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The Weekend - Part Nine

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A final weekend blow job
We slept later than we wanted, and woke to a knock on the door. Breakfast was here.

I got out of bed, slipped on my robe and went to the door.

I gave the waiter a tip and moved the cart into the room.

Gail stirred under the covers.

“Breakfast,” I said. “Time to get up”

She was exhausted and had slept soundly.

I took a long look at Gail’s body as she got out of bed and put on her robe. Unless we could work out some future meeting, today was likely the last day I was going to see that body, other than in photographs and video.

Gail was sore all over. It was to be expected. Her tits and nipples, pussy, clit and ass had been through a lot in a short period of time. And, she had rug burns on her knees and elbows. Even her lips looked bruised.

I was sore as well, and exhausted. More than that, Gail had drained me dry.

Hotel check out time was 12:00 noon, and while we had time to eat breakfast, we had less than two hours to pack.

While she finished her coffee, I gathered the digital camera memory cards and the video disc, and gave them to her. It was important to me that she should have control of the pictures and video, and could send me what she wanted.

I also gave her the little “lipstick” vibrator, the hair brush and the KY lube as “presents” to remind her of the weekend.

Of the remaining “toys”, the silk-like scarf, piece of hose, single glove, and knitted gloves were all crusty from dried pre-cum, cum and pussy juice, and needed to be tossed.

When Gail had finished her coffee, I moved the cart out into the corridor to give us some room, and returned to the room to complete my packing.

Standing in the middle of the room, Gail had removed her robe and dropped it on the floor at her feet and was standing there naked.

As she squeezed her breasts, she asked, “Can I play with you one more time?”

While it was not expected, I didn’t need to be asked twice. I removed my robe and sat down on the sofa chair.

Gail worked her magical lips on my growing shaft and its enlarged head. This time, there was no teasing; there was no making it last. This was a straight, down and dirty blow job, fast and hard.

As the head of my cock swelled and it, along with an inch or two of my shaft took on a reddish shine, that special feeling crept into my groin. I got closer and closer to my release, and told Gail I was going to cum.

She didn’t stop. She didn’t even acknowledge my comment. She had my stiff manhood in her hands and mouth, and all she cared about was giving me pleasure and getting her last prize.

In the last few seconds she just stroked my shaft with both hands. Her upper hand ran over my sensitive head, bringing me such pleasure that I could not speak.

I shot what cum I had left in me, which wasn’t a lot. A ribbon of cum streamed over her nose and lips. The rest dribbled down my shaft and over her fingers.

As I fought to catch my breath, Gail eagerly licked cum off her fingers and my manhood, finally running a finger over her nose and lips to get the last drops. She let those last drops drip off her finger in a long thread, and then sucked it all into her mouth.

We kissed one long, continuous kiss. While there was a lot of tongue play, this was not so much a passionate kiss, as it was an intimate one. Two people who had experienced each other’s bodies in the most intimate ways, expressing to each other their feelings for each other with a kiss.

We packed and dressed, checked our bags at the lobby desk and ate lunch in the pub.

The shuttle took us to the airport, where I walked Gail to her departure gate.

It was not a long goodbye. We exchanged addresses; she thanked me for the weekend, the room and for taking care of all of the expenses. She became a little emotional, kissed me on the cheek and told me that she appreciated how nice I had been to her, that I had let her have the pictures and video, and that she would do all of it again if I were interested.

She turned and walked through security to her departure gate.


Gail and I kept in touch for over a year. She did send me a number of photographs and a copy of the complete video, and we spent many an email and phone call reliving the experience, what she liked, what she wanted to do again, and, most interesting of all, what went through her mind as she experienced each of the “events”.

She did have an evening with her girlfriends and showed them many, but not all, of the photographs, and all of the video.

We made plans for other weekends, this time closer to Kansas, but were frustrated each time by real life: a family illness, a broken wrist, her losing her job.

In the end, Gail met another guy on the same adult dating site. This time, the guy was within 30 miles of her home in Kansas. They dated, and eventually became engaged and married.

The last time I heard from her she indicated that she was way ahead of her new husband in bed and that she had a few things she needed to teach him.

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