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The Wager: Part 4

Mandy and John awake and continue the fun!

The early morning sun poured in through a small gap in the curtains. Mandy blinked as her eyes grew accustomed to the bright light. For a moment she was disorientated, unsure of her surroundings. As she woke, she realised John was lying close to her; she felt the heat radiate from his body and luxuriated in it. She lay watching him as his big chest rose and fell with every breath. Mandy leant over and kissed him softly on the cheek.

The events of the previous evening came vividly into her mind: what a night! She felt sated, but a little uncomfortable. Her ass cheeks which had stung last night now tingled. Her pussy and ass felt a little raw, but somehow…satisfied. She felt a trickle of something move in her bottom. Oh fuck! She felt a little ashamed and very naughty as she thought of what they had done only a few hours ago.

Mandy looked down the bed and grinned as she noticed a bulge tented up in the bedclothes. She slowly pulled the sheets back and licked her lips at the sight of his rigid morning glory. She thought it would be rude not to help herself to such a delightful offering. She rose up on her knees and moved her head down towards his penis, pausing to tie her hair in a ponytail before lowering her lips to his bulbous red cock head. She resisted the temptation to touch it, her hands were still cold and it might wake him (although she knew he would wake soon enough).

She lovingly kissed the very tip of his tool; it twitched slightly and seemed to grow another half inch. His tight foreskin rolled a little further down his glans to accommodate the growth of his member. Mandy tickled around the ridge of his cock with her tongue tip and it twitched again. It was no good: she just HAD to have him in her mouth! Mandy parted her lips and placed them around his dick. In one fluid movement she slid her lips all the way down his length until she felt his tip tickle her tonsils. Oh fuck! He tasted so good, but different somehow. Suddenly she realised what the taste was. She’d recognised the sweetness of the strawberry flavoured lube, but there was something different, something earthier. Oh Fuck! It was the essence of her own arse which she could taste on him!

Mandy smiled to herself (well it was as close to a smile as she could get with a mouth full of cock). She thought how totally she had been corrupted by this man. A few months ago she had been a demure mother and wife. She could count on one hand the number of lovers she’d had. No one had ever pushed her buttons like John. Before she met him, sex had been almost a chore, something which lasted 10 minutes once or twice a month and was solely to keep her husband happy. She had always thought there was more to it than this: she’d read and fantasised about mind blowing sex, but always believed it was something she would never experience. John had changed all that. He had turned her into a depraved and perverted sex addict and oh how she fucking loved him for that!

Mandy had always found it difficult to talk about her needs and desires, but not with John. The two of them texted and messaged each other; at times constantly, telling each other their most intimate thoughts. She found it very easy to tell him exactly what she wanted in a text or message. There were still things she would never say out loud, well not until she was so aroused that she would shout them at John! Then, she would tell him how she wanted him to “fuck my twat with your hot tongue!” and “shove your fat cock right up my wet cunt”. As she became less inhibited, she shared more of her naughty desires. How she wanted him to cum deep in her throat and to kiss, lick and rim her ass while fingering her pussy. Last night had been a further progression; they both knew the wager was a scam. It was John’s way of getting Mandy to do what she really wanted to, but was too inhibited to acknowledge face to face.

Mandy realised she had been daydreaming while still holding his dick deep in her mouth, slowly she eased her lips back down his length, gently nibbling his glans as she cupped and fondled his balls.

John stirred as he felt Mandy’s expert ministrations. His eyes opened and a big smile filled his face as he realised what was happening.

“I just had the most amazing dream.” John croaked, with early morning hoarseness. “Well I thought it was a dream, but I’m delighted to see it’s reality. Oh fuck! I need you to turn round babe. I need to return the compliment and taste your luscious pussy.”

Mandy couldn’t speak with her mouth full of cock. Instead she waved her index finger at him, telling him NO: he would have to wait. She wanted to give him the best fucking blow job he’d ever had. She knew that if he got his mouth or fingers anywhere her pud, then her concentration would go all to hell and her expert blow job would go to pieces.

She took his length deep in her mouth again, rotating her head a little, so that his cock end tickled the back of her throat. Mandy felt his member twitch: she knew that turned him on. She moved her head back so that she could tongue tickle and nibble his swollen helmet, as she wanked his length slowly with her right hand.

The thought of having Johns cock in her mouth, knowing that a few hours earlier it had been buried deep in her ass made Mandy so horny. It was so delightfully naughty, what a wanton nymph she had become under John’s guidance!

It occurred to Mandy that perhaps she should return the favour and give him some anal titillation. She dipped her finger inside her soaking pussy feeling the exquisite wetness. She couldn’t resist the temptation to fiddle with her clit for a few seconds, but then thought better of it: she had to concentrate on the job in hand (or job in mouth to be more precise). She removed her soaking digit and placed it between John’s legs. Tracing her finger under his wrinkled sack, she found his puckered ass and tickled it with her finger tip. John’s member pulsed again in her mouth, his ass muscles acquiesced, allowing her finger to enter. She pushed slowly in to the knuckle and massaged deep inside his rectum. Mandy knew he couldn’t resist this for long, as she felt the pulsation in his cock grow in frequency and intensity.

Mandy moved her head back, extracting his cock from her mouth. She would try to draw this out a little longer: to increase the intensity of his orgasm when it did arrive. She tongue tickled round his glans and foreskin, before taking another deep gulp of his member.

She felt John tremble beneath her, it was obvious he was going to have a stupendous orgasm and she revelled in the feeling of power and achievement. She sucked up to the very tip of his penis; she didn’t want to take his silky load straight down her throat. She needed his spunk in her mouth, to savour his taste. To wash it around her mouth, then triumphantly to let him see her joyfully swallow his creamy cum. However, John’s cock had a slightly different idea; it suddenly twitched and fired a ferocious jet of his molten hot spunk down the back of her throat. John groaned in ecstasy. Mandy gagged a little and her tongue rose subconsciously, deflecting the flow of his semen allowing it to collect in her mouth. John’s prick continued to jerk and pumped what felt like gallons of his seed onto her tongue. She enveloped his cock head in her mouth again, twirling her tongue around his glans, greedily mopping up the remnants of his load

“Mmm” murmured Mandy circling her tongue around her mouth, enveloping it in a coating of his jism. It didn’t have a strong taste; it was creamy, silky, mmm, delicious. She loved the sheer wantonness of tasting his very essence, his seed of life.

“You should know it’s rude to talk with your mouth full,” he chided.

Mandy swallowed and retorted “Don’t you think it’s a little rude to half choke a girl by firing so much cum into her mouth”.

“Are you complaining?” questioned John.

“Mmm no, I fucking love it!” she replied. “When do get my next helping?”

“Steady!” said John “You’ve got no bloody patience, and anyway, when I do recover from that hoovering you gave me, my next load is going somewhere else, well at least initially. I want to flood that sweet fanny of yours, then felch it clean.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Mandy. “That sounds interesting, but maybe I have other ideas.”

“We’ll see about that” replied John, but now, while my cock recovers, I need to return the favour and lick your honeypot.”

“Oh yes!” Mandy smiled, she knew how much he loved to lick her cunt. He said it was his favourite pastime and she knew he meant it. H e could spend literally hours down there: kissing and tonguing her pussy and ass. She knew it turned him on, he was always rock hard after he had been down on her, even after he had come 2 or 3 times already. In fact having him lick her was probably the quickest way to get him aroused again, notwithstanding the other more immediate benefit of his expert cunnilingus. Fuck he really did know how to eat pussy.

John kissed his way down her chest, pausing to kiss her beautiful breasts. He licked and nibbled each or her erect nipples, while simultaneously pinching the other between his finger and thumb. After several minutes worshipping her boobs, he continued to kiss down her tummy, stopping as he reached the tuft which hid her pussy. He nuzzled into her wiry pubic hair and inhaled the heavenly musk of her aroused cunt.

Mandy felt his hot breath on her moist labia. "Stop teasing me you fucker, get on with it!" she commanded.

John said nothing, as he gazed longingly at her perfect pud. He could not resist it any longer. His tongue was drawn with a magnetic force towards her; he flicked it down her tuft, teasing her lips. Pausing at her perineum, he applied a little more pressure and peeled her labia apart with an exuberant lick all the way up to her clit. He swept his tongue over and around her erect nub. Then hungrily he lapped at her clit: up, down, sideways, around one way, then back again. Occasionally he nibbled it, hummed or blew gently on it, sensing exactly what she wanted. In fact he seemed to know better than Mandy did herself what her pussy needed. As her arousal escalated, he eased his large middle right finger into her soaking hole, massaging her sensitive G spot.

Mandy writhed and wriggled on the bed, shouting at him. "Oh you dirty cunt licker, fucking give that tongue to me!"

John complied with her request: removing his finger and plunging his hot, rough, fat tongue deep inside her soaking cunt. He grabbed her arse cheeks and pulled his face tight against her labia: pushing his tongue as deep as it would go, squashing his cheeks against her lips and his nose against her clit.

He continued to plunge his tongue in and out of her soaking hole, faster, deeper, quicker, rotating his tongue tip around the walls of her pussy and teasing her labia with each stroke. Mandy felt her orgasm growing deep within her, pulsing, rippling, and washing through her, growing, growing, towards her peak. Suddenly her pussy exploded as her climax crashed through her body. She wriggled, writhed, trembled and twisted in ecstasy as she came violently. The aftershocks continued to course through her as John thirstily drank up her heavenly orgasmic fluid, swallowing as if he hadn’t had a drink in days.

As Mandy’s orgasm subsided he started to lick her cunt again, gently and all over, knowing not to stay in any one place too long while she was still so sensitised. The pleasure / pain Mandy felt was almost unbearable and she grabbed his head. Part of her couldn’t bear to be touched, but her underlying sensual desire made her keep his head there. Tremors continued to flutter through her body as she remained at that high plateau of arousal. Soon she felt another small orgasm ripple through as John continued to stimulate her orally. Oh fuck she didn’t want it to stop!

She could tell after a while that his tongue was getting tired; he would rest it a little, using his lip instead, suckling her clit or murmuring sweet nothings into her pussy, causing exquisite vibrations. Then suddenly he mashed his tongue deep, so fucking deep inside her again. He moved a hand down to her rosebud and massaged it, using her overflowing cunt cream as a lubricant. His expert tongue and lips touched every part of her vagina. Several more small orgasms fluttered through her body and time seemed to stand still, she had no idea how long he had been pleasuring her with his mouth.

Mandy started to feel another, bigger orgasm building within her. John sensed this too and started to ease his index finger inside her bottom, gently opening it up with circular motions until it was relaxed enough to fit the largest and longest of his finger inside her. He started to open up her labia too, but with his tongue. Probing ever deeper into her heavenly cunt he built up an alternate rhythm to the one he maintained with his finger in her ass. Deeper and deeper he probed, forcing his tongue as far out of his mouth as he physically could. He was desperate that Mandy could have every millimetre of his teasing tongue inside her volcanic vagina.

Harder, deeper, faster he fucked her two holes, maintaining a relentless pace. Mandy’s arousal climbed higher than ever, she moaned, cursed and growled.

“Oh God, Oh Fuck don’t stop!” she screamed as he continued to frantically pleasure her.

Suddenly she went silent and her body stilled for a second, before the biggest orgasm she had ever experience smashed like a tsunami through her. Mandy started to curse and scream again: using every dirty and depraved word in her vocabulary (and she had learned a few since she met John!).

This time she had to push his head away, she could take no more of his incessant pleasure. John moved back and pulled his finger with a “plop” out of her bottom. He rose up on to his knees and smiled like a Cheshire cat: his face soaked with Mandy’s vaginal fluid. With a glint in his eye he raised his finger up to his face, sniffed it and placed it in his mouth, sucking and licking it with an almost theatrical air.

“Mmm, I love your pussy and your arse!” He exclaimed, his face beaming.

Mandy’s orgasm slowly subsided as she gazed at him, finger in his mouth with that silly smile. She looked down, and wasn’t surprised to see his hard enraged cock standing to attention.

“Fuck: what are we going to do with that now!” She teased, pointing at his cock. “My pussy and ass are red raw after the pounding they’ve had.”

“I suppose another blow job’s out of the question?” John teased.

“Mmm, I'm sure that could be arranged.” Mandy replied. “But I think this time with a twist.”

“You’ve got me intrigued now.” John Grinned.

“Yes, I’m going to give you some of your own medicine.” She replied “Now lie on your back.”

John did as he was told. Mandy rose, walked over to the table, picking up the vibrator and bottle of lube. She sauntered back to the bed, swinging the vibe in one hand, the lube in the other, taunting him.

“Can you guess what I’m thinking?” She teased.

“I’ve a bloody good idea.” John replied. “But how come I don’t get broken in with the butt plug?”

“Why, because you’re a man my dear !” Mandy retorted. “And besides, you’ve told me before you’ve had a vibe up there: I wouldn’t be deflowering YOUR ass like you did mine.”

“Fair point; well made.” John replied with a wry grin.

Mandy climbed on the bed next to him, grabbing his rigid cock, slowly stroking its length. In her other hand, she held the lube and expertly flipped open the lid, squeezed a generous squirt onto her palm, closed the tube and threw it on the bed.”

“10 out of 10 for multi-tasking.” John Joked.

“Sweetie, If you think that’s multitasking, just wait till you see what I’ve got in store for you!” replied Mandy. She released his cock from her right hand and picked up the vibe, moving over between his legs.

“Now raise your knees either side of me.” She commanded.

John did as he was told. Meanwhile Mandy smeared the lube from her palm over the vibe, ensuring the tip was well coated. She flicked the vibe onto a low setting and moved it down to his bottom, slowly circling his puckered anus.

“Now relax and enjoy!” She said, bobbing her head down to take the tip of his cock in her mouth. Mandy continued to stimulate around his ass while gently nibbling his glans. She felt his tension release a little and moved the tip of the vibe in towards the centre of his starfish, gently probing it. His arse winked open a little and she eased an inch or so of the taper into him, and then stopped. Mandy then slid her lips slowly down his member taking him deep inside her throat; she mirrored that movement, feeding the vibrator gently into his ass. Steadily she started fucking his bottom with the vibe as she deep throated his cock.

John moaned softly. “Oh babe that is sooo fucking good, but I’m not sure how long I can last.”

Mandy withdrew her head from his cock and laughed “No I did think it would be pretty intense.”

“You’re not wrong!” He replied. “I’m sure I’d come soon enough just with the vibe, never mind your heavenly mouth too.”

“How does it feel to have the tables turned?” Mandy questioned as she continued to slowly ream his arse. “How does it feel to have me fuck you instead of the other way round?”

“I’m sure I could get to like it.” John replied smiling.

“Bollocks!” She chided “You’re fucking loving it, aren’t you!” With that she turned the control on the vibrator, causing the tip to start oscillating.

“Ohhh Fuck!” Exclaimed John.

“You’re dying for it, aren’t you?” She teased. “I bet you’d like a real cock up there!”

“At this present moment you could stick anything you want up my ass!” John replied. “Just don’t fucking stop”.

At that Mandy noticed his cock twitch and a bead of pre-cum appeared at his urethra. She knew he was getting close and enveloped his cockhead in her sweet lips again.

Slowly she pulled the vibrator out until only the tip was inside him, then inched it back deeply to the hilt.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck…” He groaned. She felt his body start to tremble as she fucked the vibe out, then slowly in again. That was enough to drive him over the edge. His cock started pulsing in her mouth and went off like a fire hose. Even though he had cum several times already in the last few hours, this was definitely his strongest and most copious emission. His spunk blasted her mouth and she struggled to contain it all in her mouth. 10cc? It felt more like 10 gallons!

John’s penis continued to pulse and pour his molten seed into her mouth.

“Jesus!” He exclaimed after he had recovered a little. “You’ve drained me dry. That was simply awesome.”

Mandy unleashed his dick from her mouth. She wanted to reply, but her mouth was full of his spunk. She moved up his body and kissed him, sharing his hot load. Their tongues tangled as they devoured his pearly cum.

Mandy smiled at him. “I’m glad you enjoyed that, I certainly enjoyed turning the tables. But I have to ask, when are you going to take a real cock up your arse?”

They both laughed, causing the vibrator to flop comically out of his bottom and wriggle around on the bed, resulting in even more hilarity.

“I think I’ll leave the cock in my ass for some other time.” John joked. “I know you did admit to having a hankering for 2 men, but I’m just not sure how I’d react to having another hairy sweaty bloke in bed with us.”

“I’ll have to find a hot transvestite for us to share.” Mandy teased “Then we can have the best of both worlds!”

“You naughty, naughty girl!” Replied John, revelling in how she had changed from the shy almost prudish girl he had met not so long ago, into this red horny, kinky vixen that he loved. Shit he’d used the L. word! But a realisation came over him: yes he fucking DID love her and he wanted to be with her always. Now they just needed to figure out a way that they could be together.

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