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Toga Party

What a party
Stacey's parties were always a great fun night.

Any excuse, no matter how insignificant, Stacey would throw a party.

Her parties were a mix of her young female friends, neighbors, and work colleagues. Her friends were all as hot as Stacey and some even hotter.

Stacey decided to throw a toga party, it was sure to be a great night with everyone wearing minimal clothing and lots of flesh on display.

The night of the party arrived and the wife and I were really excited as we had never been to a toga party before, we used old sheets and soon looked like something out of up Pompeii.

I have to say my wife looked as hot as I have ever seen her and other than the sheet she only wore a tiny thong. her dark nipples were clearly visible through the thin material.

We were one of the last couples to arrive, I had a quick look round the room and saw that almost everyone had made a similar effort. The girls all looked so sexy and up for some fun.

I had an erection straight away and was glad the lights were dimmed to hide my aroused state.

I left my wife to chat to her friends and mingled with the other guests checking out some very hot women, Stacey was as hot as I had ever seen her, her robe was as flimsy as tissue paper and her sexy body was clearly on view to one and all

The music was loud and many people were dancing to the beat causing the robes to become loose and show even more flesh.

Stacey said, "Dance with me. I want to feel your hard cock sticking into me".

I said, "How do you know its hard?"

Because it always is when I am around .She replied.

Whilst dancing with Stacey I spotted her younger sister was in the room and was the subject of lots of male attention. Stacey's sister Danni was only seventeen at the time she was not as petite and slim as Stacey, Danni was much more rounded with bigger tits and ass and needed to lose a few pounds.

I have to say I found her to be so sexy and wanted to have her and a threesome with Stacey would have been a dream come true.

Having finished dancing with Stacey, I went to find my wife. I found her still chatting to her friends and with a full glass of wine in her hand.

I made a beeline for Danni. Danni looked even sexier up close and her costume was struggling to contain her huge tits. I took a cocktail for her which she gratefully accepted.

I made sure the measures were doubled to help loosen her up even more but need not have worried as she was up for fun anyway.

We stood and chatted but found it hard to hear each other over the increasing volume of the music. Danni grabbed me by the hand and dragged me towards one of the many side rooms. Once out of view of the other guests and on our own she kissed me hard on the lips forcing her tongue into my mouth and her hand inside my robes onto my hardening cock.

I responded by releasing her huge tits from her robe and massaging them. As we continued snogging, my cock was also release from my robes and being wanked roughly by this nympho teen.

Danni dropped to her knees and slipped my now rock solid cock between her tits and gave me her special tit wank, kissing and licking the tip of my cock as it neared her sexy lips. I was now past the point of no return and shot my first load all over her face and tits. She licked up all the come she could and sucked me until I could come no more.

She then pulled my head down between her thighs and forced me to lick her pussy a task I thoroughly enjoyed until she came again and again and could take no more.

We were on the verge of returning to the party hoping we were not missed when Sexy Stacey walked in on us kissing heavily,

I have know Stacey for years and always fancied her but being married always prevented her from having a sexual encounter with me. Tonight was different seeing me with her naked sister seemed to turn her on and she soon joined us.

Stacey was soon naked and wrapping her hand round my cock, we kissed for the first time ever as she wanked me back to a full and rock hard erection which she seemed to enjoy. Within minutes both she and Danni were on there knees in front of me taking turns to suck my cock.

I was in heaven and wanted to fuck them both, but they made it clear that a blow job was all I was getting. Danni was the better of the two at giving head, she was much more adventurous and her style was brilliant but it was Stacey I wanted to come over.

This went on for about fifteen until i filled Stacey's mouth with my load,she swallowed every drop with her sister licking the sides of my cock and balls as Stacey finished me off. We had to dress and rejoin the party and found none of us had been missed I am glad to say.

When I finally rejoined my wife it was clear she knew exactly what I had been up to, the only comment she made was, "whatever goes on at a toga party stays at the party".

She gave my cock a big squeeze and said, "you can use that on me when we get home".

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