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One fine ride!
The place was very secluded, which was a good thing as they were both far from single and discretion was more important than anything. “Nobody I know would ever come to this area of town,” she thought as she found the driveway hidden by the tall grass that was begging to be mowed. She pulled in behind the building though, just in case. She tended to be overly paranoid and she knew it but somehow couldn’t control her trepidation.

She walked around the building finding only the door to the lobby unlocked. She kept her head down and whispered “hello’ to the small Indian man who was standing near the reception desk as she walked past him in search of stairs or an elevator. He watched her as she pushed the button for the third floor, then dismissed her and returned to his work.

He had indicated room 305 in his e-mail, and she chuckled to herself as she noted that it was the top floor of this particular hotel; usually where the more desirable rooms are in some hotels. There were cleaning carts on either side of the door and the smell of lysol permeated the air, suggesting at least an attempt at cleanliness.

Her jumpy nerves relaxed as soon as his strong arms wrapped around her and she pressed her hips against his. A sense of relief came over her as he kissed her, his tongue exploring her mouth gently at first, then her ears and neck. She’d been wanting to be with him since they met several months before on a popular website and she was thrilled to finally be alone with him. He was more genuine and open than any of the men she had met there and she was pleased that his mouth was delicious and his kiss was warm pleasant.

Their hands explored each other’s bodies as he leaned back, confidently watching her admire his well-defined muscles. She knew he took great care of himself and had seen pictures of him half naked, still she couldn’t help but say “wow” as she explored his chiseled physique. He made no effort to hide the fact that he was expecting a positive reaction, which on another man might have seemed arrogant but on him was somehow alluring.

She quickly unbuttoned his shirt as she wanted to feel the bare skin of his chest with her hands and mouth. Everything but their underwear came off in a blur and he pulled her on top of him on the bed. She could feel his hard cock through his underwear and it made her wet with anticipation.

She looked around at the nightstand for condoms and didn’t see any. She was thoroughly embarrassed that she hadn’t brought the subject up or picked some up herself just in case.

“Just another few minutes” she thought as she lay under the covers, occasionally pinching her nipples, keeping them hard and her pussy wet as some random cooking program played quietly on the television. When he returned from his little errand, she knew she probably wouldn’t have picked up the right size condoms. Magnums! Wow. Is he really that big or is he delusional?

She positioned herself comfortably on top of him again, enjoying how easy it was to straddle his narrow hips as she ran her hands along the toned muscles of his chest. She kissed his tight abdomen and made her way to the waistband of his underwear, pulling it down to free his hardening cock. He said some words that she could barely register inquiring about what she thought. She could barely speak as she replied something about him being perfect.

Her mouth was watering as she couldn’t wait run her tongue along the long smoothness of his dick. She positioned herself between his legs, her nipples gently touching his inner thighs as she ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. She wanted to devour it all at once but wanted to make it last, explore more of this perfect body. She made the tip of his cock nice and wet so she could rub it gently while she made her way to his balls with her mouth. “Suck on those balls,” he said. His voice and his musty smell made her even wetter.

More than anything she wanted to feel him in the back of her throat, so she licked her way up his shaft to the head. He held her hair back and watched as she slowly put her whole mouth around his cock. She sucked on it for awhile and put it deeper in her mouth until she could feel it at the back of her throat. “One day I’m going to swallow this whole big cock,” she thought to herself. It felt so good, she wished she had the patience to do it right now. But that was okay as he seemed to be happy to pump his hips up and down fucking her mouth with his perfect cock.

“You want to fuck me now?” He said as she moved her mouth off his cock.

“Not now.”

“Really?” She could tell he was surprised.

She moved up and straddled his face. “I want to cum first,” she thought to herself, although she felt like she would never say that to him. I’m sure he’s used to getting it the way he wants it.

“You’re so wet!” He said as his tongue skillfully teased his way around her pussy and her clit, causing waves of pleasure to course through her body.

Holy shit! He’s good at that, too! She thought as his warm lips seemed to melt into her pussy lips.

“I’m compelled to say thank you!” She said to him as she came.

“I want you to say thank you every time you cum.”

She giggled, “Okay!” “This man is adorable,” she thought.

He continued to make her cum until she ached for his cock inside of her. She was shaking by the time she moved down to straddle his hips once again. She tightened around him as she slowly lowered herself down on his beautiful cock. She moaned loudly and said “thank you” as she instantly had an incredibly long, intense orgasm.

“Wow, how long has it been since you had sex?”

“Too long, maybe weeks.”

She was laughing almost uncontrollably as she felt him so deep inside of her making her body spasm around him.. It was like every effortless push of his hips made his cock jump inside of her in ways that made it seem to be moving on its own. She felt alive as her body was burning around him as wave after wave of orgasm swelled around his cock.

She grabbed onto the headboard and held herself on top of him as his hips moved in directions she couldn’t see but she could feel his cock move around inside of her.

“Do you have muscles even in your cock?” She asked.

“No, I don’t.” He laughed.

“You are like an amusement park ride!”

The visceral release and the novelty of his cock dancing inside of her made her feel the way she felt when she was a young girl experiencing the thrill of a roller coaster or a tilt-a-whirl, dizzy and excited and exhilarated at the same time.

She cried out so many times that she said, “They’re going to call the cops!”

She looked down and saw his pretty blue eyes right as his cock exploded into her as he came.

Later that night as she was catching up on some work, she remembered she had some butter pecan ice cream left over in the freezer from a family event over the weekend. Perfect after a day at the amusement park! She sent him an e-mail offering to share some with him as she sucked on the cold cream, dripping some on her nipple, imagining his mouth all over her.

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