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The Proposition part 2: Eric's Break

Changing first person perspective about fulfilling his fantasy
It was my turn. We had been good and waited more than the full two weeks before we indulged again. Not that those weeks had returned us to our cold and distant marriage. Ever since the night I tied my wife up at her behest, Allison and I had become closer. Every day I tried to get home as early as I could, learning to delegate more. I took my wife out to a few dinners and lunches, and we even managed to take in a show at the Princess of Wales. We spoke more and more everyday, finding things to joke about, to argue over, to discuss in depth. I found myself eager to get home and spend time with her. Allison fast became my priority. Even my assistant noticed the change, commenting one evening that she was glad I finally found something other than work to make me happy. And I was happy. For the first time in my adult life, I found myself truly content. And it was all because of Allison. Our marriage may have been arranged and we may not have loved each other on our wedding day, but by the time I got to live out my first fantasy, I was well and truly in love with my wife.

I don't exactly know when it happened, but it did. The problem was that I didn't know if Allison loved me as well. Oh, she made love to me, passionately, expressively and amazingly, but she had never said that she actually loved me. Granted, I had not uttered the words either, but I was waiting for some sign that she shared my emotional attachment. Whatever the case, our marriage had become easier and far more enjoyable over those couple of weeks. And our daily romps were getting better and better. No longer were we confined to the bed at night with me on top and Allison laying quiescent beneath me. After that night, our lovemaking became hotter, more creative and I couldn't get enough. There were nights when dinner went cold because I had been thinking about her all day and just had to have her as soon as I walked through the door. Allison began putting naughty notes in my lunch, further ensuring a cold dinner. A couple of days before it was my turn, my lovely little wife snuck a pair of her panties into my suit jacket pocket, which I found while walking to a meeting. I spent the rest of the day hard as stone, couldn't concentrate on the meeting, and bent her over the dinner table as soon as I got home. These experiences notwithstanding, the first time Allison fulfilled my fantasy is one of the best memories I have.

As fantasies went, my first was pretty mild. It was one that I had since first taking over the CFO's office for my family's company, and it only became more intense when I started picturing Allison in the leading role. What I wanted was for Allison to come to my office during the day and blow me under my desk. Not highly creative, but it didn't need to be. After all, it was only my first turn. I told Allison and she agreed readily and excitedly. I had wanted to schedule her in, but she insisted it would be better if I didn't know it was coming. And after a few days, I had to agree with her. Every morning, after I kissed Allison goodbye, I would ask her if that was the day. She would just give me a sly look and have me hard for the rest of the day. Hard and jittery. Every time a knock sounded at my door, my heart would race and my palms would get sweaty. And for days it would just be my assistant or a co-worker, anybody other than the one person I wanted it to be.

By the fourth day after it was supposed to be my turn, I was antsy the entire day. I kept willing Allison to walk through my office door, around my desk, drop to her knees and suck me. As the hours crawled by, I started to lose hope for another day. At 3:00 p.m. there was a knock at my door. Having been bombarded with visits from my assistant, I, naturally, believed it to be her. However, when I entreated the knocker to enter, it was my wife's beautiful face that peeked in. Instantly, my breath came in pants, sweat started to form at my hairline and my trousers tented painfully. She smiled at me and slipped into my office. She was wearing one of those wrap dress things; the kind that would come off with just one tug of the tie. It was the same kind of dress she was wearing that fateful night, and afterward she went out and bought a bunch of them. I have to say, those were some damned good purchases. Allison sauntered around my desk, and I swivelled my chair to track her. The sway in her hips was wholly enticing. I thought about pulling the tie, baring her and licking her entire body. But that wasn't part of this fantasy. So I just sat there and let her come to me.

Going to Eric in the middle of the day, at his office, to perform sexual acts under his desk was a fantasy I didn't even realize I had. But when he mentioned it to me my heart started racing and my clit pulsed. The idea of sneaking into my stuffy husband's stuffy office was so erotic, so naughty that I quickly agreed. Not that my husband was stuffy, well not any more. He became so passionate, so caring. It was like he was a different man altogether, and I seriously enjoyed this man. So, I'd put on one of the dresses that Eric seemed to love (I'm guessing because it was easy to take off), did my make-up and hair and went to his office. When I got there I told his assistant, whose name escapes me, not that it matters really (ok, that may be the jealousy speaking, but really, did she have to be young and cute?) to hold all his calls and meetings and walked into his office. When he saw me, Eric's face lit up, and my heart did a little flip. I didn't want to say anything to him at that point, but I was pretty sure I was falling in love with this new Eric, or rather the Eric that was hidden when we were married. My friend, his ex, had assured me that he was all man, and I was finally seeing it. Not only was he amazing in bed, but he treated me with deference, respect and caring. He was a lot funnier than I had ever expected, and so intelligent. I could sit for hours talking to him. But that day in his office, talking was the last thing I wanted to do. So I stepped around his desk and right in front of him. Then I dropped to my knees.

I remember looking up at Eric from my position, and to this day it gives me such an erotic thrill. The look of hot anticipation on his face and the impressive erection with which I was presented makes my mouth water even now. At that moment, knowing it was all for me made my pussy twitch. I reached out and rubbed him through his slacks, never taking my eyes from his. His groan nearly made me moan. It was filled with so much need. I bent forward and mouthed his erection through his pants, thankful that he'd worn his black pair. His hips flexed up to meet me. I sat back a bit, taking my mouth away from him and he let out a sound of protest and reached out to pull me back. I shook my head and moved out of his reach. I smiled somewhat viciously; I had reduced my ever loquacious husband to mere grunts and gestures. Eric dropped his head back and rolled his eyes to the ceiling, as if trying to gain control over himself. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at his state. I shuffled around a bit, not quite sexily - because I don't know of anyway to shuffle around on your knees and make it look inviting - and situated myself under his desk. It was part of his fantasy, after all. Part of me was sorry that I told whatshername to hold Eric's meetings; the risk of having someone walk in on us was very much a turn on. But I made do with what I had.

I turned Eric's chair so that we were once again mouth to crotch. With me fully under and him facing his desk, I imagined that everything would seem normal, except the expression on Eric's face. He looked at once pained and excited and a little worried, as if he didn't know what I was going to do. So I showed him. I reached for his belt and slowly undid it. His button and zipper followed quickly. Again, I bent forward and mouthed him through fabric. This time it was only the thin cotton of his dark gray boxer briefs between my tongue and his hard-on. I moved my mouth from his base to his tip, then wiggled my tongue under the waist band of his underwear. His hips thrust up again and he moaned loud and long. Saliva pooled in my mouth at the taste of him. I have never had anything that tasted as good as Eric. He was thick and long, and as I brought him out of his confines, he filled me deliciously. It wasn't the first time I went down on my husband, but each time was better than the last. I swirled my tongue over his head, then sucked him in deep. I didn't know how much time we had; Eric was a busy man, after all. I set a pretty fast pace. My head bobbed up and down, and I gave only a fleeting thought to what would happen should I hit my head on his desk. I was having far too much fun blowing my husband.

I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. I couldn't even dig my fingers through her hair, lest I lose them between the desk and her zeal. Allison had given me head before then, but this was something else. She shocked me with her speed, which was probably a really good thing, else I would have come as soon as she swallowed all of me. When she dropped to her knees and put her mouth on me, I almost shot out of my chair. I didn't realize how erotic this situation would be. The feel of her silken mouth and slightly rougher tongue working their way over my cock had me breaking out in a sweat. The fact that we were at my place of work, where nothing even slightly sexual ever happened - to me at least - made it all the more exciting. I fought to hold off, knowing it was a losing battle. My wife is incredibly skilled in the art of fellatio, and she was using all of that skill as she knelt under my desk. I was of two minds: one utterly focused on the wet hot suction of perfection between my knees; and the other only mildly focused on the door, worrying that someone would come in.

I had just remembered that Randy (aptly named for the moment) was supposed to come to my office at around that time, when Allison popped my shaft out of her mouth and sucked one of my balls in, while she jacked me off with her hand. I grabbed tight to the arms of my chair and my hips flexed upward of their own accord. I believe I moaned as well, but the memory is a bit hazy. It was hard to focus for a second, and I thought I was going to come, when I noticed a repetitious sound coming from somewhere in the office. I thought maybe Allison was hitting her head on the desk, but one glance downward... and I completely forgot what I was thinking about. Seeing her on her knees under my desk, staring up at me with her seductive eyes and I felt my sack tighten, preparing to ejaculate straight to the back of her throat. I desperately tried to hold off, to think of something else, anything else, just so that I could make this last. I knew it was impossible, but I tried anyway. Allison switched her hand and mouth again, sucking me back into the wet depth and fondling my balls with her fingers. I gave in and began to relax into my orgasm. And then the door opened, and Randy walked in.

That repetitious sound turned out to be knocking. Before I could say or do anything, though, Allison stopped, to my relief and disappointment. Yes I wanted her to stop so that I could deal with this interloper, but at the same time I wanted her to keep going and blow me to orgasm. I'm still not sure which choice was better. Randy didn't seem to know what was going on, as he had his head bent over a file. I quickly glanced down at my wife to see her shock and uncertainty melt into a look of mischief. I shook my head, but she only smiled at me. I remember feeling incredibly panicked and aroused; two things I did not want to be with Randy in the room. I tried desperately to pull myself together, which was a herculean feat. My underling finally looked up from the file, and I must have succeeded, because he did not give any indication that he thought something was up, so to speak. He merely nodded a greeting and commenced some diatribe about shipping costs or some such nonsense. I had a terrible time trying to concentrate, what with Allison on her knees under my desk. I hadn't given enough forethought to that particular fantasy, and so I suffered the consequences. I was just starting to figure out what Randy was going on about, when I felt Allison's firm grip on my still raging erection. I jumped in my chair. Randy questioned me, and I merely brushed it off as a sudden cramp from my prolonged position. I felt my wicked little wife giggle, while Randy took me at my word. He continued and so did she. Allison pumped my shaft slowly, then I felt her change my angle and then the wet rasp of her tongue drew across my head. I bit back a moan and forced myself to remain completely still.

I wanted to tell Randy to shut the fuck up and leave the office, but speech was beyond me at that point. Allison began licking and stroking at the same time, but not the same rhythm. I thought about just coming in her mouth right then and there and to hell with the consequences, but my assistant chose that moment to pop into my office, apologizing profusely (apparently she had gone to the bathroom, and Randy had not bothered to wait for her to come back), and dragged a rather confused employee out of my door. I let out a groan of relief, then gasped in a rather unmanly like fashion. Allison had swallowed my entire length. I felt the back of her throat. I glanced down into her eyes and just like that I was done. I came in hot spurts, groaning the entire time. Allison just kept at it, sucking my ejaculate until I was empty. When she was done, I felt as limp as a ragdoll, and she just kept smiling.

Afterward, Allison got up, straddled my thighs and kissed me. I grabbed her backside and tried to bring her up so I could suck her nipples, but she just pushed me away and stood. I was replete but wanted more of her. Allison shook her head when I asked, and said that she would meet me at home. I protested, loudly, but she was having none of it. According to my love, that was all that I had asked for, and that was all that I was getting. I didn't have the energy to argue, so I let her saunter out of my office, smiling as she glanced at me from the doorway and blew me a kiss. Her scent trailed after her, and I swore I heard her tinkling laugh as she left the office. After work, I raced home and did everything to her that I wanted to in my office. As we lay on the floor of the living room, where I had caught and ravished her, I couldn't help but grin. That was but one of my fantasies, and we had a lifetime more to live out. I was already plotting my next turn, in detail.

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