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Three o'clock

boy meets girls, they have fun together
It's three o'clock in the afternoon and I'm already pissed. I've been in the pub for two hours. It's fairly quiet, there are only me and four other people. Two of them are girls around twenty-two or twenty-three. I’ve seen them here before, I think they're good looking, but I'm drunk, they could be real mingers. I go over to them and ask them if they would like a drink.

"Two double vodkas, Thanks," says one.

The other just looks at me. I get the drinks and we sit down at a table.

"What do you want?" asks one

"Nothing, except your company,” I replied.

“Oh come on, you must want something,” said the one with the big tits.

“No, just company.”

“Piss off, I bet you want a fuck, or a hand job,” said big tits.

“Well, maybe a tit wank,” I said to her tits.

The girls looked at each other and had a whispered chat and then big tits said, “Okay.”

“Pardon, did you just say okay?” I asked. I was so pissed I needed them to repeat it.

“That’s if you can still get it up,” said big tits mate.

Big tits said, ”There’s only one way to find out.” And grabbing my arm they dragged out of my chair and we all left the pub.

We walked for about five minutes and entered their flat. It was a nice two bedroomed, first floor place with a view over the park. But I wasn’t there for the view.

“Come on then, get them out,” I said.

Big tits pushed me onto the sofa.

“There’s no rush, you’ll have your fun,” she said and sat across me and started to undo my shirt and then my jeans. Her mate came around behind me and reached down and began to rub my chest. At the same time she and big tits started kissing. My cock was getting very hard as I watched this.

“Do you like watching girls get it on?” Big tits asked me. I nodded my reply.

“Good, we like to do it together, I like her licking my cunt while I play with her tits,” said big tits, “then, I like to fuck her with a dildo. I bet you’d like to see that?”

I nodded again. Big tits mate now had my cock out and was stroking it.

“You’ve got a nice cock, it’s crying out to be sucked,” she said.

She knelt in front of me and started to give me a porn star worthy blow job. Big tits stripped off and stood over me and started to finger herself. I could smell her, a strong, musky smell, the smell of sex. She thrust her pussy in my face and told me to lick her.

I plunged my tongue into her depths and started to eat her wet, musky, sweet cunt.

I could feel my cock starting to twitch and knew I was going to cum. Big tits mate felt it too and rubbed my balls, making me shoot my load into her mouth. Big tits climbed off of me and knelt beside her mate and kissed her. They swapped my cum and swallowed it between them.

They looked at me grinning.

“Your cum was lovely,” said big tits. Her mate was playing with her tits and they lay on the floor in front of me and carried on while I watched. My cock got hard again after a few minutes and when the girls were 'sixtynining' each other I got behind big tits and pushed my cock into her pussy.

I started to bang her as hard as I could with long strokes, pulling out my cock to the entrance to her cunt before ramming home as hard as I could. As I did I could feel her mate licking her cunt and the shaft of my prick as I did. I felt her push two fingers into her cunt alongside my cock. Big tits was moaning and shoving herself back against me, impaling herself on fingers and cock for all she was worth. She came to a mega orgasm, shaking and crying and screaming, until she slumped forward onto the floor.

We all sat on the floor for a while before big tits got us all a drink and then she stripped her mate naked and went down on her.

I watched them while I finished my drink, my cock was still hard.

Big tits mate looked at me; her skin was flushed as big tits licked her cunt. There was a glint of lust in her eye.

“I bet you want to fuck me now, don’t you?” she asked.

I nodded. She got onto her hands and knees. Big tits slid between her legs and carried on licking her out. I got behind her and rubbed my cock up and down her lips a few times. I was just about to ram it home when she shook her head.

“Not there. In my arse, I love to be arse fucked.” She positioned my cock at her puckered hole and pushed against me. I felt her tight arse open up as I slid into her hot hole, balls deep.

This was the first arse I’d fucked, it felt fucking great. Hot, tight and completely different to pussy. I didn’t last long before I felt my cock spasm as I unloaded my spunk into her arsehole.

She shuddered as I did and told big tits to lick her cunt harder until she shuddered again and came. Juice ran from her cunt and down her legs, all over big tits face. Spunk was dribbling from her arse and big tits was licking it as it did.

I slumped back onto the sofa and watched the girls as they did. I sat there for about ten minutes and then did up my jeans and left. I don’t think they knew I’d gone so, I left them a note.

“Thanks for a great afternoon, hope to see you in the pub again soon. We must exchange names next time.”

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