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The Tuxedo fitting

What happens when my wife leaves me alone to get fitted for a Tuxedo.
When my best friend told me that he was getting married and he wanted me to be his best man, I was thrilled to say the least. I had known Brian since high school and although we lived a few hundred miles apart, we made a habit of calling each other as often as possible and even meeting for drinks or dinner every now and then. My wife Kim has only met him a handful of times because of her work demands.

I got off the phone with Brian after madly scribbling down some notes on the back of an envelope and went to tell Kim the good news. I searched all over the house and finally found her doing some much required gardening near the back of our property.

“Hey babe” I started “Guess what?”

“Fuck” Kim said as she jumped to her feet “You scared the shit out of me! Why do you have to sneak up on me like that? And why are you still naked?”

“That’s two questions.” I joked “First, I didn’t, and second, because I like to be naked, especially out in the yard. You know that!”

I hadn’t even given it much thought before heading outside that I should be wearing something other than a smile, but that is just the way it is out in the country where we live. Besides, what I was wearing was not a lot less than what Kim had on which consisted of a tight white tank top and a pair of loose fitting short-shorts. From what I could see she was not wearing a bra or panties either. Damn, I almost got hard just looking at her, but I was too excited about telling her the good news to throw her to the lawn and fuck her right then.

“Brian and Kelly are finally getting married and they’ve asked me to be their best man” I blurted out in my haste “Here’s all the info including what style of tux I need to rent.”

“We can go this afternoon” Kim said “I want to go into town to get some new underwear and bras anyways. Victoria’s Secret is having a sale”

“OK. Give me twenty minutes to have a shower and we’ll go.”

I was halfway through my shower when Kim joined me and started to soap both of us up, making sure not to miss any key areas. By the time we were clean and rinsed off, my cock had grown to its full eight and a half inches and Kim’s nipples were rock hard. I tried to get something going but Kim just patted the head of my swollen member and trotted off to get dressed. I threw on a pair of shorts, a tee-shirt and my sandals and then had a beer while I waited for Kim.

I damn near dropped my beer when I saw Kim coming down the hall. She had dressed in a short black and red pleated kilt and a white sleeveless button down top that she had left the top three buttons undone so that her C-cup boobs were almost on display. I could see that she was wearing my favorite light pink push-up bra but I couldn’t tell if there were any panties beneath her obscenely short skirt. Her low heeled black sandals completed the look and made her legs look delicious.

My cock gave an involuntary twitch as I drained my beer, grabbed the keys to my truck and followed Kim out the door. Always the gentleman, I opened the truck door for Kim and let her swing her legs in before closing it. I thought that I caught a glimpse of delicate white lace covering her shaved pussy, but I couldn’t be certain. I made a mental note to find out for sure before we got to town.

I started the truck and began the hour long journey into town. As the truck bounced along the gravel road, I couldn’t help but watch as Kim’s tits jiggled underneath her thin top, threatening to bust loose from her bra. Her nipples got harder the more potholes I hit so I aimed for every one that I could see until we finally made it to the paved road.

The rest of the ride was uneventful but not boring. Kim undid one more button on her blouse and made sure that her cleavage was just right. I was rock hard under my loose shorts as I watched Kim fumble and fiddle with the cups of her bra making sure that everything was held in the right place. She had just finished getting her girls situated to her liking when the mall came into view. Finding a parking spot was more challenging though and we had to park almost at the back of the huge lot.

Pocketing the keys, I went over to Kim’s door and opened it for her. As she slid her legs out I stopped her and pulled her skirt up to her waist so that I could get a good look at the sexy white lace g-string that I had bought for her online last year for her birthday. Kim slapped my hands away with a smile and slid her sexy ass out of the truck. Pushing her way past me, she flipped up the back of her skirt so that I could catch a glimpse of her almost naked rump. My cock grew another inch just at the sight of her being so brazen in public.

On our walk across the parking lot, Kim definitely drew a lot of second looks and almost made one old codger drive right up a lamp post. When we finally made it into the mall, Kim took off immediately for Victoria’s Secret while I headed the other direction for the tuxedo rentals shop with the promise of texting her when I was done or vice-versa.

As I walked in the other direction, I looked back to see a group of teenagers following Kim and trying to get a look up her skirt. All I could do was laugh at their feeble attempts. I finally found the tuxedo place and stood in line behind about six other guys. I never figured that the tuxedo industry was having such a boom. I thought that I would be able to walk in, give them the style number, my measurements and be out in time for a few beers in the pub while I waited for Kim.

When it was my turn, a good looking guy of about twenty five or so looked at me, then at his watch and then back at me. He told me that he should be able to squeeze me in before they closed the place for the night. When I questioned him on why it would take so long he told me that they have all the sizes and styles but they are all custom fitted to each customer and that I would have to have my complete body measurements taken. This, I was not looking forward to.

I sent Kim a text and let her know that I would be longer than anticipated but to meet me when she was done. Kim text me back with a simple ‘K’.

I read a few magazines as I watched people come and go from the back rooms as I tried to stifle my boredom. It was about five to six when the young guy came out to get me. He apologized profusely for the wait but he said that he would stay late to make sure I was taken care of. I let him know that my wife was in the mall shopping and would be coming to find me. He quickly wrote a note and stuck it on the locked glass door. “Knock loudly for your husband” was all it said.

I followed him into a back room where there were a few straight back chairs, a whole bunch of mirrors everywhere and a short podium for the customer to stand on while getting measured. First, he had me try on a few shoes to get my foot size correct and then he pulled out his measuring tape. My neck was measured and he tried to measure my chest but my shirt was too baggy to get a good reading.

Just as I was peeling off my t-shirt when there was a loud rap on the outside door.

“That would be my wife” I told the guy “I’d know her knock anywhere.”

He chuckled at that and left me to go let her in. By the time they got back, I was standing shirtless in the middle of the room. Kim put her bags down and sat in the nearest chair facing me while the guy picked up his tape and came towards me. He swung the cloth ruler around my body and pulled it taut across my chest covering my erect nipples. He seemed to linger on my nipples longer than he should have and even grazed a thumb across the hard nub before letting the tape fall.

The young fellow had me climb up onto the pedestal for the rest of my measurements. I stood still as his hands circled my waist with the tape and again cinched it tight. He said that the next would be my hips so if I could lower my shorts a bit....

I panicked at that last statement. I had been a proponent of going commando for the last twenty years so I never even gave it a passing thought to put underwear on when I got dressed. But before I could vocalize my predicament, the young guy had my button undone and my zipper pulled most of the way down. By the time he realized his error the top of my cock was showing and he gave an involuntary gasp.

I looked at Kim to see that she had slid down in her chair so that just her ass was on the wooden seat and her legs were somewhat opened. I could clearly see the white of her g-string beneath her parted thighs. She was watching what was going on with great interest, especially when the young guy told me to hold onto my shorts but to pull them down over my hips so that he could get an accurate measure.

It seemed that the lower I pulled my shorts, the wider Kim pulled her legs apart and the further she slumped in her chair. When the guy told me that was far enough, the better part of my ass was hanging out and a good piece of my limp cock was exposed. Kim was so engrossed in watching the man on his knees at my feet that she wasn’t even aware that I was watching her so she had no way to know that I could see her entire shaved pussy beneath her wet panties as her skirt had ridden up almost to her waist.

The longer that the guy took, the longer I looked at Kim’s wet pussy and the more I was threatened with developing a hard on. And seeing as my dick was at eye level with the handsome young man before me, I didn’t think that that would be a good idea. When he swung the tape around my waist and had to shuffle it into position over my hips he did it in such a fashion that the ends came together right on top of my flaccid cock.

Just the feel of his fingers manipulating the tape and the view of Kim did me in and I could feel my cock start to grow and lengthen down the leg of my shorts. By the time that the guy had an accurate reading, my cock had grown substantially and was making an obscene lump in the front of my shorts and Kim had progressed to lightly tracing the outline of her pussy lips through the wet material of her panties with an eager index finger.

Without pulling up my shorts or saying anything to me, the young man swatted my left hand away so that he could get an out seam reading. This left only my right hand to defend myself against complete nudity. When he was done, he switched sides and swatted my right hand out of the way. Without even thinking, I let go of my shorts completely and they pooled around my ankles. My semi hard cock sprung into view damn near hitting the kneeling man in the forehead.

I have a feeling that he knew that this would happen and was expecting it. He simply shifted over a bit and took my right leg out seam measurement. I looked at Kim and saw that she was openly rubbing her soaking cunt through her panties and that she had somehow undone another button of her top so her tits were now almost hanging out.

“Your wife really seems to be enjoying this” the guy said nodding to a mirror on the wall behind me “can’t wait to see what she does when I measure your inseam.”

For the first time since entering the room, I looked around and saw that the mirrors left nothing to the imagination and from any angle he could see everything that happened anywhere, including my sexy wife playing with herself. The young man shifted again until he was kneeling right in front of me staring me right in the cock which was staring right back at him. He drew the tape from my ankle up my left leg right to my crotch. My dick gave a bit of a lurch and a drop of precum formed at the tip.

Since my hard cock was in his way, he simply grabbed a hold of it and bent it to the side slightly so that he could nestle the tape up under my heavy ball sack. He repeated the same procedure on my right leg starting at my ankle. By the time he got to my cock, it was literally dripping precum. I looked up in time to see Kim slither out of her panties and drop them on the floor. Now her cunt was on full display for us to look at as she rubbed it.

Again, my hard cock was in the way so he grabbed it again. But instead of just pushing it to the side like he did last time, he began to slowly stroke it only a few inches from his face. The more he stroked it the bigger the drop of precum got until it was in danger of dripping onto the floor. The young man obviously noticed this because he opened his mouth and took a few inches of me in. He bobbed his head up and down a few times before I pulled him off and had him stand on the podium that I quickly vacated. When he was standing on the mini stage I undid his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his seven inch quite thick cock standing hard and erect.

Looking in the mirror like he had earlier, I saw Kim vigorously massaging her clit with one hand and tugging at her left nipple with the other while never taking her eyes from the scene in front of her. I fell to my knees and took his stiff member into my wet mouth. I’d given head a few times and gotten it lots so I knew what to do to get him to cum for me. I licked the head a few times then swirled my tongue around the sensitive crown before engulfing his entire length down my eager throat. I got a good rhythm going forcing as much of his cock down my gullet as I could. After a few minutes I could feel the head of his cock and even his shaft swelling even more. A few grunts escaped his mouth as he began to spew his hot and tasty cum right into my mouth. I never allowed a drop to escape as I swallowed his load right down.

When the young man came to his senses and could regain the freedom of movement, he dropped to his knees before me and swallowed my rock hard cock. He was definitely not an amateur at sucking cock as he took my full eight plus inches down his throat the first time. As his tempo and suction increased so did my pleasure. I could feel the pressure in my balls mounting and was looking forward to release.

The guy grabbed my nuts roughly and rolled them around in his fingers as his mouth salivated all over the sensitive knob end of my cock. It wasn’t long before the pressure got to be too much for me and my cream shot out at a blistering pace. But, damn, the guy was good. He didn’t allow a single drop to be wasted. I could feel his throat contracting around my cock head as he swallowed rapidly. As I came, I looked at Kim and saw that she too was having her own little orgasm with her fingers wrapped around her clit.

My cock began to deflate and dropped from the young mans mouth. I grabbed my shorts and slid them up my legs as the guy tucked his renewed hard on awkwardly into his pants. Kim grabbed her discarded panties and put them into her purse.

As we all tried to compose ourselves and make ourselves presentable again for public viewing the young man made some notes on his clipboard.

“I think I have all your pertinent measurements and sizing but you may have to come back for another fitting to make sure” was all he said as he ushered us out the front door and into the nearly deserted parking lot.

I can’t wait.

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