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This One Time At Band Camp... (Part 1)

A lucky band guy gets invited by a hot girl to have some naughty fun.
The first girl who ever blew me was the last girl who did it perfectly. Her name was Kaitlyn. She always wore tons of bracelets on both arms, and had red highlights in her blonde hair. Her breasts weren't the largest around, but they were a decent size, and her ass was incredible. It wasn't flat and it wasn't too big. It didn't have a ridiculous width. It was perfect.

I'll admit now that, growing up, I had an overactive sex drive and masturbated anywhere from two to four times a day. Then again, that's not really a confession. Who didn't? Anyway, I had masturbated several times while fantasizing about this girl.

We were both members of the marching band in our high school, and once every four years the band took a large trip. In my junior year, the whole group took several tour buses up to Washington, D.C. to perform. We stayed in a pretty nice hotel, and were assigned four people of the same gender to a room.

As I had a phobia of being caught masturbating, I had to abstain for three whole days out of fear. It was killing me. On the fourth day of our stay we had the competition, and everyone was told to meet in the hotel lobby at a certain time for a head count before loading the buses to get to the stadium. My roommates had left the room before I did because I needed to change into gym shorts to wear under my uniform. I couldn't find my phone either, but I didn't have time to look for it and I went out to the elevator.

Right as I hit the button, another door down the hall opened. It was Kaitlyn. She was wearing a black shirt and tight, black, stretchy shorts. The shorts were ridiculously short, and the bottoms of her ass cheeks were visible. Her shirt had been cut around the neck, and her shoulder was sticking out. Basically, she looked sexy as hell.

"Hey," she said with a smile.

"Sup," I replied, crossing my arms and adjusting my standing position in an attempt to look cooler. Gotta impress, right?

We waited in silence for several minutes, and I kept sneaking glances at her body. God, she looked fucking incredible. The shorts were sucked into the crack of her ass, and I found myself fantasizing over it. I wanted to just reach out and squeeze it, to pull those shorts down and just stick my finger in between her legs....

"This is taking way too fucking long. Let's take the stairs," she said and started walking down the hall. Unmoving, and having not registered what she had just said, I remained with my eyes latched onto her ass. I swear that it wobbled with each step she took. Jesus, what I wouldn't give to bend her over against the hallway wall, slide down her shorts and mine, and just fuck her then and there.

She turned around and looked back. I broke out of my trance, but apparently not in time. She must have noticed I was looking, because she chuckled and a large grin came across her face.

"Are you coming?" she giggled. Red-faced, I jogged to catch up and opened the stairwell door for her.

"Thank you," she smiled at me. She walked down the stairs, and once again my gaze fell down to the crack of her ass. She walked down the stairs quickly and with a bit of a bounce in the step, making her ass jiggle on each step. Fuck, I imagined how much her ass would jiggle if she crawled up on me and rode me, sliding up and down with my member deep inside of her....

We reached the ground floor, and I rushed ahead of her to open the door again.

"Wait!" she yelled, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me back toward the stairs.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"You wanna make out?" she whispered. I was surprised by the bluntness of the question. I looked at her face for signs of a snicker, something to assure me that she was joking. Nothing.

"Are... you serious?" I inquired.

"Hell yeah, we have plenty of time!" she opened her phone and threw it in my face. We had twelve minutes.

Still, I was in a bit of shock. If she was kidding, she had a great poker face. Although after what came next I knew she wasn't playing.

"I'll take that as a yes," she smiled excitedly, pulling me under the stairs, out of view of anyone who may come by. She put her back against the wall and pulled me up to her.

She threw her arms around my neck and projected her tongue into my mouth. Without hesitation, my hands shot down to that luscious ass. I viciously grabbed and scooped, getting handfuls and then letting go, as if trying to grab more each time. She was obviously enjoying it, and she made circular motions with her hips, grinding into my greedily squeezing hands.

Each of us was trying to swallow the other's mouth. We were passionately kissing and sucking on each others' lips. She bit down hard on my bottom lip and pulled until her teeth slid off. We wiggled our tongues and from top to bottom as though playing king of the hill in our mouths.

"Mmm.... Mmm!" she made muffled moans into my mouth. I felt that I had a ridiculous hard-on, and it must have shown very easily through my flimsy gym shorts. I scooted even closer and allowed it to stick between her legs, rubbing against her pussy through her shorts. She spread her feet apart to allow me more space, and I began to move my hips back and forth as though humping her.

Suddenly, the door on the ground floor opened and we froze. I recognized the voices, belonging to my roommates.

"Man, he's not answering his phone...." one said.

I must have had a panicked look on my face, because Kaitlyn smiled and put a finger over my mouth, forming her mouth as though shushing me. She then turned my so me back was against the wall, and slid to her knees as they started up the stairs. They were walking on the stairs just over us as she yanked down my shorts, releasing my rock-hard erection from its restraints.

She started by licking the sensitive spot just under the head. She must have known that would work, because it sent a shudder through my body and she looked up at me with a naughty grin.

"Dude, maybe he's already downstairs...."

"I didn't see him. He's probably in the room." We heard an upper level door open and close and knew they were gone.

Kaitlyn seemed unaffected by the fact that we had just almost been caught, and she proceeded to stick the tip into her mouth. She ran her tongue in a circle around the head before taking more inside. She reached under and grabbed onto my balls, massaging them gently, and I couldn't help but to let out a light sigh.

I rested my hands on her head, and she slowly ran her mouth up as far as she could and then pulled back. Methodically, her head moved back and forth, and my dick repeatedly dissappeared inside her mouth and then reappeared. The whole time, she had her face tilted up to look at mine.

I mouthed the words "You. Are. Amazing." to her. She responded with a smile and quiet giggle and began to pick up speed. Her saliva was building up along the top and at the base, and it was starting to make squishing noises as she went up and down. I must have leaked tons of precum into her mouth, and I was ready to blow. I was about to tell her that I was needed to cum when she beat me to it.

"Don't say anything or worry about where you shoot.... Just enjoy it."

Fuck, those words turned me on to my limit, and I leaned my head back. She sensed it as my balls started to convulse and she pulled her mouth off and reached up to jack me off. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and lowered her head down and back. I couldn't hold myself any longer. Three days of accumulated semen were about to blow. My cock began to pulse, and I shot waves of semen onto her face, onto the bridge of her nose, onto her chin, onto her lips, and even some went into her mouth and landed on her outstretched tongue.

"Ah!" she squeeled and giggled as I blew my load onto her pretty face. She swallowed what had landed in her mouth and opened her eyes to look up at me.

"Wow! That was a fuck ton!" she said excitedly.

"Shhh!" A door above us opened and I heard my roommates' voices again.

As they started down the stairs, she gave me a naughty grin and began to scoop what was on her face into her mouth. My jaw dropped and I stared as she drew it into her mouth, swallowing it.

"He better be doing something good," one said.

"He's probably jacking off," another smirked. Kaitlyn threw her head back as though laughing at suggestion. When they finally walked out to the lobby, she giggled.

"You better not jack off any time soon! I'm not through with you!" she exclaimed, standing up.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"Amazing...." I said in a daze, looking up and down at her body.

"I meant my face! Is there cum anywhere?" she laughed.

"Oh uhh... right here," I said, pointing at my chin.

"Thanks," she said, scooping it with her fingers and then sticking them into her mouth. She kept them there for a moment and sensually sucked her fingers before slowly pulling them out.

"Okay," she whispered, "don't jack off. Meet me here at two in the morning." She grinned and winked and began to walk away, switching her hips from side to side. Even immediately after cumming she still had me mesmerized. And she wanted more!

Holy fuck....

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