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Time of her life

me eating my girlfriends pussy. my first one so let me know what you think
There is nothing more in this world I love more than to hear my girlfriends moans while I lick and suck her dripping pussy.

The other day while I was at work, she emailed me a picture of her love zone and told me to "get ready for a long night..." and I was so overcome with desire to nibble her sweet folds I could not focus at all for the remaining hours at the office

I drove as fast as I possibly could, knowing that when I got home I would have a feast laid out for me.Sure enough, as soon as I walked in the door I saw my beautiful brunette girlfriend sprawled out on the kitchen table with her vagina covered in whipped cream. My dick immediately started twitching as I approached her amazing body.

I started at the top, just how she likes it. I softly bit and sucked on her neck. A small and subtle moan slipped from her perfectly glossed lips. I slowly trailed my lips down her neck, across her collarbone. I then drug my tongue inch by inch towards her belly, blowing on the trail with my cold breath. This pushed her over the edge with desire for my lips to be somewhere more south.

"Chris...please. It aches."

I responded, teasingly, "What aches baby?"

She moaned, "My pussy and my clit."

"Well I can fix that..."

She practically tore my hair out pushing my head between her golden, toned legs. I knew just where to begin.

I had to get all the whipped cream out of the way before I could get to the goods so I quickly lapped up all the sugary goodness. Combined with her sweet pussy juices that were seeping from her hole, it was one of the most delicious treats ever imaginable.
Once all the cream was gone, I got to work.

I started to nibble slowly on her outer lips, softly. Just to build up the heat. Once she started to grind her pussy into my face I started to pick up the speed. I used the tip of my tongue and ran it up from the bottom of her slit. Stopping just short of her erect clit. I continued this for a while until she started to beg, short of breath, "Ah...chris...fingers...please."

To appease her, I took two fingers and slowly pushed them into her tight, wet hole. As I worked those in and out I took her sensitive clit in my mouth. I sucked, tickled, flicked, and rolled her love button around in my mouth. That drove her wild as she screamed and bucked her hips towards my face.

"Don't stop baby, oh it feels so good, fuck yes!"

I rolled my tongue in short strokes over her clit while stimulating her g-spot with two of fingers. Her legs started to tremble as she approached orgasm. With a final scream she came harder than she ever had before. I lapped up every drop of her sweet cum and kept licking her clit and fingering her hard as she rode my face and finished her first orgasm. I moved my hands up to roll her nipples between my thumb and middle finger which drove her crazy again. Still recovering from her first orgasm, I spent a long time up at her tits, licking and nibbling her hardening nipples. This caused her to moan in pleasure. Once her breathing calmed down, I traveled back down to her still wet slit and began round two. This time I used the tip of my hard dick to rub over her clit in circular motions, while making a come hither motion on her enlarged g-spot. It only took a few minutes before she was moaning, bucking her hips towards my pussy juice-soaked face and drowning me with her honey-like cum.

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