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The Weekend - Part Three

Gail gets teased for the first time
The Weekend meeting – Part Three

I kissed and licked the inside of her thighs and ran my fingers lightly over her belly, pussy, and then her ass. She arched her head back and moaned that it felt good.

“Put your finger in my pussy,” she pleaded.

I ignored her and slowly brushed my fingers over and along her inner thighs, around her slit and along the crack in her ass.

I ran one finger along her pussy lips, eliciting a body jerk and a loud, guttural groan.

I continued to lightly touch her outer lips, teasing her. Her moans grew louder. She watched my fingers with anticipation.

“Put your fingers in me. Please”.

“When I’m ready,” I told her. She threw her head back in frustration, but was clearly enjoying the moment.

I slid my finger into her drenched hole. Her juices flowed out, running down my hand and along the inside of her thighs down to her ass. I ran my wet finger up and down just inside her swollen lips and she trembled.

“Oh God,” she cried.

I slowed down to make sure that she would not get too excited too soon.

“Don’t stop,” she cried.

My slowing down and then speeding up again went on for several minutes. She begged me to let her cum, needing some release.

Gail eventually accepted that she was not the one in control. At that moment, she was mine. Whether she got the release that she was begging for, was up to me; I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted.

“Please, I need to cum,” she mewed. ”Please let me cum.”

When she wasn’t arching her head back, enjoying the pleasure that was engulfing her body, she would stare at my fingers, absorbed in the pleasure they were giving her.

I slowly slid my fingers in and out of her hole, teasing her, bringing her to the edge of release, and then letting her calm down.

“Please, I need to cum. Let me cum,” she pleaded. “Please,” she begged.

I ignored her and continued to slowly play with her moist canal, bringing her as close to the edge of release as I dared.

She had a look on her face of both intense pleasure and fear. She was enjoying the pleasures that rippled through her body, but anxious that I was not going to let her cum.

Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead; her hair was matted to her forehead and face; her breathing was labored; her eyes were partly closed in a sultry look. She needed release from the intensity raging through her body; she needed to cum.

I touched her clit with my fingers. Her body arched and she let out a long, low moan. She reached down and spread her swollen lips and pulled back on her clit’s little hood, fully exposing it.

I told her to lie back in the chair and to move her ass forward a little.

I spread her legs apart and used my fingers to spread her pussy lips and pull her clit hood back. It was swollen and ready for attention.

I leaned down, taking in her essence, and slowly ran my tongue over the inside of her pussy, going all the way up to her clit, but not touching it.

She burned with pleasure, gritted her teeth, and swore at me until she was no longer able to express herself with words.

She grunted, groaned, moaned and made other sounds that came from deep within her being.

Gail thrust her hips up and tried to impale my face on her fuck hole, while at the same time holding the back of my head with both of her hands, pushing my mouth down into her wet pussy.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked as I stopped to look at her again. Her face was cherry red, sweaty, contorted, lustful and pleading.

She moaned softly, “Please, yes.”

I played with her nipples, twisting and rolling them between my fingers, and talked to her, telling her how much I wanted her.

“Do you want to cum?” I asked again.

With a husky voice she managed to whisper, “Yes.”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”I asked.

A tormented “Yes!” was her response.

I slowly licked her pussy and then moved my tongue to her clit, flicking it back and forth, slowly increasing the pace. She braced herself as my tongue tickled her love bud.

Near the end, I was licking furiously and slamming two fingers into her slit. Gail made no meaningful sounds, only noises of pleasure.

I sucked her clit into my mouth, between my lips, running my tongue over and around it.

Gail’s breathing increased in intensity and at times stopped as she gasped for air and girded herself for her orgasm.

She tightened her thighs around my head; pressed my mouth down harder onto her love hole; and began to rock her body forward and backward as waves of pleasure took over her body.

She was going to cum.

The sound of her release started deep in her gut, and grew louder. She begged me not to stop.

Gail finally went over the edge, her orgasm now inevitable.

She screamed over and over that she was going to cum.

She threw her head back and arched her back, her face twisted with pleasure.

Her body froze in that contorted position, jerking with pleasure.

There was a long silence; her mouth wide open in a silent scream.

Her body twitched and shuddered. Her stomach muscles rippled. Suddenly and violently, with a long, loud groan, she had her release.

There was silence again, as she sucked air in and held her breath.

There was more violent shaking and another long, loud groan.

She twisted and contorted her body with the intense pleasure surging through it.

Again, she gasped for air and held her breath. Again, she went silent and twitched and shook her body with each spasm of pleasure.

Her orgasm lasted several wonderful minutes.

As Gail’s long, low moaning slowly died down, she settled back into the chair, limp, crimson faced, wet, exhausted, and out of breath.

Sweat and tears ran down her cheeks, and little spasms and jerks of pleasure continued to ripple through her body.

Her breasts glistened with droplets of sweat.

I slowly and lightly licked in and around her wet hole, watching and listening as she enjoyed her orgasm.

Gail’s eyes were half closed; she looked satisfied and contented, but disoriented; and she continued to breathe heavily.

She looked at me and smiled a little, crooked smile, but she wasn’t ready to talk yet.

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