The Wife's Daughter

By Assluvr

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Her sexy smirk told me something was up.
I had a friend from Lush tell me a story and it sparked this tale.

I married this gal a few years back after a failed marriage of my own.

She had a sixteen year old daughter and I had none. Our life together was good as was the sex. However the daughter as she grew up started to fill my mind and made for some very intense desires that I knew I could not fulfill. One, my wife and me were not having any trouble in our relationship or sexually. Secondly, her daughter was now seventeen, almost eighteen and I just could not bring myself to cross that barrier. So I thought!

Chris however was not making that very easy.

She was about to graduate and was excited to go to college. I think we all were apprehensive about her leaving. Chris loved to flirt and to have her picture taken. I of course was always ready with the camera because her and her friends were wonderful models. Soft bodies that oozed a sexual presence that the camera caught wonderfully.

On several occasions Chris would have a friend over to spend the night. They would chat, laugh and do their best to flirt with daddy (ME!). A lot of Chris’s friends were very hot and I was usually able to get them to model for me. I had a very big collection of pictures of all these girls. I tried to keep names with the picture but every now and then I would have to ask Chris who was in the picture and list it on the back.

Chris asked me the other day when I asked the name of the last photo’s I shot what I was doing with all these picture. I told her I really hadn't given it much thought.

Chris came to me later that week and shyly asked if I would do some pictures of her for a portfolio she wanted to build. I of course agreed to take the pictures. I was secretly hoping I could get her to do a few scandalous pictures to enhance my private collection. I pulled out her folder and started to go through it with her. Chris just stared at all the pictures I had taken of her. I knew she wasn’t aware of all the pictures I had taken over the year of just her.

She finally asked me if I had a thing for her as there were several long distance shot of her in provocative poses she didn’t even know I took. I just looked at her and told the truth. Yes, I had a desire for her but I know I can’t because of the family. She just looked at me and I thought, 'I just blew that.'

We selected several from my collection that would work great for her portfolio. Then we worked out the kind of shots she still needed and where we wanted to take them. I mentioned we would need to go somewhere the background would enhance her, not detract from her. So we spent a couple of days going over places to do a photo shoot.

I found somewhere I wanted to take her but I was reluctant as I wanted to get her into some very sexy clothes to round out the image she needed for the folder. I was surprised when she came to me and asked if we could go to beach which is where I wanted to take her. It was somewhere she could change clothes and get the backgrounds that worked best for her. So we set it up for Friday, which was my day off.

Friday just seemed to never get here. But it did.

We gathered our gear and headed to the beach first before the weather turned sour and we lost our sun. This went great she started with some really cute street clothes. We decided on a bathing suit next before we lost the sun. She came out of the changing room, aka the restroom, and I was hard instantly. I hoped she wouldn’t notice as we had a long day ahead of us. However she did notice and she even came up to me real close reach down and ran her hand along my bulge and asked, "Does daddy like what he sees?" 

I couldn’t believe this. I wanted her so bad and to have her push my buttons like that, I just moaned and told her she knew that I liked her a lot and it was hard enough to do this without her teasing me.

I got a lot of pictures of her in the bathing suit at the beach. Late in the afternoon I told her we needed to go where we could do some indoor shots. I suggested the house but Chris objected because she knew mom would or could be home. She suggested maybe a hotel room or something. I gave her a quizzical look and rattled off a couple of places I thought would fit, background wise. She agreed so we headed off.

We drove in silence for awhile and then she started to run through the outfits she had with her and kept asking which one I wanted. I don’t know what got into me but I just told her nothing at all would work for me but we had better start with the gown and let it flow from there. She gave me this sexy smirk I just loved.

When we got there she went into the bathroom and changed into the first outfit. I asked if she wanted a drink and she of course agreed. So I poured us both one.

The first outfit was a satin light blue gown that really set off her dark skin, her cute ass and showed her tits wonderfully. Her makeup was perfect she was just beautiful. I guess I could not hide my interest as she kept looking at me with that sexy smirk. I knew something was brewing in her head. I just didn’t know what.

I poured another drink as she vanished into the bathroom to change again. I fiddled with the camera equipment and checking my list of shots I needed to finish up. I was having a hard time as she just kept getting sexier as the camera shoot progressed. I was almost hard and I couldn’t get it to go soft. She just had that effect on me.

I wondered, "Does she get the same feeling I do doing this?" I got my answer when she came out of the bathroom.

She was in a see through teddy that stopped at the bottom of her ass. The teddy showed her bare chest and beautiful young body off perfectly. She hadn’t mentioned the teddy. I just gave her the eye for being a tease.

My already hard dick just got bigger. She smiled at this. She then started to pose for the shot. I kept telling her new positions to pose in. She did some against the white wall, some in front of the big windows and I finished with her on the white sheets of the bed. When I thought I had what I needed I told her it was time to celebrate as we had it all.

I mixed another drink as I thought she was changing, but when I turned to take her her drink she was on the bed in the most wanting pose of the day.

I handed her the drink and just stared. I joked with her that I had just put the camera away. She was a beautiful girl and could turn any man on. She took the drink and sipped it watching me look at her. She finally got up on her knees and reached out for me. I don’t know what happened to me but I just let her do as she pleased. She stroked my dick through my pants feeling how hard it was from watching her. I just stood there and let it happen; again I don’t know what I was thinking.

Chris took my hand and moved it to her breast. "Squeeze them, make love to them, please", she pleaded.

I couldn’t refuse her as hard as I was. I just went to town on her tits. I have a fetish for silk and satin so the outfit she was wearing only fueled the fire within me. It didn’t take long for me to give in to the carnal pleasure she was offering. I grabbed both tits and moved my mouth over the nipples that were still covered in lace. I was in heaven and I was as hard as a rock because she was still rubbing me. I finally told her to get my dick out. It was in need of skin on skin touching. She did it with that smirk on her face. I asked what the smirk was for?

She replied that she knew I wanted her as bad as she wanted me.

I moved onto the bed at this point. No sense fighting yourself over a lost cause. I just gave in and made love to this beautiful girl. I kissed her passionately while my hands never stopped roaming over her body. I finally got off the bed and removed my clothes. She started to take the teddy off but I stopped her with my hands and told her I wanted to strip her. So she just laid back and let me continue to make love to her. I hoped I was as good as I thought I was because I was only going to have one chance at her. I wanted to make it so she would want to come back for more. Every man’s dream I guess.

I never did take the teddy off of her.

I slid down kissing her tits through the lace of the teddy. I moved my hand to her ass and raised her up slightly and then moved my mouth over her mound. We really don’t talk much, we just have this way of knowing what the other is thinking. It has been this way for ever. So when I moved to her pussy she moaned long and hard.

I knew I would get this reaction but what I didn’t count on was her telling me that she just loves having her ass played with. I smiled because I love sexy asses.

There was no reason to hurry. No one was waiting for us or expecting us home, so I just indulged my cravings. I let my hand caress her ass cheeks. My mouth stay attached to her sex spot because the sweet young juices were flowing and I wanted all of it. As I kept licking the clit she was shaking but I knew she wasn’t there yet. When I moved my tongue down her crotch to her brown bud and started to rim her she lost it.

I had to move back to the pussy to get as much of the juices as I could. She cried out a little and grabbed my head and hung on for dear life. When she started to settle down Chris had that smirk on her face again.

Chris just said, "Now it’s your turn." She was smiling widely like she had something up her sleeve.