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The Wet Vibe - Chapter Three

Tags: oral, wet, fingers, orgasm,
I get the oral experience of a lifetime.
I lay on the bed, face raised towards the ceiling, my eyes closed tight in pleasure as I hold Jon’s head between my legs. I can still feel the ghost vibrations of the battery powered toy that had been in my sopping wet pussy only moments before.

I moan as I feel Jon’s tongue run up my clean shaven mound, licking up the juices that had seeped out onto my pussy lips. I squirm as he continues to tease me. He knows I want him to part my lips and shove his tongue up my moist hole, but he won't… Not yet. He likes to tease too much.

He’s still lapping at the outside of my mound when he runs a finger down my sensitive pussy lips, prodding the crease where the two sides meet. I can feel myself growing even wetter as he slowly starts his teasing way towards my clit with his finger.

I let out a soft growl and try to push his head further into my pussy. I feel his body shake as he chuckles before once again licking my mound in that teasing way, only slightly letting his tongue slide down the space between the lips.

“Ugh! Jon! Please!” I moan as his finger finally reaches its destination.

My hips buck involuntarily as he presses softly against my clit and starts to circle it with his finger, oh so teasingly. He chuckles again before licking my pussy again, this time parting the lips with his tongue.

I moan in pleasure as the warmth of his tongue runs over the now exposed sensitive moist flesh of my pussy. I fist my hands in his hair as I hold him down, silently begging for more.

Jon continues his circular teasing of my clit as he nibbles and sucks on each of my pussy lips, one at a time. He knows it drives me crazy.

“Uhhhhhh,” I let out a big lust filled moan. My body convulses over and over as he gently rubs my now swollen clit, sending waves of pleasure through me as his warm mouth suckles on the flesh between my legs.

“Ohhhh, Jon, ahhh.” More sounds escape my lips as he continues to tease me by pressing his tongue against my entrance, licking it little by little, only entering the slightest bit.

“Mmmm, you are so wet you know. And you taste so good. I could eat you out all day,” Jon’s breath tickles my skin.

My breathing hitches, his words turning me on. I shudder in excitement and gasp as he plunges his tongue fully into my pussy. I moan as his tongue swirls around inside me and licks against my pussy walls from the inside, the sensation so erotic that I can’t help but squirm in immense pleasure.

Jon slowly draws his tongue back and grins up at me.

“Want me to stop?” he asks in a seductive way.

I shake my head frantically and try to push him down again. He chuckles and complies, this time going for my clit.

I moan and squirm as he takes my swollen clit into his mouth and sucks on it, pressing the tip of his tongue into the sensitive part as he sucks. I moan louder and gasp as I squirm under his expert touch.

He pushes a finger into my wet hole and swirls it around as he continues to suck and nibble on my clit and I moan and squirm like crazy, knowing that he’ll push me over the edge if he keeps this up.

I feel another finger slip in and I let out a strangled cry as I can feel the build-up of my orgasm. He notices the change in pitch of my voice and sucks harder, pumping his slickened fingers in and out of me, pleasuring me in ways that blow my mind.

He sends me over the edge and my body tenses as my orgasm takes over. I scream in pleasure as Jon continues to pleasure me through my orgasm, making it last that much longer than a normal one. By the end of it, I am gasping and out of breath.

Jon licks me clean and then stands to undress himself as I lay spent on the bed, knowing that he’s not done with me just yet.

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