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The Proof I Needed

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She gave me the proof i needed that i was becoming a man.
I had always thought I'd grown up maybe a little bit too fast. I mean, I started wanting a Rolex Submariner back when my friends were still collecting Pokemon cards, I'd be staring at the shapely formfo my teacher, when girls were still considered to 'Have Cooties' by my peers.

So when the day my mother told me I was too old for pocket money and ordered me to go find myself a Saturday job, I thought, "Well, screw you, bitch, I will!"

That day, I marched along the high street in my school trousers and my newly acquired Burton's pink silk shirt with a complementing ruby tie, entering every shop I found and asking if they had any work for me. I got laughed out of every store, until I found a quaint little hairdressers, situated on the corner of my high street. I opened the door, slightly startled by the loud bell that went off and shimmied up to the desk.

Behind it was a curvaceous red-headed woman, I guessed to be in her mid forties. I eyed her up and down, taking in her firm ass, perfectly outlined by the knee-length pencil skirt which clung to it so invitingly. Her breasts weren't the biggest, but were highlighted by a clingy t-shirt and a pink bra which was clearly two sizes too small and so full in colour that the over-garment couldn't hide the bow tie detail. It was clear why there were a string of middle aged males sat in the wicker chairs along the front window, pretending to idly flick through a 'Men's Health' magazine a 'Vogue', or, which I found most amusing.

I found myself staring at this woman, forgetting completely why I was standing in the middle of a salon, looking like a 16 year-old pimp. Christ, the woman could be my mother but she still turned me on.

I was interviewed that day, there and then, by a rather plump, middle-aged woman in the nail area. I got a job and went home to gloat to my mum that I didn't need her dirty gold-digger money anyway. Dad would be proud of me.

The next day at school, I told my friends about my success and how I'd be be earning treble to what they did with their pocket money, paper rounds, or selling smokes to the naive, young Goth kids who hung around the gymnasium. I became the laughing stock of the year. I acquired new nicknames, such as; 'Vidal Sassoon', 'Edward scissor hands' and most inventively, 'Queer'. The next day was to be my first and I was determined to find some way to prove to those bastards that what I was doing was worthwhile and somehow, extremely masculine!

After being shown round the salon, I was introduced to the members of staff. There was one clearly effeminate male, who overtly bragged to me about his blonde conquests. There was Teresa, whom I couldn't bring myself to make eye contact with, after my little ogling session the day before and then the rest of the Saturday staff, who happened to be a couple of years older than me, extremely blonde and female. Great.

One girl in particular caught my eye, enough for me to drown out the dull voice of my boss dispensing the necessary introductions of the other girls. Kiaya, the type of girl I've always dreamed about. She was slightly taller than me at 5'7, with the body of a goddess. I couldn't take my eyes off her face, with her deep brown eyes and devil-red lips. Her complexion was light mocha, whether it was natural or make up, I couldn't have cared less. Her hair was chopped, reasonably short and with a drastic fringe, which I presumed had been cut in the shop, but it just made her look so sexy and wild. I couldn't believe my luck, when those luscious lips curved a smile my way. The bead of sweat and bulge in my trousers made it perfectly clear what was on my mind. I made some excuse about needing the bathroom and turned on my heel and walked away, as normally as I possibly could.

As I came out of the bathroom, Kiaya was bundling wet towels into what looked like a 1950s dryer. I asked her if she needed help and she nodded without even looking at me. Awkward.

As I knelt down and began stuffing dye-stained towels into the contraption, she stood up and bent over me, allowing me full view of her pert, 18 year-old tits and I instantly felt the blood drain from my face and to my now fully-erect cock.

"You OK there, little man?"

I couldn't choke any words out and even if I could have, it would've probably sounded like I had a mouthful of syrup, or anything else that was currently on my mind at the moment.

"OK, let's not fuck around. You're clearly a virgin and you clearly want me. You like this?" She said.

I couldn't believe it. It was this easy? She turned around to wash the dishes, giving me a full on view of her firm ass, lifting one her legs casually in the air, like some fifties pin-up model and I thought I would just come in my Calvin Klein's, right there and then.

"We have twenty minutes before the shop opens, kid, get in the bathroom and we'll get this over with."

I shuffled into the bathroom, followed by Kiaya, who shut the door with aplomb, whilst gently stroking my cock through my trousers.

"Not a word," she ordered.

She sat me down on the toilet seat and began to gyrate in front of me, running her hands through her hair and all over her breasts, before trailing a finger across her deep red lips, slowly sucking the end seductively, whilst rubbing her cunt through her trousers with her free hand. It clearly amused her to tease a 16 year-old boy with this seductive display. I started to wonder whether this was some kind of sick initiation. She then lifted her top over her head, exposing her 34c breasts and rock-hard nipples. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This must be real.

"Get it out," she demanded.

I obliged, more scared than anything, unzipping my now-tight trousers, struggling to pull them beyond my knees. I looked pathetic and she knew it, giggling to herself, obviously amused by my lack of competence.

"OK, kid, come here," she gestured.

I shuffled over and she pulled my boxers to half mast, my rock-hard cock springing out. I heard her gasp, obviously not expecting a 7 1/2 inch cock from such a young boy. She took my length in one hand, taking my pre-cum on the head and smoothing it down my shaft. I was in heaven. Cupping my balls in her hand, she took half of my length in her mouth, rolling her tongue around the base and over the head, as she slid out. It was murder for me to stop myself from exploding in her warm mouth. Licking my purple head as she massaged her tits, her groaning only made things worse. She then began stroking my length hard and sucking on my balls, rolling her soft tongue over and over, working me over like my own hand never could.

"Now, your going to fuck me, like you should girls your own age at school."

She pushed me against the wall, turning round and bending over slightly, as she slid off her trousers, exposing her flawless ass, perfectly curved, inviting me to seize it. I grabbed and began to massage it as I stroked my cock.

Suddenly I ripped off her lace black panties and bent her over the sink. I had no idea what came over me, it was so animalistic. I got down on my knees and began to devour her dripping sweet pussy. The feel of her thrusting her hips towards my face, made my cock buck. I loved it, devouring her sweet juices, feeling them run down my cheeks and chin and hearing her moan and cry. I felt powerful. I felt like a man.

I stood up and positioned myself behind her, then with no hesitation, thrust myself deep into her tight sopping pussy and feeling of damp warmth consumed my cock. I'd never felt so good. I began pacing myself back and forth into her, grasping her bouncing tits, as she put one foot on the toilet for leverage. I pulled her hair, spanked her ass, all the things I remembered from the the late nights on porn sites, trying to to prove that I could do it and it was getting results. She pushed herself back on me, groaning and panting, demanding that I fuck her. The talk was what set me off and I felt myself beginning to come.

"You're not coming inside me, little boy!"

She pulled me out and dropped to her knees, cupping her tits, as she took my length deep in her mouth, humming on my cock which brought me to the edge. She knew this and released my cock from her mouth. It sprang upwards and she stroked my orgasm out. I gasped for breath, as I shot my hot load all over her face. I thought it would never stop, stream after stream, covering her delicate face. I slumped down and looked up as she quickly got dressed.

"Not bad, boy. B for effort. Similar to your grades? We may have to work on that, or give you extra homework."
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