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Time for a Swim: Part 2

Carmen thinks about the poor condition Joel is left in, and how she can help him out.
“I heard someone scream, is everything alright?” Jan stood at the edge of the pool looking down at us.

“Should we let her in on our fun?” Joel whispered into my ear, as he continued to slowly pump in and out of my wet pussy. I looked over at Jan and shook my head. I was really enjoying him fucking me without her knowing.

“Maybe another time” He lifted me slowly of his still throbbing cock. I protested a little by locking my thighs around his waist. He raised an eyebrow at my action, but still continued to step away from me. Fixing his cock back in his boxers he made his way to the edge of the pool.

“Well?” Jan was still waiting for her answer.

“We were just playing around” Joel replied as he climbed out of the pool. Jan just shook her head and went to sit back at the table with her drink.

I continued to watch Joel. I could tell that he was a little put off, but still majorly hard. How could I make it up to him? The light bulb flashed on as I knew exactly how to get his cock back in me. I walked to the edge of the pool and raised my arms up towards him.

“Will you help me up?” I pitched my voice so that I sounded helpless, because I knew he couldn’t resist. He grabbed my hands and pulled me out of the pool, and against his warm body. I grabbed his shoulders to steady me, but also to pull my crotch hard against his. The motion caused his dick to spring free and was wedged between our stomachs. I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I felt it twitch in my warm hand. I could see the lust burning deep in his eyes.

“Come with me” I whispered as I ran my hand up his dick to his thick head, my eyes never leaving his. I let my hand leave him for the time being and turned my back to him so that he had a chance to fix his shorts.

“Jan I’m going to go shower.” I bent down to grab the towel at my feet, but the action also caused my ass to rub into Joel’s hard dick. I heard him groan softly, making me smile as I stood up and wrapped the towel around my naked body.

“Go ahead. I think I’m going to go crash. I’ll see you guys later.” Jan took another swig from her rum and coke.

“I’ll be quite.” I turned to wink at Joel knowing that if I got what I wanted there was no way in hell I’d be quite. I headed inside to the pool bath wondering if I was going to have company, or not. The anticipation has killing me, but it was also turning me on. I could feel the wetness start as I thought about what I had planned. It took less than a minute for Joel to join me. He slowly opened the door and look at me.

“Come in and close the door.” He did as he was told and just looked at me as he leaned up against the door. We kept eye contact as I walked over to him and looped my fingers into the band of his boxers and tugged them down to his feet. I stepped closer and placed a light kiss on his collar bone. He groaned as my lips slid lower down to kiss his stomach. Before he knew it I was on my knees holding his dick in one hand and cupping his balls with the other. I kissed the top of his dick letting my tongue slid out to lick his tip. Opening my mouth wider I sucked in his cock, letting it rest on my tongue, as my hands reached around and grabbed his ass pulling him in deeper.

Joel’s fingers entangled themselves into my wet hair, as he pulled my head back and forth working up a good pace, and trying to go deeper into my throat.

I could feel every inch of him growing thicker in my mouth, and I loved it. I eased my mouth off his cock just to pay some special attention to his balls. I let my tongue start at the back and run up the seam that separated my new favorite toys. I sucked in the right one then the left rubbing them both with my tongue before replacing it with my hand.

“Where do you want to cum?” I kept rubbing his nuts and gently pulling as I looked up to ask him.

“I want you to swallow it. All of it.” He moaned the last part as I took his cock back into my mouth. I tried to relax my throat as he pushed his thick cock in me, but I still started to gag and had to pull back. Joel grabbed my head and forced it back on his dick. Starting to use his hips it wasn’t long before he was grunting that he was going to cum soon. I started to hum and that pushed him over the edge. He shoved his cock all the way in and I could feel his cum hit the back of my throat.

I tried to swallow all of it, but some ended up running down my chin, and on to my tits. After I sucked the last bits of cum off his dick, I used my finger to wipe up the remainder on my tits. He was too tasty to waste. I sucked all remaining drops off my finger, then made sure to clean every last drop off of his dick. Once cleaned up I pulled up his boxers and gave him a lingering kiss.

“Thanks” He said after our kiss broke, and smiled.

“Anytime” I winked then turned to start the shower.

“Would you like some company in there?”

To Be Continued…..

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