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Through The Mirror: Part Two

Claire and Jethro get to know each other better...
'Don't just stand there,' Claire said, smiling, her fingers lightly dancing over her aching clit. 'If you want me, take me. We'll do names later.'

Jethro wasted no time, ripping off his clothes with a speed that made Claire giggle. When she saw him naked however, the giggles stopped; broad and barrel-chested, dark skin smooth except for the frequent scars. Two defined pelvic muscles led to his throbbing cock - so thick, Claire thought, so huge. I'll feel every inch of him inside me. Her pussy grew wetter at the very thought.

Suddenly Jethro's rough hands were gripping Claire's thighs. Claire thought she would cum purely from the feeling of his skin on hers. Jethro swiftly knelt at the foot of the bed, at the same time pulling Claire down until her dripping pussy was in line with his thirsty, panting mouth. No time for teasing, no need to play games. With a heartfelt moan of arousal and gratitude he thrust his tongue into Claire's waiting pussy, licking and kissing every inch of her quivering inner flesh. Her surprised moans made him attack even more ferociously, made his cock even harder. She was so ready, her pussy so hot and wet and begging for a man's tongue...

Oh god, I missed this, Claire thought, moaning, pressing her pussy deeper onto Jethro's mouth with every lick he made. It felt so whorish, not knowing his name, and the fact she was being such a slut made her all the hotter. She began to pull at her erect nipples, loving the sensation of a mouth covering her cunt again.

Jethro looked up from his onslaught to see Claire rubbing her own breasts, and the sheer sexiness of the sight made him moan with her. He began to thrust his tongue deeply into her, lapping at her wetness. Claire's hands covered his, her back arched, and as Jethro gently grazed his teeth along her clit she gave a high, breathless cry that made the cottage windows rattle.

Jethro knew better than to stop. Instead he slowed his tongue, made it gently caress her inner lips, and as he did so he listened to her moaning 'oh, oh God, oh yes...'. It was better than any music. Her flowing juices tasted of sweet, ripe peaches, and Jethro's only coherent thought as he licked was, I could do this all day. She had cum so quickly, so doubt he could make her cum again. He smiled, and softly kissed her clit.

Claire tried to catch her breath. She lay limp on the bed, shocked at the strength of her orgasm; every nerve in her body was tingling. And yet the man still knelt there, feasting on her - making love to her with his tongue. Claire writhed in pleasure, aftershocks making way for something even bigger building. One hand went to grip Jethro's hair, and she dragged his head up away from her pussy. His face was wet with her juices, his eyes locked onto hers.

'Fingers,' Claire said breathlessly, 'hard.'

Jethro smiled. He leaned down and lightly, reverently kissed her lower stomach - and at the same time pushed three fingers into Claire's pussy. 

Claire saw stars as she hit the pillow. Through the sound of her own moans, she heard Jethro talking,

'That's right, let those hips move. That's how they're going to look riding my cock. Yes, scream as I fuck you, oh, oh....'

His frenzied fingers were thrusting and curling against her g-spot, her inner walls clenching, sending sparks up Claire's spine. Her hips began to buck wildly. Her hand left Jethro's hair, and gripped the sheets -

'Oh God, yes, fuck me, ah!'

Jethro watched Claire's beautiful face screw up in orgasmic ecstasy, felt her pussy squeeze his fingers. He couldn't take it anymore. Moving his thumb to her clit, he heard Claire's cries grow even more forceful - and let his other hand fall to his unbearably rigid erection. He stood quickly, one hand still deep in Claire's pussy, and began to pull at his cock - already slick with precum - harshly. His groans joined with Claire's cries. As Claire squirted, Jethro's hot cum splashed across her heaving breasts.

There was a moment of still, golden silence. All Claire and Jethro could hear was the other's breathing.

Then, with Claire's cum drying on his hands and face, Jethro crawled onto the bed. In one easy movement he pulled the woolen blankets over both Claire and himself. Pulling Claire close to him, he covered her face with soft butterfly kisses. He felt her lips meet his, and they kissed each other gently - both scared that the other would vanish.

'What is your name?' Jethro asked, drawing the blankets even closer around them.

'Claire,' Claire said, smiling. 'Does it really matter now?'

'Oh yes,' Jethro said, and kissed her shoulder.

As Claire closed her eyes, she heard him say, 'I want to shout it later when I come inside you.'


What did you think? Want to read part 3? :-) x

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