The Stalled Elevator Labia Massage

By robertkeller

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November 16th 2009, I went down on a woman I had never met and haven't seen since

I always make it to work on time. I have a routine. Normally I hit the elevator by 7:15, but this day I was early as I stepped into the cab, the door began to close when suddenly a left hand slid into the crevice of the closing door and the doors sprang open. Her hair was a bit out of place, pulled back, blonde highlights but her graying roots were becoming. She apologized and stated something about having a bad day. The doors closed and began its trek up. First floor, second third fourth they all went in order. I had noticed her breathing was quickened. I knew she had ran her way into the corridor to catch this cab. Fifth, sixth, seventh and then it stopped. This was anything but routine.

"What in the hell is going on?" she spoke up and asked. "Uhh it stopped" I said in my expert reply. Duh, I thought. Typical man. " "I know that" she chirped. "But I am going to be late for my first day of work" she said. " I think they will understand, ma'am" I stated. She looked over at me and said "Ma'am? since when I have I become a ma'am? she asked. I looked over at her she was smiling at me. She must have been about 45. Dressed in her black business attire, modest skirt, heels, and blazer to match. But what caught my eye was her lacy hosiery that seemed to caress her defined calves. MMM I thought.

"BEEP BEEP" went the phone. It actually scared the shit out of me. She picked it up and discussed the apparent system failure. "Forty five minutes" She exclaimed. She hung up the phone and looked at me and said" They said it is going to take 45 minutes to fix this damn thing, what in the hell are we going to do in this sardine can for 45 minutes" she asked. I smiled, in my mind I thought "A few things". We introduced ourselves, a first name basis of course. Her name was Tracy. She told me about her morning. The kids, the dog that dropped his Jackson's, the cab driver taking his time, they gym' s stair master's obvious cue to break down midstream of her workout, and the idiot taking her latté order and screwing it up. But the most notable conversational piece was the husband that took the cake.

"All you men ever think about is yourself first, why is that? she asked out of frustration. I said " There are a few of us men that aren't like that" I said. "Oh really, you have the next 40 minutes to prove it otherwise!" she said. I stood there trying to convince her otherwise, but she rebutted everything I stated. Soon I just sat down on the floor of the cab, soon she followed and seated across from me. Small talk increased, before she noticed I was checking out her lace. "These shoes are killing me" she said as she took them off her feet. She must have seen me watching, because  she moved her leg slightly to the right exposing the inner part of her thigh. THIGH HIGHS! MMMM.

I quickly looked up at her, she was smiling at me. "See something?" She asked. "Mmmm hmm" I said. "What do you see?" she asked her gray eyes staring intently into mine. I said "Proving ground". Without hesitation I got up on my knees and crawled over in front of her. She knew what I was thinking and she seemed to beckon me. I arrived in front of her, her knees closed together. I was on all fours" You know that I just worked out don't you? she said. "And I just jumped in the shower and........." I said" I don't care, We only have 30 minutes you know?" With that her knees separated, revealing her thighs and panty clad crotch. I laid on my stomach, ran my hands up under her ass, and grasped her panties and pulled them down up to her knees. I shoved her legs apart and immediately her hot scent engulfed my nostrils. I held on firmly to her ass so her cheeks didn't touch the carpet, and I laid my tongue out flatly and ran it up her freshly shaved labia lips. Her taste was warm and salty. "I looked up and asked" I think I can prove you wrong! She looked down and said " You've got 25 minuets. With that she stood up  and turned around and spread her legs. He ass cheeks fully exposed, I took them into my hands and spread them apart. I kissed down her crack and twiddled my tongue around her asshole she moaned out loud.  Soon my nose was buried up against her asshole and my tongue was probing deep inside her hole. I pushed my face in deeper, my tongue was stiff and hard as I fucked her. She began to bounce her ass in my face, my right hand rubbing her clit. He panties were at her knees, my face smashed between her cheeks, my tongue throbbing inside her, her clit exposed and hard. "I am getting close" she said as she turned around facing me. I took her clit into my mouth and began sucking slurping her clit, within seconds she came.

"Ding, Ding" the cab began to move upward. Eight, ninth, tenth floor. Quickly her panties were up. I was off my knees. Eleven, twelve, thirteen. I gather my briefcase, suddenly the doors flew open." This is my floor" she muttered. the doors opened and she walked out from the cab. I stood there it seemed like forever. As the doors began to close. I heard her say" Thanks, for proving me wrong." And with that the door closed, and I have never saw her since.