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I have rather large titties and what’s annoying is that guys rarely look me in the eye when they talk to me. On the plus side, a guy staring at my tits makes my nipples grow hard and my pussy start to tingle, which is never a bad thing. I reciprocate, though. If I see a large bundle straining against some tight jeans, my eyes are riveted to it and it’s all I can do not to reach out and touch. Size doesn’t matter, but it sure catches my attention.

It was Saturday night at the Hexagon and my roommate, Jenny, and I had gone to see Brute Heart. It’s an all-girl band, which brought out a lesbian contingent, and Jenny was on the prowl. I edged my way up close to the mosh pit, but not so close I’d get trampled, and after a while two tattooed arms from behind moved around my body, the hands slipping up under my loose tank top. Soon my tits were being squeezed and my nipples were being twisted and pulled and my pussy started to drip. I think it was too crowded for anyone to notice, but I didn’t care if they did.

I hoped it would never stop, but his next move was even better. Both large hands moved up under my skirt and one finger was playing with my asshole while several fingers from the other hand suddenly plunged into my pussy. I began to move my ass against his finger, hoping for some penetration, and soon I was being ass-fucked as well as pussy-fucked and I couldn’t have been happier. Those holes have their uses and this was how I liked them used. I also appreciated the fact that he was doing it in time to the music, and the music was fast.

I reached down and tried to push more of his hand into my pussy. A pussy can take a lot if you’re determined. His hand was too large to get all the way in, though, which left me longing for an extra-thick cock. I was also dying to suck his cock, but that was nothing new with me.

I’m multi-orgasmic to a ridiculous degree, plus I can come at the slightest touch. He got me to the point where I was so shaky only his fingers were holding me upright. I was sorry when the set ended and the crowd started heading outside for a smoke. Usually I’d be with them, but instead I had something else in mind to suck on. He seemed to have the same thing in mind because he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the men’s room, past all the guys at urinals and into one of the cubicles. While he shoved down his pants and sat on the toilet, I got a good look at him. He looked to be late forties, early fifties, not much taller than me and built like a bull. His head was half shaved, he had a nasty-looking scar running down one cheek, and, most interesting, he had a tattoo of a rhino on his thick neck. Lots of piercings, of course—more than I could count.

The first words out of him were, “You got a great pair of jugs, kid.”

His cock was already erect and he was also built like a bull in that respect, plus he had a hefty sac. Listen, I’m not choosy—any size cock is just fine with me; they all taste good. I knelt down on the filthy floor between his knees and prepared to feast. I licked him first. I wanted the taste of his piss in my mouth and I also wanted to get down to the base and suck on his hair. I would have liked to lick his asshole, too, but I couldn’t get near it. Men taste so good; I can never get enough of it. Much as I love fucking, it’s sucking that I crave the most.

When I finally enclosed my mouth around the head of his cock, he seemed to know exactly how I liked it. He didn’t allow me to give him just a nice up and down suck--he wanted to fuck my mouth, and I wanted him to. He twisted my long hair around his hands and pulled my head so close I was gagging. And with as much leverage as he could get while sitting on the toilet, he rammed that cock as far down my throat as it would go. He started battering my mouth so hard my teeth were vibrating and kept shouting out FUCK! with each thrust. I hated for it to ever end, and yet I desperately wanted his cum in my mouth and then sliding down my throat. Every guy’s cum tastes a little different and I was hungry to taste his particular flavor.

He let out a war cry when he came and thick cum filled my mouth. He was still thrusting as I gulped it down, only he was leaning forward now with his hands grasping my tits so hard it hurt. I pictured bruises the shape of his hands on my flesh and the idea turned me on.

He finally pushed me away and I grabbed some toilet tissue to wipe my mouth as he pulled up his pants. Even limp, he was large—truly a monster tool.

I followed him out of the restroom and he said, “See you around, TittieGirl,” before heading to the exit.

4onthefloor was warming up when Jenny found me. She had an adorable sprite in tow, one with short hair cut like a boy’s and huge, brown eyes.

“Haven’t seen you in a while,” said Jenny. “This is Chloe. Mind if I bring her home with me?”

Of course I didn’t mind—she was always bringing girls home. “It’s cool,” I said, and smiled at Chloe. Lesbians are a lot like guys—she couldn’t take her eyes off my tits, either.

Jenny and I have been best friends since high school, before she came out of the closet. It really came as a surprise to me as we’d had countless sleepovers and I never suspected a thing. Now she goes to the university in town and I go to the art college and we share an apartment in Dinkytown.

They took off and I inched my way up close to the stage. The place was still packed and my tits brushed up against guys as I tried to move past them. I couldn’t help hoping for a second encounter as I never get my fill.

I finally could go no farther and saw the guy on my left had his eyes riveted on my titties, which was always a good start.

“Are those real?” he shouted above the noise.

“Touch them and find out,” I said.

And he did.

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