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The Storm continues

Quinn sulks, and Kat get seduced.
Quinn watched the girls...dumbfounded. The storm had caused Scott and him to have to return earlier than expected, but never in a million years did he figure that Kat would cheat on him and with another girl to say the least. Fuming, he continued to watch, all the while getting madder by the moment.

Scott knew just how old fashioned his buddy was. While he enjoyed all the pleasures of the flesh, Quinn was as vanilla as they come. He knew that there was trouble brewing, but couldn't help enjoying the view. Unconsciously, his hand was drawn to his crotch. Massaging his cock while watching his girlfriend licking and sucking Kat, he failed to see the pissed look from Quinn.

Quinn stomped off. Scott thought his bud was being a bit idiotic. Hell, wasn't this every man's fantasy? Secretly, watching their mate make love to another beautiful woman was a thrilling experience.

The storm died down, and the girls lay there in the coolness of the afternoon. The air was cleaned by the power of electrical storm...almost pure. Coming out of the shelter of the tent, Raven spied Scott. With a slight grin, she winked at him.

“Hey baby! Enjoy what you saw?” Raven asked, as she had seen both men.

“You know I always enjoy watching you work your magic, but I don't think Quinn had much fun,” he remarked, kissing the top of her head, “I think we may have some trouble.”

“I don't understand. What do you mean?” she asked, concerned.

“Well, I know you noticed how attention starved Kat was. do I say this...well, he is a missionary position, lights off kind of man. Know what I mean? He is a good man, just boring as hell in bed, from what I gather when he talks,” he told Raven.

“Sad,” Raven remarked.

The rest of the weekend was what you would call a disaster. Raven and Scott tried to protect Kat from Quinn's pissy mood. He moped around the entire trip, not talking to anyone. No one had fun after that storm.

Kat sat on a downed tree trunk. In tears, she tried to figure out the cause of Quinn's drastic change in mood. Looking up at Scott as he sat down beside her. She could see sympathy in his expression, which caused the tears to finally break free.

Gathering her in his arms, he let her cry on his chest. She sobbed.

“What happened? I don't understand why he is being such a dick!” Kat exclaimed.

“I know, honey. I know,” he crooned, rubbing up and down her back.

The truth is Scott had always had a thing for Kat. Her innocence made her desirable. A clean slate to mold in any way he wanted. He had been aware of what Raven was up to, and he was all for it. If anyone could free someone sexually, it was Raven.

“C'mon sweetie. It is time to go home,” Scott said.

The drive home was quiet and tense. It felt 2 times longer than it really was. Kat watched the changing scenery, not speaking much. The initial hurt from Quinn's asinine behavior was being overtaken by anger. If he was going to pout and not talk to her, then so be it.

They dropped off the other couple before driving to her apartment. Walking her inside, Quinn took a deep breath. He knew that his behavior had been horrible, but he could not help it. The relationship was sacred to him.

“I watched you,” he said, abruptly.

Kat's stomach dropped. She looked up at him, hesitantly. Not saying anything, she waited for the other shoe to drop.

“All I want to know is why,” he said.

“I don't know,” Kat answered.

“I need some time. I love you, but I need some time to think. I'll call you,” he said, turning to leave.

Quinn looked back at her stunned, grief stricken face and felt his heart contract. He loved Kat, but what he saw. He just didn't know what to think. Part of him was incredibly aroused, but his strict upbringing was overpowering. Without an another word, he got into the truck and left.

Left standing in front of her apartment, alone, Kat was numb. Like a robot, she went inside. Closing the door behind her, she crumpled to the floor. Wrapping her arms around her waist, she let the tears come.

In the coming days, Kat saw little of anyone. Ignoring the phone and door, she withdrew into herself. Quinn had become surly, very unpleasant to be around. Scott was fed up with the whole situation. Pissed at his friend for his treatment of Kat, he approached Quinn.

“ suck. I hope you know that,” Scott spat out, “why are you being such a prick?”

“Fuck off, Scott. You don't know anything, man. Just stay out of it,” Quinn snarled.

“So, that's it, man. You guys broke up, because she ate my girlfriend's pussy and enjoyed it. What the hell's wrong with you?” Scott said.

“I said drop it,” he yelled, walking off.

“Fine. That's fine. She's free and all. She deserves better,” Scott called out to him.

Scott made a phone call to Raven. Telling her to go over to Kat's, and do what she had to do to get the girl out of the house. He was bound and determined to give her a good time. She deserved it for what Quinn was putting her though.

In agreement and happy to get to see her again, Raven scurried over to the Kat's. Knocking and knocking, not letting up for what had to be 20 minutes, she was glad that Kat opened the door. Her knuckles were exceedingly sore.

“What?” Kat asked, monotoned.

Raven was stunned in the change in the other girl's appearance. Gone was the glossy red waves and sparkling green eyes. In their place was the dark circles and listless hair of a person depressed. Angry at Quinn, she shoved her way inside.

“You are going to live again. C'mon,” she bullied, grabbing Kat's hand and dragging her to the bathroom.

Forcing the girl to shower and eat, Raven waited patiently for Kat to open up. While cleaning the kitchen, Raven hummed.

Turning to the other girl, she said, “ did nothing wrong. Do NOT beat yourself up about it. If he is acting stupid, then let him. I know for a fact that he is miserable and making everyone around him miserable.”

“He would not even let me explain. I don't know what happened that night. I have never felt those emotions before,” she mumbled.

“Did you like it?” Raven prodded.

Looking down at the table, she said, “Yes. It was the first time anyone has ever done that.”

Raven grinned. She knew the girl was inexperienced, and she knew what was planned.

“Raven...can I ask a question?” Kat whispered.

“Sure,” Raven said, brightly.

“Does Scott do that to you? I mean...uh...well...Quinn never did that to me. He...I don't know,” Kat said, red faced.

“Yes,” Raven answered.

The girl's sat quietly. Raven went about cleaning up the apartment, while Kat sat, deep in thought.

Finally gathering the courage, Kat asked, “What does Scott think of the situation?”

“Well, it is almost every man's fantasy to see two women together. He was excited. Still is,” she remarked.

They talked for a few moments more, then Raven ushered Kat into the bedroom.

“Time to get dressed. You are getting out of this apartment. You are going somewhere tonight, even if it is just to come over to my house. So...hop to it, missy!” she ordered.

Thinking it was time to return to the land of the living, Kat pulled on a sundress and some sandals. She followed the smaller girl outside. It felt good to feel the late afternoon sun on her skin. She promised herself that she would have fun. Not feel guilty, and not think of Quinn.

Arriving at Raven's house, she was feeling defiant. Fuck Quinn. If he wants to be that, let him. She followed Raven inside and sat down on the divan. Accepting the drink from the black haired beauty, Kat smiled for the first time in days.

Raven kept Kat supplied in liquor, while she set about making dinner. Keeping her entertained with various stories about some of the funnier things in life, Kat gradually relaxed. The effects of the many drinks and the easy manner of Raven allowed the girl to have fun.

Knowing what happened when she drank, Raven hoped that it would do the same to Kat. One drink made Raven so horny she could not sit still, but getting this girl drunk was turning her on more so than any whiskey could ever do. She could not wait to get the seduction underway.

Kat realized that she was quickly becoming drunk. Being a lightweight when it came to alcohol, she knew that it would not be long before she became loose lipped. One of her main faults when she was drunk was that she would say just about anything that came to mind.

“You know, Raven, that what we did a couple days felt so good!” Kat giggled.

“It did, huh,” Raven said, smiling.

She sat back smiling. Her plan was working.

“Yeah! I have never felt anything like that,” she slurred, a bit.

Scooting closer to Kat, Raven continued to grin, like the Cheshire Cat.

“Hmm,” Raven said.

“Uh huh! I really liked it,” Kat nodded, enthusiastically.

Rubbing the taller girl's knee and all the while pushing her skirt higher, Raven watched Kat shiver. She marveled at how soft Kat's skin was. It felt like velvet, and she could sit there and rub it all day. Getting to her knees, Raven spread Kat's thighs enough to scoot between them. Now face to face and at eye level, Raven peered deep inside Kat's eyes.

“I liked doing it to you. I liked making you feel that way,” Raven whispered.

In her drunken state, Kat wondered if maybe it was not the storm that made her feel that way. Maybe Raven was the catalyst. Unable to speak, despite the liquor, she felt like she was sitting outside her body watching the beautiful black haired woman seduce her.

“I want to make you feel that way again, but I have a surprise for you. Will you let me give you a special surprise?” she murmured.

Kat nodded her head. Raven pulled the other girl to her feet and led her to the bedroom. Sitting her on the edge of the bed, Raven pulled a silk scarf out from her closet. Returning to her friend, she looked down into glazed, lust filled eyes of the red head.

“Do you trust me?” she asked, simply.

“Yes,” Kat replied, breathlessly.

She asked Kat to said up. Sliding the straps of her sundress down, she watched it fall from the pale red head's shoulders, revealing her perky breasts before pooling at her ankles. Pleased that Kat had not worn a bra, she sat the other girl back down on the bed.

Using the black scarf as a blindfold, she helped Kat get comfortable, before handcuffing each wrist to the bed post with velvet lined cuffs.

“I want you to simply feel. Experience. I want to pleasure you,” Raven said, in a husky voice.

Kat felt so naughty. Quinn had never tied her up...blindfolded her. She, quickly, banished Quinn from her thoughts. He left her. She did not leave him. Relaxing back against the pillows, Kat realized how amplified her other senses were. She could feel the hair on her body standing in the cool breeze of the air conditioner. She could hear Raven moving around the room.

Raven moved to the end of the bed. Looking down at the siren all trussed up on her bed, she smiled. Running her hands over the tops of her friend's feet, she massaged Kat's ankles and calves. In absolute silence, Raven kneaded and worked her way up Kat's legs.

Feeling boneless, Kat was so relaxed, but hornier than ever. The combination of whiskey and seduction was heady. She was losing herself. Kat felt Raven hook her thumbs on the waistband of her panties.

Pulling Kat's panties down, Raven noticed how damp the crotch was. She could smell Kat's lust. Her pussy smelled so sweet. Mouthwatering. Helping her to bend her knees, Raven opened the red head's legs wide.

Sitting back on her knees, she took in the view. Kat's shaved pussy was exquisite, from the white puffy outer lips to the pale pink inner one's. Raven loved the sight.

Leaning down, she parted both of those lips using her tongue. She used her tongue lightly, almost barely there. Moving slowly and changing her patterns, Raven heard Kat's sharp intake of breath. She felt the girl straining to get closer.

Kat craved more. She felt Raven's tongue glide up her clitoral shaft, all the way to her hood. Groaning, her excitement grew, as the offending tongue swirled around her clit. Raven had managed to expose her bud and was teasing it, by touching it with the very tip of her tongue.

Raven heard Kat's breathing quicken. She knew it was time to take her to the next level, by adding more tongue pressure. Keeping the girl on edge, Raven changed tactics and began to lick and nibble the space between Kat's clit and labia. Then unexpectedly, she drew the whole clit into her mouth in one long suck.

Kat was unable to concentrate on anything, but the tongue on her most sensitive bud. Digging her feet into the mattress, she lifted her ass up, trying to get closer to Raven as possible. She felt Raven leave the bed and wondered what was up. Right on the edge, she needed to cum. Wiggling her hips, she pressed her legs together.

Unable to touch herself to relieve the ache, Kat humped the air, frustrated. Feeling the mattress dip, she was glad that Raven was back. In a lustful haze, she felt Raven lift her legs high in the air. Kat was curious when she felt the leg shackles snap around her ankles. Even more so, when she felt her legs lifted even higher and secured to the same posts her wrists were bound to.

Raven looked down at the restrained woman. Her hands and feet were attached to the same post, which in effect opened her up super wide. Grinning, she left the top of the bed.

Kat could feel the air rushing over her exposed pussy. Even her ass was open. She tried to imagine what she looked like when she felt a tongue lick her from her turgid clit to her puckered asshole. Stifling a scream, she almost came then.

Trying to get closer, she noticed that the skin of Raven's face felt different. It was then she noticed the whiskers. Startled out of her alcoholic state, awareness flooded back.

Scott knew exactly when Kat recognized the change in partners. Not giving her time to protest, he traced her clit with his tongue, avoiding her actual clit. His tongue swirled in a figure eight, circling her hood, then looping down around the base of her bud. Changing his pattern, he reversed his movements, keeping the woman on edge.

Raven watched her boyfriend pleasure her friend. Rubbing her pussy folds, she was never so turned on. When she had motioned for Scott to join, she was hoping that her plan would not backfire. Now, as she watched Scott's talented tongue work it's magic, she knew it had not.

Raven leaned down and brushed Kat's lips with her own. Softly kissing the powerless girl, Raven massaged Kat's magnificent breasts. Pinching her nipples, making them stand hard and proud, Raven listened to Kat's moans and gasps.

Kat was stunned. She felt Raven's lips on her own and could taste her own juices all over the other woman's lips and tongue. She also felt the talented mouth of another on her pussy. She guessed Scott had joined them. He was working her using different strokes than Raven had.

Kat nearly jumped out of her skin when Scott's tongue moved to her ass and glided over her pucker, teasing her many nerves there. She had not even known about how good stimulation felt here, until Raven had played there a couple of days ago. Holding her breath, she waited for his next move.

Scott laughed softly. Blowing his warm breath over her pussy and ass and watched as both flinched, violently. Using his tongue, he circled her ass, like a bull's eye. Swirling closer to the center of her star, he pushed lightly against it using the very tip of his tongue. Barely penetrating her, he built tension by switching between swirling and dipping in.

Raven watched Kat gasp and moan. She knew it would not be long, as the other girl began to thrash and pull against the bonds. While Scott was able to get Kat relaxed enough to get his whole tongue inside her ass, Raven reached down and put pressure onto that pulsing clit.

Kat was overwhelmed. She had a man tongue fucking her ass, and a woman frigging her clit. When Raven shoved 2 fingers deep inside her pussy, Kat was unable to stop the waves. She felt her pussy balloon, then contract sharply. Her clit pulsed and throbbed. Being unable to move her legs, Kat strained hard and felt a gush of fluid leave her pussy.

Hollering long and loud, Kat came hard. The orgasm was powerful, and nearly knocked the girl out. Kat felt her boneless legs being lowered. They came to rest on Scott's hard, wide shoulders. The night was still early.

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