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The Unexpected Client Chapter 3

Serena finally gets exactly what she was promised.
“Yes, Serena, it really is very bad indeed. Very naughty and incredibly sexy to watch you do that. I just love the way you are licking up the cum you spilled. Tell me how wet you are”.

Serena slid two fingers into her pussy and brought them, glistening, up to her mouth. She let his cock slip from her lips and started to lick her fingers as though she had found another hard cock to play with. Phil watched her as she performed the lewd “blowjob” on her own fingers, licking and nibbling then plunging her mouth over them and sucking her own juices. Immediately he felt his cock start to twitch. This girl really was something else.

“Does that taste good, Serena?”

“Mmmmmmh. Yummy” she winked.

“Let me try” he groaned, eager to push her down and devour her, but wanting to savour the moment, and to make her ask him to eat her.

Once again she slid the same two fingers into her pussy and offered them to him. He sat up and held her wrist then licked first one finger then the other, licking and sucking her slick juices. She watched him as he tasted her for the first time, and her mouth returned to his cock which was starting to stiffen again.

“You taste gorgeous” he whispered, his face a study in ecstasy “I am looking forward to eating your pussy. Slowly and deliberately, too. And, well, I did promise, didn’t I?”.

“You certainly did. Are you going to show me what a naughty boy you are?”

Phil sat upright and ran his hands through her hair, pulling her gently down on to his stiffening cock again. He groaned as she responded by sucking hard, then he reached down to cup her heavy breasts. As he brushed her bullet-hard nipples he said,

“I had wanted you on the floor. On your back, so I could lie between your legs. But I have changed my mind. Come and sit on the edge of the bed – I want to kneel between your thighs just like you did for me. And I want you to watch me eating you".

She stopped sucking him, kissing the head of his cock as it fell from her mouth.

“I’d like that” she breathed, “I’d like that a lot”.

They both stood, swapping places. Serena perched on the edge of the bed and Phil knelt in front of her and started sucking and nibbling on her sensitive nipples, making both breasts slick with saliva. He squeezed and kneaded, licking and sucking the buttons into his mouth in turn. Serena arched her back and her fingers slid into his thick hair.

“I am going to give you your reward for giving me such an amazing orgasm, Serena. For letting me come in your slutty mouth and for rubbing your clit and making yourself come for me – that was some show, by the way. It was so erotic to watch you playing with your pussy while you sucked me. And I loved it when you took me all the way into your throat”.

His hand dropped to her pussy as his mouth returned to her nipples. His fingertips caressed her smooth lips, slick with her ample juices, and found their way slowly between them. He heard her breathing deepen as his index and middle fingers eased inside her and he felt his cock stiffen further as he realised that she was deliciously tight.

Serena’s eyes widened at the touch of his fingers. She could sense your pussy start to quiver as he lightly parted her, gently exploring her. She felt almost nervous, siliently hoping that he would know what to do; that he would instinctively be able to read her body and give her what she needed to bring her the gift of an earth-shattering orgasm. Then before she knew it his fingers were buried up to the hilt inside her and she momentarily couldn’t find her breath.

Gasping she grasped great handfuls of his hair and pulled his head to her chest. He wasn’t being rough but his fingers were moving urgently, fucking her with long deep strokes that made her pant.

“YES! Oh fuck,YES!” she managed.

Her tummy was beginning to flutter and she wondered if he might make her cum really quickly with the intensity of his fingers and his mouth suckling on her nipple. Then as suddenly as the fingers had started to fuck her they stopped. She sensed his hand turning, the fingers twisting inside her until his palm was facing up and he started to caress the inside front wall of her pussy in a sort of come hither motion. At the same time his mouth started to work slowly down her stomach, slowly kissing and licking as she guided his head down towards her pussy. His eyes met hers and he held her gaze.

“You are going to have to ask nicely Serena. Maybe even beg me to eat you”.

Serena breathing was becoming more erratic now, but she knew exactly what he wanted. Her voice once again took on the same submissive tone that it had when she had asked him to cum in her mouth. Her words became those of a young, innocent woman, her eyes wide and pleading.

“I need to feel your mouth on my little wet pussy, Phil. Please lick me”.

“Where? Lick you where, Serena?”

“My pussy. Lick my pussy. Pleeeease”.

“Lick what, Serena? Say the words, baby. Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you”.

“Oh God” She gasped “Please don’t make me say it….I can’t. You already know what I want. Please.”

He said nothing, his expression impassive. He waited.

“Oh God, Phil; Do I have to beg? Please don’t make me beg. But I do want it. So badly”.

She paused, pretending to not want the crude words pass her “innocent” lips. Then she continued, her voice now almost an ashamed whisper.

“Lick my little clit. Please, baby. Suck on it. And eat my pussy. I want to feel your fingers in me and your tongue on my clit. I want you to make me cum with your tongue and your fingers. Please make me cum. Can you feel how wet I am for you baby?”.

Phil’s mouth was almost down on her and his fingers continued to work away inside her. She was so wet that her juices were running down his fingers and across his upturned palm to his wrist. He gently withdrew his fingers and felt her shudder.

“Open your legs wider for me. I want to taste you properly”

As his mouth fell onto her pussy his hands roughly pushed her thighs apart and she gasped as he started to work his tongue inside her, lapping greedily at the slippery sweet juices oozing from her. She felt her second orgasm of the night start to rise from deep within her as his tongue moved from inside her to her swollen clit, describing small circles and flicking gently but quickly. His fingers plunged back into her, fucking her. Instinctively she reached down and pulled his head firmly to her pussy. She threw her head back, gasping for breath.

“Yes. Just like that. Oh God. Oh Yes, just like that”.

He pulled his mouth from her and whispered,

“You are so bad. You are practically fucking my mouth. I hope you are not going to hold my head down and cum on my tongue. Not all over my face. Don’t force me to eat you while you squirt in my mouth”.

Serena simply adored this kind of roleplay game and felt her normal self-control slipping.

“Eat me. Eat me faster. Lick my tight little pussy and suck on my clit. Stop teasing me and make me come, you bastard. I want to come in your mouth”.

She gripped his head firmly, her fingers entwined with his hair and ground her pelvis against his face. Phil pretended to try to pull away, but kept licking her clit and thrusting his fingers into her. Then he pursed his lips and sucked her clit, tonguing it firmly as he did so and she started to shudder. Her hands were pulling his face to her pussy hard and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to cum or pee, but the feeling of his fingers and his tongue were driving her insane.

He was relentless. Fingers, tongue, lips, mouth. The sensations were overwhelming her - he could feel it - and he knew that whispering to her would push her off the ledge for her plummet into orgasm.

“Come on my tongue” he managed to gasp, “Please come in my
mouth, Serena, please…”.

She could feel her hips bucking against him but could not control her movements. She knew he was finger-fucking her but she simply couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing to her clit that felt so incredible; all she knew was that she didn’t want him to stop. She was gasping for breath and could feel the unstoppable surge of orgasm building like a great wave. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she had to cum.

He could feel the unmistakable surge of juices flowing from her pussy on his fingers, and then the tell-tale pulsing of her pussy muscles as they gripped his firmly thrusting fingers, so he sucked her clit harder and waited for her explosion.

It had been building for such a long time that she didn’t know what she was feeling when it hit her; her eyes were closed tightly and she simultaneously wanted him to stop, but didn’t want the glorious torture to end.

”Oh God, yes. FUCK. I am cumming. Fuck, I am cumming. I AM CUMMING. YOU ARE MAKING ME CUM. OH GOD!!.”

And then she surrendered; like a surfer riding the perfect pipeline wave she sensed the weight of her orgasm closing around her and let go, giving herself to the rolling and tumbling sensation. Her thighs closed around his head as she flopped back onto the bed, her back arching first one way and then the other and her fingers tangled in his hair. Somehow his tongue had moved to her opening and was lapping at the juices as they flowed from her. Her body was
wracked by spasm after spasm, then her legs opened and the same hands that had so greedily pulled his head to her pussy with such force just moments ago were now trying to fend his greedy mouth away.

“STOP! Please stop. Jesus, that was….fucking hell…I can’t stop cumming….Oh my God”.

As she opened her eyes she saw him wiping his chin with the
back of his hand and then licking the fingers that had been fucking her so

“You were right – yummy!” he smiled “I am ready to do that again just as soon as you are”.

She wasn’t even ready to speak, so she beckoned him to come up onto the bed beside her. She shuffled from the edge towards the middle and he joined her, sitting astride her chest with his cock hard again. He pushed her tits together and held his cock down in her cleavage with his thumbs and started to thrust gently.

“Any girl with tits like yours must get offered a nice pearl necklace all the time” he said with a smirk.

“Mmmmh. Not as often as you might think. Nice to see you hard again so soon. After the orgasm you just gave me I guess I will be staying for a while. Afterall, I did promise I would do anything for a man who makes me cum with his tongue. So what will it be? Do you want to come on my tits?”.

“No, Serena – at least not now. No, I want to slip my cock in your tight little pussy. I want to fuck you. Or, to be more precise, I want you to fuck me”.

To be continued…

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