head, as my breasts brush against your inner thighs. My tongue lightly flicks along the underside of your cock, teasing the sensitive skin, my hand firmly pulling along the entire length of your shaft until it rests at the base, while my wet tongue continues to tease by swirling around the ridge.
Keeping my lips firm, I slide slowly down as far as I can take you, the head of your cock hitting the back of my throat. Using my tongue to swirl around the shaft, I slip up and then down again a little bit deeper, sucking gently, creating a tight vacuum.

I scrape my teeth along you as I pull back and your hips follow, trying to push back into my mouth. I rest the head of your cock against my full lower lip and watch your hands clench. You’re resting on bent elbows, your head leaning forward as you watch me devour your hard length. With a deep growl you look at me and, as if in pain, you rumble almost under your breath

‘Don’t tease me girl’

I wonder what I must look like, laying naked between your thighs, your hard shaft held in my hand, the head of your cock resting against my full red lip which is turned up in a lusty smile. I know my own blue eyes are twinkling with suppressed humour and lust ... yours not so much.

Their blue depths have lost any trace of humour and are intense. The lids narrowed as you watch my every move as if, by your will alone, you can make me take you once again between my hot, wet lips. I flick the tip of my tongue over your head, dipping into the opening to taste the fluid that is now flowing freely, mixing with my saliva. Your head falls back and I hear you swear softly under your breath.


Taking the head between my lips, I slowly lower my mouth. Your eyes are closed as you savour the feeling of slipping deeper into the heat of my mouth.

Tongue swirling.....Teeth scraping

God you taste amazing, salty with that hint of man.

With a slow slide, I take you all the way down my throat, my lips resting against my hand. My wish is granted when I hear you moan from deep within your chest; a long drawn out sound of lust, passion and frustration. My mouth works slowly up and down, my hand slipping along the length of your slick cock, saliva and pre-cum making it easy for me to slip you lovingly between my lips.

The husky sound of your voice penetrates through my own haze of lust and I make out the words

“Baby, please”

I feel your hands slip into my hair, gently guiding me to the pace you need; your cock slipping quickly between my clasping lips.
I don’t care anymore about teaching you a lesson; in fact I can’t remember the lesson at all. I want you.

Heat is burning my body. My thighs are damp, juices dripping from my now sopping entrance. Running my hand down to between my parted thighs, I slip my fingers between swollen lips so I can feel just how wet I am. My clit is hard and sensitive, so that when I rub the tip of one finger across its slick surface I groan deep in my throat; the sensations travelling through me to vibrate on your cock. I hear your hoarse voice call out, the words indistinguishable amongst your harsh breathing, as your hips rise and fall quickly between my lips.

‘”I can’t take anymore”, I hear you mumble.

Strong hands pull me from between your legs and up onto your chest. Your hungry mouth takes mine in a searing kiss, all hot tongue; hard frantic hands that want to be everywhere at once. I push you away as I lean up and over you, swinging my legs on either side of your hips. Reaching down I grasp your cock in my hand, smiling as you try to hold back a groan, then tilting my head to the side, patiently waiting until you look up at me.

Licking my lips, I almost laugh out loud as your cock twitches in my hand. I have you now. You are mine to control.

“Watch”. I whisper.

Your eyes drop to my slim hand, wrapped around your pulsing shaft. Your breath seems to stop. The head of your cock is wedged in my wet opening, my flesh gently enfolding you in my hot wet sex. Liquid slips from me to run down and coat your skin so that you glide easily across my slickness.

A long soft moan slips from my lips, as my head falls back and my hips rock, causing my clit to rub against your hardness.
I can feel your eyes locked to where we are almost joined, as I slowly sink down onto you, my muscles tightening as your head slips deep into me. Arching my back I glide further down, a slow decent until you are buried as deep as you can go. Your balls resting against the firm pale cheeks of my ass. Your chest is rising and falling rapidly, and as I rock my hips against you, the muscles of your stomach clench in pleasure.

“Fuck this”

I hear this as I suddenly feel you move. Your hands reach out to grab my shoulders, your hard flesh slips from me leaving me empty and aching. The room seems to spin around me as I suddenly find myself on my back amongst the rumpled mess of sheets and pillows. My long pale legs pushed wide, your hands on my thighs and my knees resting on my chest. I am open for you, on display. Your eyes glued to my smooth bare pussy.

Your face plunges between my thighs, your tongue delving deep between my lips. It leaves me breathless as a moan is ripped from my throat at the sight of your mouth and tongue pleasuring me.

Back arching, I push myself up to you, offering you all of me.

With an almost animal growl you rise up, pushing your chest to mine. Pulling my legs around your waist, you rest the head of your cock at my slick opening.


It’s the only word you say as together, we watch you slip slowly and with exquisite care into me. Our eyes locking as you push with gentle pressure until you rest deep inside. Leaning down, your lips take mine, our mouths cling. Hot breath mingles. I can taste myself as your tongue slips inside. Then you begin to move, not pulling out just rocking against me, your pelvic bone rubbing my clit. I arch, soft whimpers coming from parted lips as pleasure sweeps over me.

No words are spoken, just the sound of harsh breathing echoing around the room. The gentle sounds of damp skin meeting as your hips begin to work. Hard fingers bury deep into the flesh of my buttocks, tilting my pelvis, as your hips begin to move with more force. My arms slip around your shoulders, fingers moving in your dark hair holding your face to mine. Our tongues tangling as your hips move back and forth.

Our eyes meet.

Lord I love the way you look at me, as if I am your everything.

The pressure is building.

“Close”, I pant.

You grin, and my eyes drop to your mouth. That bottom lip swollen from our kisses is my undoing. I stop breathing as pleasure surges, and I cum around you, clenching and milking you as you push deep one last time and I feel the pulsing of your pleasure as you empty yourself deep inside me.

You collapse onto me and I revel in your weight. The feel of your broad shoulders pushing me into the rumpled sheets, your cock still hard and locked inside me, is part of the pleasure of loving you.

My finger tips run up and down the muscles that follow your spine. Your body reacts and I feel you twitch inside me.

I laugh softly.

It’s such a pleasure to know that my touch affects you too.
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