The Warehouse

By Sandrine

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A New Place to Fuck
My naked body hangs from a thick chain. My wrists shackled above me. Liu sits in front of me on an old chair. His face is void of any expression. He chews his gum, as he watches me slowly turn. Once again, I am helpless in his before him.

Sometimes I think that I live on the outskirts of life. The world travels one way, but I move in the opposite direction. I read in history class that people have fought and died for freedom, yet here I am willingly giving up mine. I don’t know why I agreed to meet Liu in this abandoned warehouse. He didn’t tell me why he wanted me here and I didn’t ask.

The warehouse looks like something out of a nightmare. The walls are littered with graffiti and there is a stale, musty smell. All around the floor are torn boxes, metal gates and damaged pictures. Only one light barely manages to break the darkness.

My body turns toward him again. “Your tits are hard,” he says as he nods his head in approval. He takes off his jacket and hangs it on the back of the chair. He’s wearing his shoulder holster and I can see his shield attached to the left side of his belt. He gets up and walks toward me. He brushes my hair away from my face and gently strokes my cheek. His hand moves from my cheek to my neck before he fondles my breasts and circles my nipple with his finger. My clit responds to his touch, dare I say his presence. He walks behind me and without warning, puts his fingers in my pussy. I open my legs for him as he probes me. I can hear his fingers slide through my wetness. I can no longer hide my moans and can barely contain my desire for him. My legs begin to shake with pleasure.

He puts another finger in my ass and I press by body towards him. He moves his finger deeper inside me-it hurts, but I don’t mind. I can no longer see the line that separates pleasure and pain.

All I know is that I want him.

He moves his fingers from my pussy and starts gently rub my clit. I look down and watch him give me pleasure as I press my clit into his fingers. He says nothing, but his silence is more seductive to me. My body is begging for his cock. I’m so turned on, that I’d do or say anything for it.

He moves his hands up to my breasts and fondles them. I’m close to tears from the pleasure. I want to beg aloud for it, but I fear of his reaction. I glance at him with a helpless expression, hoping to convey my need for him.

He put his finger back on my clit and rubbed it harder. I started to moan softly, then loader. He seemed to be toying with me and I couldn’t do anything about it. I could feel my wetness outside my pussy lips. I needed to cum.

Sensing my desperation, he starts to tease my pussy with his tongue. Just as I get close to release, he stops. I press my legs together to feel the pressure against my clit, but he slaps my ass hard and warns me to not to do it. I’m ready to explode from the pleasure.

Liu takes off the cuffs and forces me to kneel before him. He slowly takes out his cock and strokes it. He stands just far enough away from me. I cannot touch it. Methodically, he pleasures himself as he watches my reaction. I lick my lips, hoping he will slide it in my mouth

“How badly do you want it?” He asks.

“Please let me suck it.” I plead.

He smiles, but ignores my request and continues to stroke himself.

I feel my pussy swell with pleasure. I never needed something so badly in my life.

“Should I give you the honor of sucking my cock?” He asked mockingly.

“Please, sir, yes.”

“It’s getting so hard. I know you would love to suck it.”

“I would sir, very much so.” I replied.

My eyes were fixated on his hand moving up and down the shaft. I wished it were my tongue pleasing him. He continued to stroke as I begged to suck him. Our game was in full force- and he was winning like always.

“Are you going to swallow my cum?” He asked as his breathing became heavier.

“I will, gladly.” I replied hoping he wasn’t teasing me again.

He moved closer to me and put the tip of his cock against my lips. I placed a gentle kiss on it. I loved the taste and scent of him. It was an addiction. He brushed his cock against my cheek and I turned my lips towards his hardness. I let the tip of my tongue lightly graze the side of his cock. I could see that he loved toying with me.

He grabbed my hair and put my mouth on his cock. He didn’t need to say a word. I started to suck on it as he fucked my mouth. I was gagging from his thrusting motion.

“You wanted it, now take it!” He said.

I put my hands on his side and he slid his pants down. I moved closer to him and played with his balls while sucking him hard. Liu grabbed my hair, moving my head up and down his cock.

“Get up!” He ordered.

I sucked him a few more times before standing up.

“Bend over the chair!” He said. I did exactly as he said.

Without warning, he rammed his cock into my ass. “Ow!” I yelled as I felt a sharp pain. He didn’t care. He fucked me as hard as he wanted to. “Slower, please.” I begged him, but again he did not listen. He grabbed my breasts as he pumped me.

“Relax, just relax,” he whispered.

I tried to loosen as much as I could as I felt him inside of me. I loved every second of it.

He pulled out and ordered me to kneel before him again. He stroked himself hard and fast in front of my face as I rubbed my swollen clit. Liu’s body stiffened and there was a quiet pause just before he shot his warm cum on my face. I opened my mouth and felt it on my lips and tongue as I eagerly swallowed it. Liu wiped his cum off my face with his fingers and I licked it off as I rubbed myself to climax.

He quickly put on his pants as he told me to fetch my clothes that were in a pile in the corner.

“Hurry up and get dressed. I have to be back at work in thirty minutes.” He said as he lit up a cigarette.

“As much as I’d like to, I can’t fuck you all day.” He added.

“That’s too bad.” I said with a wink.

He smiled back at me as he took my arm. We got into the car and he took me home.

The Warehouse became my new favorite place to fuck!