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The Start Of Something Good

The start of my uncontrollable lust!
The night began as any other Friday—come home from university, have dinner with my parents then go out with my friends for a night out. My friends Ellie and Katie have both been known as notorious sluts and the people at my secondary school always wondered why I was friends with them. Many knew me to be a cocktease or even a bit frigid as the furthest I ever got with someone from my secondary school was a kiss. Ellie is 5’5 with dark, long hair and an athletic build as she frequently competed in swimming events. Her bra size was 32B, which she constantly moaned about, wishing for bigger breasts.

Katie on the other hand is a fiery redhead standing at 5’8 and with what I think is a curvy and sexy figure. Her most prized features are easily her breasts—they were a huge 36DD. With her body, Katie could have anyone she wanted and, judging by her reputation and my experience, she truly did have anyone she wanted. After a more than usually plain dinner with my parents, I decided to wear a black sleeveless lace dress as I was planning to show of my new figure I had earned from working out during my term at university. I finally met with my friends outside of our favorite club, ready to enjoy ourselves before we all go back to our jobs and universities.

During the dancing and drinking I lost Katie and Ellie on the dance floor so I resorted to retreating to the sidelines to look for them. All night, men were constantly hitting on me and as I was searching for my friends I felt vulnerable wearing such provocative clothing. Eventually I figured they must have gone to the toilet so I went in; I found them, but that’s not all I found.

I could not see Katie’s face but her distinctive red hair was enough for me to recognize her. She was on her knees in front of some guy I had never seen before and I was sure her head was bobbing up and down. To confirm my suspicions, the guy let out a moan while his eyes were closed. I knew Katie was a slut but I had no idea she was this bad. There was more for me to see though.

Without being spotted by Katie or the random guy, I walked further in and into an open stall where I saw Ellie pressed up against a wall with some huge guy twice the size of her thrusting into her from behind. I could see flashes of his cock and it was huge! I was amazed that Ellie was moaning in pleasure not pain from the size of it. As for Ellie, her eyes seemed to be closed as she was brutally fucked against the stall, her shaved pussy seemingly dripping with joy.

I remember standing between the two stalls horrified yet curious about the actions of my friends as they sucked and fucked into what seemed like bliss. Suddenly a hand grasped my shoulder and spun me around. All I saw was a checkered shirt before the man bent down and planted his lips onto mine. I tried to fight back but he was twice my size so I eventually gave up fighting as I felt his tongue reach into my mouth. My breasts were pressed up against his chest and soon I must have let out a moan or gasp as my friends who were in various states of undress surrounded me.

They began encouraging me and the alcohol and peer pressure, plus the mans death-like grip on my shoulders, led to my submission to him. I did not even know his name yet. I sank into his arms, feeling my breasts press against his chest and his cock which felt huge pressed into my thigh. The pressure on my shoulders grew greater and I knew he wanted me to suck him. Willingly I sank to my knees, eagerly unzipped him and reached into his pants to retrieve his cock, which at the time looked like ten inches, but I think the alcohol exaggerated that.

In earnest I began sucking him off but, with little experience at the time, I had Katie guide me while she slowly gave the other guys a hand job. Soon I was cupping the guy’s balls, teasing his shaft and even an attempt at deep throating. I learnt to love the feeling of him using me, fucking my face as my lips wrapped tightly around his dick. Without warning, the guy tensed and suddenly I felt an eruption of cum in my mouth as he unloaded into my mouth. The shock of it caused me to flinch away from his cock resulting in a facial as well as a face of cum. With further encouragement from Katie, I swallowed his load.

Finally, once the other two gave my friends similar treatment, they left us dripping in cum. I remember them laughing and cheering as they left the girls' toilets. I looked longingly after them and realized I wanted more—the slut within me was born that day.
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