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The Preacher, His Wife, and Me - Part 2

Purely fictional but based on some fact
Darla and I, being at least momentarily spent and drained of energy after masturbating one another to orgasms at the level of volcanic eruptions, drifted around the swimming pool on our floats for several minutes while regaining our senses and our stamina.

Paul, Darla’s preacher husband continued sitting on his stool at the edge of the pool grinning foolishly from ear to ear.

After several minutes Paul spoke up saying, “It’s time for you two to get out of the pool and for me to start cooking the wieners on my grill. It’s as hot as you two seem to be.”

Darla and I, still naked as the day we were born, flopped off of our floats and got out of the pool to join Paul on their patio near his charcoal grill.

I sat down in a lawn chair and Darla sat on my lap.

Paul said, “Dirk, the reason I’m cooking wieners is that Darla admires their shape and she enjoys sucking each one before I put it on the grill. She likes to hear them sizzle when they get hot.”

Darla leaned over and whispered to me, “I like their shape and sucking on them because they look like little dicks, and I love dicks, large or small. I’ve never seen Paul’s cock. He’s never fucked me or allowed me to see him naked. I wonder if he even has a dick.”

I whispered back, “Sweetie, if he doesn’t have one, or won’t pleasure you with it if he has one, my pussy-pleaser is always available for you to enjoy in whatever ways give you the utmost pleasure.”

Darla grasped my already semi-erect cock and stroked it gently until it became rock hard and was throbbing in her hand.

Paul hadn’t heard our whispered words, but he observed what Darla was doing and grinned again from ear to ear.

Darla continued gently stroking my cock as its engorged helmet became covered with my pre-cum, some of which she gathered on her fingers and then sucked it off of them.

By then my balls were afire with desire, and needing release.

Darla sensed that, and leaned over and sucked my cock until I shot an immensive warm load of cum down her throat while moaning and groaning. She swallowed all of it, except for a small bit of it which she transferred to my mouth with a deep kiss. I enjoyed the taste of it, and after rolling it around on my tongue for a few seconds I swallowed it. I thanked Darla and began to suck on her nipples while Paul watched us and grinned some more. I think he was getting his “jollies” just watching what his wife and I were doing to, and for, one another.

It doesn’t take long for wieners to cook, so in just a few minutes Paul said they were done and Darla should bring out the side dishes she had prepared to go with them so we could eat.

Still firmly grasping my cock, Darla got off of my lap, stood up, and headed for her kitchen. I reached around her and fondled her delicious tits as she led me inside.

When we reached her kitchen, Darla told me that she loves my cock and that she wants it inside of her in more places than just down her throat. I said, “Precious, just be patient for a while and you shall have what you desire. It’s time to eat our cookout meal now, and we can get to that after we eat.”

We gathered up the side dishes she had prepared and took them back outside to their patio where we would eat. I was a bit disappointed because to carry all of them Darla had to use both hands rather then keeping one of them around my prick. So I followed closely behind her with my cock prodding her lovely ass as she giggled and said, “Oh shit, that feels SOOOOOOOO damned good. I can hardly wait until you put that monster up inside my pussy and fuck me to Kingdom Cum.”

One of the things we took to the patio was a bottle of wine in a bucket full of ice.

When Paul took the wieners off of his grill and put them on our plates, rather that putting her wiener on a bun, Darla dunked hers in the ice in that bucket for a few seconds. She said, “I love hot dicks in my mouth, but this thing was too hot to devour, having just been over the charcoal coals.” She reached over and grasped my prick and said, “This one is hot enough for me.”

Then she leaned over and gave me a glorious blowjob before we ate. When she did that, Paul continued grinning.

We then enjoyed our cookout meal as Darla and I looked forward to what might follow it.

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