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The wife's daughter part 2

Tags: oral sex
I find out what the smirk is all about.
Chris just said ‘now it’s your turn’. She was smiling big like she had something up her sleeve.



Chris got up on her knees and straddled my legs. She leaned forward and planted the longest kiss I think I ever had. I kept flashing in my mind back to the wife and how this would really piss her off to know I had succumbed to the daughter’s allurer. I guess it didn’t affect me that much as I kissed her right back.

As our kiss continued my hands were taking in the soft flesh of her young body. I fondled her tits that were still covered in lace. I reached up to her shoulders and slid the straps down. I then slowly moved the lace from her breast. I moved so my hands could play with the nipple that was now exposed. This got a moan from her.

When she broke the kiss I moved my lips to her neck and licked and nibbled freely. She was wiggling her pussy against me enjoying the sensation of her pussy against my shaft and my hand fondling her tits.

She finally got her will back and broke that embrace. She licked and kissed her way to my nipples. This felt so good. I now know I like to be caressed as much as any woman the way she was making me feels.

Chris was bringing me to new heights, which I didn’t need as I still had a raging hard on from eating her. She continued to her goal, kissing her way down my stomach. I was having a very hard time keep patient as I wanted to just fuck the shit out of her.

I was also having that internal battle going on in my head. She was so sexy. On the other hand, was I really that sick to want to fuck my wife’s daughter? I was struggling here.

Desire finally won as she slowly started licking my member keeping her eyes locked on me. She watches every reaction I made. Boy, did I give her a show. My head fell back on the pillow. My smile grew as she worked the head of me into her mouth. When she started to move the whole shaft into her mouth this brought me up on my elbows to watch.

She still had that smirk even though her mouth was full. I think it was the eyes that told this story.

When my cock's head reached the back of her throat I got a pleasant surprise. Instead of stopping and pulling off she just continued to swallow me whole. I was in bliss. It’s not often that someone has taken me so deep in their throat that their nose is pressed into my pubic hair.

I asked her, knowing she couldn’t answer with a full mouth, “Where did you learn to deep throat.” I wondered how many boys it took for her to master that skill. I think I actually felt a little jealous. Not for long!

She just smile through her eyes and continued on rising and falling on my shaft. I was so close but I didn’t want it to end this fast. I grabbed Chris’s head and pulled her off my dick. I told her, “I going to cum to quick with the skill level at which you suck dick. I want this to last, as we may never get a chance to do this again.”

Chris said with a smirk, “We’ll have more chances, but I to want to make it last.” She went back to my dick and used her tongue to slide up and then down the bottom side of the shaft. The show was on again as I fell onto the pillow with a big smile.

I tried to move her ass around so I could put my hand in her pussy. She rose up and asked, “Will you get hard again if you cum for me?”

“With your body next to me I will stay hard forever,” I quipped. With that she went back to licking me and didn’t move her ass around for me to play with.

Chris took me back into her mouth. She moved her hands to me balls and softly squeezed.

I could not believe how good this girl was at giving head. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to talk any more as she was really getting me close to an explosive eruption. When she started to deep throat me again I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. She was still looking at me with those smirky eyes. I knew she wanted to make me happy as I had done for her a short while ago.

I told her, “I close to cuming.”

Chris just kept bobbing up and down. Her nose kept hitting my pubic area. I was thrashing pretty good trying to get my whole body into her mouth it felt so good.

I couldn’t hold any longer and cried out, “I’m cummmming, pull off now.” I was thinking she didn’t want to swallow, but she showed me different.

She shoved me all the way into her throat as I started to erupt. She took every drop I gave her and appeared to want more the way she kept sucking me.

I finally settled down some – or at least quit thrashing around. Chris kept me in her mouth until I couldn’t take it anymore and pulled her off of my sensitive dick.

Chris just had that smirk on her face again.

I just laughed and told her, “That was great and where did you learn how to give a blow job like that?" Before she could say anything I said, “I don’t want to know. I’m glad you did and I sure enjoyed your skill.” This just made the smirk bigger – if that was even possible.

We laid in each other’s arms for a while getting our heart rate back to normal. Chris kept playing with my dick and balls while we recuperated.

“Chris, that was to die for. I enjoyed it way too much. I have to tell you though I have some very big concerns about us doing this,” I reflected as we lay there.

Chris moved up onto her elbow and looked into my eyes, “I’m eighteen in two weeks and I can choose who I want to have sex with. Mom and you can share each other but I want to enjoy you when we can. I don’t want to marry you I just want some great sex like I hear you and mom having. So yes we can keep doing this. And if you don’t keeping having sex with me, mom could find out and then you will be mine when she dumps you: either way I win. You choose!”

This just stunned me. I hadn’t thought that this was what she wanted. I thought I had pushed us into this interlude. Was I ever wrong!

Chris still looking into my eyes said, “I know you wanted this, but I wanted it more. Now that I have had you, I’m not given you up. You will have to share that beautiful cock with me, whenever I want it. Mom will have to adjust or should I say you’ll have to adjust. I hope you won’t make me tell mom. And as a perk think of the friends I will bring into this encounter to sweeten the pot.”

“Now let’s get you hard because I want you in me,” she said.

Now I knew what the smirk was all about.

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