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The Unexpected Client Chapter 2

Serena seduces Phil
Part two of my fantasy story about sexy Serena.

“I…err…what a question!” Phil blustered, blushing .

Serena sat there calmly with an amused smile on her face.

“Look, this game is not going to work if we don’t answer questions honestly. Why don’t you just be honest and tell me – you never know where it might lead”.

Still taken aback by the blunt line of questioning but tantalised by what Serena had just said he decided to play her game.

“Well, errr…since you ask, I was going to get her to come to my room and then push her down on her knees and get her to suck my cock”.

Serena’s enigmatic smile turned into a grin. Her voice purred with delight.

”Now we’re getting somewhere! So that’s what you like is it? To make a girl suck you? To force her to?”.

“Sometimes Serena. With some girls, yes. With a girl who I know likes to feel dominated, and for whom the act of submission is a turn-on, then yes it turns me on too. But I wouldn’t do it to someone who doesn’t like it”.

“Ah ha! Like your wife, you mean?”.

Phil paused. The pause was just a little too long, so Serena continued.

“I am guessing that your silence means that you wife doesn’t give you blowjobs, but your “friend” does? Am I right?”.

“Not quite. My wife does give me blowjobs – great blowjobs - but she doesn’t like it when I cum in her mouth, and she wouldn’t dream of swallowing if I did. And she hates it if I try to hold her head or force it in any way. But my “friend”, as you put it, loves to be on her knees, gives amazing blowjobs and adores it when I fill her slutty little mouth with cum. Ok, my turn, right?”.

“Right, your turn” agreed Serena, her pussy starting to tingle in that familiar way at what he had just described.

“So why were you really here tonight, Serena?”.

She looked him square in the eye, confident and unblinking.

“I was here to meet someone. But not a girlfriend; a man. And I was going to fuck and suck him all night. Does that answer your question?”

She picked up her glass and took a long slow sip, watching his face for a reaction.

“Wow, that’s very….honest! So why did he cancel – if I knew you were going to be meeting me I am not sure anything would have kept me away…”.

“Mmmh. I’m not sure why, but I am ok with it. Besides, that sounds like another question, and it’s not your turn. So tell me why all men are obsessed with blowjobs?”.

“I am not sure about all men, Serena, but in my case I have known some amazing women and some have been incredible at giving blowjobs – the kind that make me think my heart will give out or my cock will explode. In my experience some women are much better at it than others, and invariably the ones who are truly great love doing it. And for me the sight of a pretty woman licking and sucking my cock then swallowing all my cum makes me very excited – since you ask!”.

Serena crossed her legs again, letting her skirt ride up just a little more to give her new admirer a tantalising glimpse of her stocking tops and her naked thighs, and asked,

“So are you getting a little hard talking about it now? Talking about a pretty girl sucking your cock? Are you wondering what it would be like if I sucked your cock?”.

Phil swallowed hard – she wasn’t flirting with him, he realised, she was trying to get him into bed!

“Well, since you ask the question, I have been more than a little aroused ever since you walked into the bar. And yes, I have wondered what it would be like…”.

“I thought so, naughty boy. Your turn to ask me a question, Phil. Why don’t you ask me what I do again” she teased, with a wicked glint in her eye.

Phil thought for a second then decided to play along.

“So tell me, Serena, what is it you do?”

Serena slid across the couch until their thighs were touching, placed her hand lightly on his shoulder and moved her face towards his ear. Instinctively he leant down as she whispered into his ear.

“I am an escort. I make men’s fantasies and dreams come true. I let them do to me what their wives and girlfriends won’t let them at home. I behave like a dirty, cock-hungry slut for the evening. I am very good at what I do. Tonight I was to meet a client – a regular – and he paid me a large sum of money to be his filthy slut for the night. I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to do to me until early tomorrow morning, when I would go back to my suburban life and steady boring job with a sore pussy and tummy full of his cum – not forgetting a purse full of his money. Does that shock you?”

“Yes” said Phil immediately “I mean, I am shocked that you tell me that so openly, but I am not shocked that somebody would pay you a lot of money to do whatever they wanted; you really are quite breathtakingly sexy – not that you need me to tell you that – but can I ask another question?”.


“Do you do it for the money, or do you like it?”

“That’s sneaky – two questions for the price of one. I started doing it for the money alone. But now I do it for the money and for the thrill and sheer naughtiness of it – and for my ego too, I suppose; I just love the way that what I do gives me such raw and primitive power over men. And the few clients I see regularly are all very sexy and good lovers, so I get as much out of our meetings as them. Plus it has perked up my sex life at home – bonus!”.

“Oh my God – you’re married too? Now I am really shocked. Does he know?” Phil asked, incredulously. Serena giggled.

“Don’t be ridiculous – he would divorce me, or kill me, if he ever found out. He thinks I am at an HR seminar tonight. My turn again: Tell me what really turns you on when a woman is sucking you? ”.

“I particularly like it when she seems to be enjoying herself, and I absolutely love it if she actually tells me how much she likes sucking my cock, and a sure fire way to make me cum is if she tells me how much she wants me to come in her mouth or on her face, and that she wants to taste me and swallow me – that’s bound to make me explode”.

Serena nodded knowingly.

“You mean like this?”

She leaned in even closer and started to whisper in his ear, her sultry voice soft and submissive.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, Phil. I want to feel your hard cock swelling between my lips then I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth. I want to taste your cum. Fuck my mouth, baby. Make me swallow it all. I want all your cum in my slutty mouth. Pleeeease. Cum for me”.

She sat back on the couch and reached for her glass, taking a long sip and smiling as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth as she replaced the glass on the low table.

Phil’s eyes were wide at the brazen and sexy confidence of the gorgeous creature sat against him. He had been with some very bad girls over the years, and had done some very naughty things with them, but this girl was something else. His cock was now hard beneath his smart suit, and his eyes swept over her body from her ankles to her ample tits tightly constrained in the bustier.

“Yeah, just like that”, he managed, “You really are a very bad girl, aren’t you?”.

Serena giggled again “I told you before; I am very good at what I do, and, yes, I am a very bad girl - you have no idea how very naughty I am”.

Before he could stop himself Phil swivelled himself towards Serena and placed his hand on her thigh, running his thumb just under the hemline of her skirt.

“I would love to find out just how naughty you are. How might I find out….first hand?”.

Serena leaned forward and rested her hand on his thigh then brushed the length of his hard cock with her bright red painted nails.

“I think we might arrange something. I am very expensive. Very. But I can assure you..” Serena paused then continued slowly, emphasising each word, “ The. Very. Best. Night. Of. Your. Life.”

Phil thought quickly.

“I have a room here - a nice large room – and I suppose you haven’t booked anywhere. I would hate you to have to go home on the late train with all the drunks, particularly dressed like you are, so perhaps we can do a deal?”

He grinned cheekily, and Serena knew she had him exactly where she wanted him – he was going to pay whatever she asked, and she was going to be able to get him to do whatever she wanted. Her pussy was getting very wet now – it had been long time since she had been chatted up in a bar and she knew she had the upper hand.

“Well I’ve already been paid in advance for tonight, so can easily afford to take my own suite for tonight if I wanted to. But you seem like a nice guy – maybe we can do a deal. Of sorts. But I don’t do free samples, OK?”.

Phil could barely contain his excitement.

“Great. What can I do to sweeten the deal. Anything. Sorry to sound so desperate, but I am so hard that you know I will agree to anything right now. Anything at all”.

Serena continued to lightly caress his hard cock through his trousers scraping her nails over the taut fabric.

“When I arrived this evening, I was looking forward to having my pussy eaten. My client would always eat my little tight wet pussy for ages, and always makes me cum. I will do anything – anything - for a man who can make me cum over and over again with his tongue. Tell me, Phil, do you like to eat pussy?”.

“Yes. I love to eat pussy. I would love to eat your pussy. Right now”.

“Not a great idea, Phil” Serena smiled “because the barman would almost certainly throw us out. How about you pay me a specially discounted rate and I will come back to your room with you right now. I will give you the most amazing blowjob you have ever had. After you cum in my slutty mouth and I swallow all of your cum I will let you eat my pussy, and if you are a very naughty boy I will stay until the morning and be your very own dirty slut all night. How does that sound?”.

Phil frowned

“It all sounds amazing. Apart from the rate. What sort of special rate are we talking here, Serena?”.

“I was paid five grand for tonight. Yes, before you ask, I am that good. Why don’t you give me your credit card, I will get my agency to take a thousand pounds, and then we will go up to your room and I will give you a night you will even want to tell your wife about. It’s a one-time offer, Phil. And the clock is ticking”.

He hesitated. He had never done anything like this. But he had often taken girls to dinner – an expensive dinner – in the hope of getting a fuck afterwards, only to be disappointed. This was a sure thing, and with a gorgeous sexy girl who was certainly not inhibited. Then the thought of Serena whispering in his ear and begging him to cum in her mouth came back to him like a siren song.

“Sounds good to me” he said reaching for his wallet.

He handed over his card and Serena palmed it discretely and stood up, taking her phone from her coat pocket.

“I am going to go to the ladies room to send a text, but I will leave my coat here in case you think I am going to do a runner. You can believe me when I say I am not – now that we have got the business out of the way I am really looking forward to spending the rest of the evening with you”.

With that she kissed him lightly on the cheek and walked across the bar. Phil watched her go, her long legs and delicious ass capturing the attention of every man in the bar. He unable to believe what he was about to do. He drained his champagne flute in one mighty swallow and contemplated how he was going to be able to stand up without the whole bar noticing his erection. Serena was back in moments. She arrived back at the table and smiled.

“All done. Ready to have some fun?”

“Yes. Very ready”

“Then perhaps you would be so kind as to carry my coat for me – you might like to carry it in front of you to hide your….well, your excitement” she purred, a glint in her eye.

As they stood waiting for the lift Serena took his arm and whispered into his ear.

“Did you notice that I was wearing stockings and suspenders when I crossed my legs earlier?”

“Yes. Yes I did”.

“And did you also see that I had no panties on?”

“No. God. That is very naughty”.

“And my pussy is soaking wet at the thought of being your little sex slave for the night. You can do anything you like. I will do anything for you, anything that you want. But two rules – don’t kiss me on the mouth, and do not come in my hair. The first is reserved for my husband, and I despise the second, OK?”

“OK, Serena. Whatever you say. You’re the boss”.

Serena turned to face him directly, then cast her eyes down to her feet in an exaggerated gesture of submission.

“No, baby; tonight you are the boss”

The lift door opened and they stepped inside. Phil selected the eighth floor. As the doors closed Serena dropped to her knees in front of him and started to caress his hard cock through his trousers, looking up at him, her mouth barely an inch from him. Her right hand cupping his balls and her left hand toying with his belt buckle. She stayed that way until the lift pinged their arrival at the eighth floor. She stood up and straightened her skirt, flicking her hair back from her face.

“Let’s go, big boy” she announced.

As they walked the short distance down the corridor to his room he dropped back to admire her ass again. As he reached for the key in his pocket he said,

“I want you to take your skirt off, but leave the heels and stockings on, OK? I love the way you look in those heels. So sexy”.

As he opened the door for her she slowly unzipped the skirt and as she walked across the room she simply let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it on the way.

“Like this, you mean?”

She turned around and he noticed her completely smooth, bare pussy. He felt his cock twitch in the confines of his tight shorts.

“Jeez, you are so damn sexy, Serena”.

She smiled, shyly.

“Thank you. Now take of your jacket and tie”.

She put her hands on her hips and watched as he wrestled them off in double-quick time, dropping them onto the dresser.

“Good. Now your shoes and socks”.

He complied immediately.

“Excellent. Now your belt. Anything I should take off?”

“Yes. That sexy top of yours”.

“OK, my pleasure. Now sit on the bed. On the edge”.

As he sat she moved towards him, then stopped with her tits almost touching his face, her legs either side of one of his. He instinctively started to run his hands over her, from her waist and up to cup her tits still constrained in silk and lace. As he caressed her she started to unbutton his shirt. He scooped her tits from her bra and saw the nipples harden to his touch. As she reached down to unbutton the lower buttons he reached down between her legs and felt the smooth skin around her pussy, evidently freshly waxed. His fingers explored between her lips and immediately discovered that she had not lied about being wet – she was practically dripping into his palm as her stroked her. She straightened and pushed his shirt over his shoulders and he shrugged it off. His mouth went to her right nipple, licking and sucking it into his mouth. He glanced up and saw her bite her lip. His fingers slid easily inside her - though she was tight she was also very slippery and he imagined what it would feel like to plunge his cock inside her.

As he continued to suck her nipple and squeeze her left breast with his free hand his fingers moved up to her clit and started to make little circles. He felt her hips thrust towards him and he sucked harder while strumming her clit. Then she moved away.

“Stop that. For now, anyway. I can see I am going to have my hands full with you. Now stand up and let’s get you out of your trousers”.

As he stood she once again sank to her knees, and helped him remove his trousers. Then she started to stroke his cock through his tight shorts, tracing the outline of his hardness with the tips of her nails. She rubbed the end of his cock and smiled at the wet patch of pre-cum oozing from his tip.

“Tell me what to do” She purred.

Heart pounding, he instructed her.

“Take my shorts off. Yes, slowly. Like that. Now cup my balls, and very lightly caress them. With your finger tips. And your nails. Oh God. Yes. Like that. Now tell me what you think of my cock. Is it hard enough for you?”

“Mmmmh. Perfect size. Not too big for me to fit in my mouth, but plenty big enough so I probably won’t be able to swallow quite all of it. Unless you want to force me to swallow all of it, that is. You could probably make me. I would try my best”.

She looked up at him with large eyes and continued, her tone imploring.

“Please let me suck you? I so want to suck your big cock while I am here on my knees in front of you. I am your slut for the night and I want you to take my mouth. Use me. Make me feel dirty. Please”.

Phil gently but firmly gripped a handful of Serena’s lustrous hair, slipping his fingers behind her left ear with his right hand and pulling her mouth towards him. As she strained against him slightly she begged, her voice quiet and subservient.

”Please don’t fuck my mouth too hard. Don’t make me swallow all of you at once. I am not sure I can”.

Phil knew straight away that this was all part of the act, but nevertheless found himself caught up in his dominance.

“I will fuck your mouth if I want to; you are a bought-and-paid-for little whore, and if I want to force my whole cock into your mouth I will. Do you understand?”

“Yes. I understand. I am your slut for the night, and I want you to use me. I will do whatever you want”.

With that she plunged her mouth over his cock and started to suck and lick hungrily on him, easing inch after inch of him into first her mouth and then her throat. She was amazingly skilled and she used her hand and her mouth together, establishing a steady rhythm. She didn’t seem to be in any hurry to make him come, instead lingering over his cock and teasing his full length with her tongue and even gently licking his shaved balls.

“Oh God, Serena. You are incredible. While you do that, I want you to touch your pussy. Rub your clit while you suck my cock. I know how wet you are and I want you to make yourself even wetter”.

Even though she had a mouthful of hard cock she managed a smile – her favourite trick, and he had unwittingly just asked her to demonstrate! She pushed him gently backwards so he sat back down on the bed, his cock slipping from her mouth.

“I am not sure I can do that. Not with you watching me. It would be so bad. So naughty, and I’ve never done it with someone watching me before. I would feel so dirty. But if you want me to, I could try I suppose. Just for you”.

She leaned back a little, kneeling on her haunches, and started to reach down between her legs. As her fingers glided between her lips she let out a little gasp.

“Oh God. I am so wet. And my little clit feels so swollen from where your fingers were touching me earlier. I am such a bad girl doing this in front of you – it makes me feel so slutty, but I like the way it feels. Can I try sucking your cock while I do this? It would be such a turn-on. Please?”

Serena was delighted with her performance – one of her best ever she felt, and by the way Phil was now stroking his own slippery cock with his eyes firmly fixed on her pussy, she was sure he had bought every word of it. She started to gently suck and lick just the head of his cock again, all the while rubbing her slippery clit furiously and moaning in pleasure. Every so often she would remove her mouth to take a gulp of air and sigh theatrically at the pleasure she was giving herself.

“Tell me what a bad girl I am for rubbing my clit while I suck your big hard cock” she pleaded, then went back to her task, sucking and licking whilst looking up at him.

“Serena, you have got to be the dirtiest, naughtiest girl I have ever – and I do mean ever – had sucking my cock”

She groaned, and he felt the sensation of the vibration from her throat.

“You are a filthy little slut for rubbing yourself while I watch you. I can see how wet your fingers are, and making them slide in and out of your little pussy makes me want to explode in your slutty mouth”.

She was rubbing herself quickly now, and his words had pushed her past any pretence she had of being turned on – she was very horny now and genuinely wanted to cum.

“Oh my God, I am so turned on right now, Phil. This hardly ever happens with a client, but I might even cum myself”, she lied. “Oh my God. Tell me what you are going to do to me”.

“I am going to fuck your mouth” gasped Phil, his hands now both holding her head and his hips thrusting his cock forward.

“I am going to cum in your mouth and make you swallow all my cum, then I am going to push you down on the floor and I am going to eat your little wet pussy until you cum in my mouth and squirt your juices all over my face. Then I am going to fuck you really hard until I cum in your mouth again. I am going to give you the tummy full of cum and sore pussy your other client promised you, you dirty little slut”.

Despite his hands pulling her mouth onto his cock she fought herself free and looked him in the eye.

“I want you to cum for me. In my slutty little mouth. It’s what I want. Use me. Fuck me. Do what you want to me. I want your cum. I want lots of cum. Fill up my mouth and make me swallow it all. I want you to cum in my mouth”.

She hoped she had remembered what to say from earlier then plunged her mouth over him and swallowed deeply to take more of him in her throat. She had known she could fit all of him in without any problem – she had swallowed much longer and thicker cocks before but she knew how much of a turn-on it was for a man to think he was too big for a woman. She let his hands tighten at the back of her head and felt him expanding.

He watched her swallow his entire cock – it was evidently a struggle for her but he forced her mouth over him until he could feel her lips at the base of his shaft. He had to cum now. He wanted her to keep sucking him because she was incredible, but he simply had to cum. He looked down and saw her rubbing her clit, her fingers a blur.

“You dirty slut – I am watching you rub your pussy. I can see you like it and that is very naughty. You’ve swallowed my whole cock and now I am going to cum down your throat. Are you ready?”

She certainly was. She nodded. She was ready to cum herself and felt the first waves of her orgasm sweeping over her. As she felt his cock expand in her throat she moved up his shaft so that she had just the head in her mouth and let him pump in and out in shallow thrusts as she brought herself to a shuddering climax. She fought for breath from her own exertions and also because Phil was literally filling her mouth with spurt after spurt of sweet, pungent cum. She swallowed over and over, then allowed some of it to dribble back over his cock, running down the head and spilling over her fingers and running to his balls. He was lying back, gasping for breath and watching her as she slowly and sensuously licked his cum from her fingers and the head of his cock as though she were holding a rapidly melting ice-cream cone on a hot summers day.

“I came too” she said, trying to sound ashamed “You made me cum too when you came in my mouth. My God that is so bad”.

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