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The Way To Wake Up

*This is my first story to ever publish. Comments are appreciated :) * The best way to wake up!
You walk in and see me asleep in bed, right where you had left me that morning. You get back into bed and kiss my eyes and then my cheeks and finally my mouth. You move down, kissing my neck and I giggle because it tickles. I run my hands through your hair and you look up at me and I kiss you back. I roll over and get on top of you, leaning down and kissing you and running my hands down your bare chest. I lean back and lightly touch the waistband of your boxers, but then decide to move up again and kiss you some more.

You pull my tank top off of me, leaving me braless and you take a nipple into your mouth and suck on it, running your tongue around it. I moan and feel you grab the other in your hand and touch it with feather-like touches from the tips of your fingers. And then you switch to that nipple and do the same to my other breast. You roll me over onto my back and slide down and pull my panties off. You spread my legs wider and kiss up from my ankles, lightly kissing and licking and occasionally nibbling. You get to the backs of my knees and lick them and rub my knees with your hands, continuing this journey up my legs.

You come to my inner thighs and you slow down even more, adding the gentle pressure of your hands to them. You get so teasingly close to my soaking wet pussy but never touch it in anyway. I moan and whimper, arching my hips, trying to encourage you to make contact. Finally you do, after I had grabbed your hair with my hands and tried to direct you. You kiss down my mound and then you pass my sensitive clit and I groan in frustration until I feel your tongue go all the way from the entrance of my pussy up to my clit. I moan and sigh, loving the feeling you’re finally giving me after all your teasing.

You take one finger and slowly slide it into my wet pussy and I gasp out. The licking and sucking on my clit continues as you push your finger in and out of my tight pussy. You add a second finger and curl them upwards, causing me to shiver and buck my hips against them as I feel you push into my G spot. I start to cry out and you feel me squeeze down hard on your fingers as I cum all over you in a rush. You continue to suck and lick on my clit until I push your head away, it being too sensitive to take any more of that treatment.

You come back up and kiss me gently and I taste myself on your lips. I smile at you and pull your boxers down and off, watching your cock spring out and see the tip shiny with pre cum. I smile up at you as I stick my tongue out and lick and then swirl my tongue around the head. I slowly work you into my mouth, bobbing my head and running one of my hands up and down your thigh. The other hand has the part of your cock not covered with my mouth stroking it up and down in rhythm to my sucking. The hand on your thighs moves up and gently plays with your balls. I move my mouth down and suck each ball into my mouth while my hand continues to jerk your cock. I feel you throbbing in my hand, so I move my mouth back up and push you down as deep as I can, feeling you start to swell and hear you moaning as you start to cum in my mouth, the salty sweet taste hitting my taste buds. I swallow and then I continue to suck your softening cock in my mouth.

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