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Tonight, I Had Something Else in Mind

It dawned to me how much I ached to see Spencer at that moment.
It was yet another wonderful Saturday night celebrated in the heart of the city (New York City, that is) filled with dancing, laughter, and drinks. I had successfully surprised my beautiful French best friend, Giselle, for her twenty- second birthday with a celebration held at a glamorous rooftop bar that overlooked the city skyline.

The five of us women kissed goodnight as we parted towards our separate ways; some of us off to another bar, a friend’s penthouse, or back to our sexy men waiting for us at home.

It was only 11: 40 when we were all leaving the rooftop bar, but I still decided to head back to my lonely loft a few blocks down. I strode towards the curb, and soon a yellow taxi quickly halted at my feet. The man ushered me inside, and began driving towards my apartment.

After thanking my driver and giving him an extra tip, I walked up to the glass doors of my apartment entrance and was quickly greeted and escorted inside by my doorman, Mike.

I stepped into the elegant white elevator, and leaned tiredly against the clean mirrored walls after a long night of celebrating. I glanced at my reflection, and in the mirror stood my 5’7 figure that was sculpted in a sexy black chiffon dress that hugged my tight stomach and toned limbs. I paired the strapless staple with black Christian Louboutin stilettos, and diamond earrings that grazed my petite shoulders. For the night’s occasion, I styled my long chocolate hair into sexy, volumized curls that spilled over my chest, and to polish off the look, I smoked out my eye makeup to give it a sultry feel to my green, almond shaped eyes.

The elevator rang as it hit the fifteenth floor, and I strutted towards my glass front door. After unlocking the door with the key, no lights were needed since my black and white loft was lit by the city’s sky line lights. I walked straight to my mini bar, quickly stirred a margarita, and walked towards my deck overlooking the city. Sitting there, taking in the night life, it dawned to me how much I ached to see Spencer at that moment.

With the reach of one manicured nail, I dialed his number, and was pleased to hear his raspy, sensual voice on the other end. We chatted for a few minutes about general things, and I held onto each word he said as his sexy voice lingered in my mind. Yet, as he went off talking about his night out with his friends, I became distracted by a vivid image of me and Spencer tangled in my sheets just last weekend. The idea of his body over mine caused a quick heat flash to wave through my body, and a familiar tingling feeling under my lace panties. I suddenly noticed he’d stopped talking, for my breathing (which I thought wasn’t obvious), became heavier and almost came out as a moan. He listened for a moment, and in a husky voice he murmured,

“I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.”

After hanging up the phone, I walked back inside the loft to straighten up my bedroom before he came over. As I fixed the white cotton covers to my queen sized bed, I became entranced by memories of our sexual adventure the previous week. Flashes of his head between my legs, pulling my hair, flipping me on top of him, or dominating himself over me went through my mind.

An excerpt in a book once wrote, “He had a quality of masculine confidence that was a thousand times more potent than mere handsomeness. Perfect good looks could leave you cold, but this kind of sexy charisma went straight to your knees.” And that’s the best description I could give of Spencer. His built, but [still] lean body stood at over six feet, and had one of the most aesthetically appealing facial features I’ve ever seen. He had sexy brown hair that was perfectly tossed up, deep brown colored eyes, and a defined jawline I’ve kissed over a hundred times. Although his body was built to perfection, his sexy charisma is what made my knees quiver. He knew exactly how to seduce a girl, even before laying his lips anywhere on her body.

My thoughts came back to the present moment as I heard a faint knock on the glass door. I quickly reached for my dresser and slipped on my black lace thigh stocking, and stepped back into my stilettos as I approached the door. Outlined perfectly by the door frame stood Spencer; wearing a fitted light- blue button down, nice dark washed jeans, and caramel suede shoes. But, what really caught my attention was his sexy smirk he wore on his face. Right then I wished to rip off the shirt and just take him there, but I had other plans in mind tonight. He enclosed me in a hug, and lightly brushed his lips against my ear, sending a shiver down my spine.

I invited him inside, and he sat on the modern white leather couch framing the living room. I made my way towards him, with a drink in each hand; a whiskey for him, and martini for myself. As a set the drink on the glass table, he grabbed me from behind aggressively and pulled me onto his lap. I sat straddling him, taking in his piercing brown eyes. His sexy smirk invited me to meet my lips to his. Soon enough, we began to fool around, going into the usual routine as always. But, tonight I had something else in mind. Before he came over tonight, I convinced myself that I would solely focus on my man tonight, pleasuring him with foreplay, making him anticipate the “final catch”.

We were already stripped out of our clothes, as he was left in sexy black boxer briefs, and I in a lingerie set with a black lace bustier, matching panties, and black thigh stockings (I knew this outfit drove him crazy). I grabbed his hand delicately and led him off of the comfy couch towards the French doors closing off my bedroom. I swayed my bottom exaggeratedly, knowing that was the sole thing he was able to focus on. As I opened the bedroom doors, I quickly turned around and with one finger, seductively curled it in a “come here” motion towards my bed. Without hesitation, he lied on the bed, propping his head up with a pillow. I remained at the foot of the bed, and watched him for a few moments as slow, seductive music played in the background. I swayed my hips to the music, gyrating them in the air. His mouth hung a little open, obviously turned on by what he saw. I turned around, showing off my bottom, and danced a little more, showing him what he couldn’t have… just yet.

I saw his bulge grow larger through the constrained material of his boxers, so I knew it was time to step up the seduction. Sexily staring him in the eyes, I crawled slowly from the foot of the bed to hover right above him. I swayed my hips slowly, letting him take in views of all of my features. As I got closer, only a few centimeters distanced our lips. And right when he saw an opportunity to swoop in a kiss me, I teasingly pulled back, arching an eyebrow to know he wouldn’t be getting anything that easily.

I began kissing my way up from his wrists to his shoulder blades, brushing my soft lips over his ears, whispering erotic words, and licking his earlobes, arousing him even more. He let out soft, deep moans, begging me to just take him. I objected, and proceeded with kissing up his other arm. And as grew closer to his jawline, I took the time to kiss up his neck, exhaling softly with my hot breath, bringing shivers to his body. I kissed around his jawline, and at this point his erection was grazing my sopping panties. I met his lips with mine, and began to aggressively make out with him, teasing him with my tongue, while grinding into his bulge. I constantly moved my hands up and down his sculpted chest, grazing my fingertips on his lower abdomen and the fabric of his boxers, leaving him shivering with anticipation.

His breathing grew heavier as he began to whisper the sexiest words into my ears. These made me want to forget about the rest of the foreplay, and just take him in me at that moment. But, making him work for it made the reward that more desirable, so I carried on.

I began to kiss down his jawline, to his neck, down his chest, all the way to his navel. I stopped there, and stared at him with a sultry look. He moaned erotically, aching for my wet mouth on his eight inch erection.

I lightly scratched my nails over his skin, and slowly took off his boxer briefs with my teeth, with additional help of my delicate hands. His erection flung out of the boxers, and he was finally relieved that it wasn’t constrained in the thin cotton material. A pool of pre- cum topped his tip, and although I wanted to suck him then, I had one last thing to do.

I hovered my head over his throbbing penis, making him think I was going to finally go down on him. He reached over with his large hand to push my head down a few inches, but I quickly dodged his hand and began to slowly kiss from his shins to his inner thighs. He managed to pant out my name through his now constant mix of heavy breathing and moans. I switched to the other leg as I came close to his penis, and as I finally finished kissing up his right leg, I was ready to give in.

I leaned in and began to slowly lick the pool of pre- cum off his tip. He let out a raspy moan, turning me on even more. I went down another inch, completely taking his entire tip into my mouth. I flicked my tongue around the tip, circling it around the hole, and applied pressure by sucking heavily, only making him pant louder. I made sure to pay attention to the area between the tip and the shaft, tracking it with the tip of my tongue, only making Spencer squirm slightly with delight.

I lowered my head even more, taking a little more than half of his entire penis. By this time, I was straddling one of his legs, and began to rotate my hips on his muscular thigh. I used my hand for another technique to double his pleasure, while using my left hand to play around with his sack, massaging it with extra pleasure coming from my expensive lotion. I twisted my hand in a corkscrew motion, while sucking heavily on the top half of his penis. His member throbbed in my hand, causing me to move my hips faster against his leg.

I knew that he was soon going to come, so I began to slowly lower my head to take his entire member into my wet mouth. I left my hand massaging his sack, cupping them, and occasionally licking them to send chills down his spine.

Suddenly I surprised him by taking him whole, placing my hands on his sexy cut- out ‘V’ right above his hips. I bobbed my head fast, applying more pressure as a raised my head towards his tip. He let out a load moan, repeatedly moaning my name, and placing his hand on the back of my head, pushing me to go faster. I allowed him to take control, offering him the highest pleasure for him to finish with satisfaction.

As I deep throated him for another two minutes, he barely breathed out, “I’m coming” and soon enough, blasts of sticky fluid was shot in my mouth. It took me off guard, especially since he released so much, but I swallowed it all to finish off the “job”. After, I lightly flicked my tongue around his member, letting him catch his breath after an hour of foreplay. After his breathing was regulated, I crawled up towards him and placed my head into the crook of his shoulder. I began to lightly kiss his neck while caressing the back of it with my left hand. Suddenly, he turned to me, and soon enough, he pinned me underneath him, dominating over me, and I knew then what was about to happen next…

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