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Trapped Under my Wife's Desk at Work

I spend a day trapped under my wife's desk at her work
Thursday night I was really horny and wanted to have sex with my wife. Unfortunately I had cum too quickly and I could tell she was really unsatisfied and upset. She had gone to sleep mad at me and the next morning, Friday, she was getting ready for work when I had the day off. She put on her red dress and undershirt while I cooked breakfast.

"I'm sorry about last night, babe. I'll make it up to you tonight after work," I said.

I could tell she was upset and she didn't respond. She was in the bathroom getting ready. I continued cooking the eggs and realized she was taking longer than usual.

The eggs were done and I put the orange juice on the table. I sat to eat my food when she came out of the bathroom. She had one some really sexy make-up. She looked amazing.

"I'm not hungry, babe. I'm gonna get to work early and start on my day," she said.

She picked up her back. She looked down at her cell phone and said, "Love ya," casually. She didn't look at me when she said it.

"Okay, well I cooked you breakfast, honey."

"Yeah, I'm not hungry," she said without looking at me again.

She opened the door and off she went. The door swung closed but didn't latch all the way.

I closed the door and got hit with a lot of anxiety all of a sudden. Why was she leaving early, without eating? Why was she getting to work so early?

I texted her about what was wrong. I knew she must be horny and figured that was it.

"What's wrong, babe?"

No response.

"Honey, I'm sorry about last night."

Still no response.

I admit I freaked out and decided to go to her work early, without fully dressing. I was in my sandals, pajamas, and a t-shirt.

I hopped in the car and was there in less than fifteen minutes. She still hadn't responded. I looked in the parking lot of her bank. She was the branch manager at a local credit union office. She had her own office and desk. The office was modeled after the CEO's new 'open door' policy, and while technically her office, the front wall was glass and see through. No blinds.

She was the only person there and I texted her again.

"Honey, I'm outside your office. Let me in for a second, I'm really sorry. I want to talk to you."

Three minutes later of standing in the cold, she came out front, dressed to kill. She looked amazing, and I was standing there in my pajamas.

"What is the matter?" she yelled.

"Can I come inside? It's freezing," I said.

"Ugh. fine. You're frustrating me and I'm going to be at work all day, horny. It's ridiculous!" she said over her shoulder as I followed her in.

Inside her office, I smiled at her. She smiled back. I didn't have pockets on my pajamas so I put my keys and phone down on her desk.

"I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tonight. I promise," I said.

She smiled at me, and we embraced. I kissed her and squeezed her ass. She looked at me and I could tell she was really horny.

"Here's how you can make it up to me. Go down on me really fast, before the administrative assistant gets here!" she said with a sly grin.

I was so relieved, anything to get her to relax.

She pulled up her skirt and sat down in her chair. She slid her thong off and put it on the floor. I got down on my knees and started gently licking her. Soon she was wet and totally relaxed in her chair. I could feel her writhing around. She put both hands in my hair, pulling my face into her pussy. I continued licking her and felt good about it, making up for my cumming too soon last night.

A few minutes more and she started shaking hard, locking her legs around my head. She let out a long groan. She was very satisfied.

I heard the faint sound of the bank door lock being opened. "Oh shit! Cindy is here!" gasped my wife. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, get under the desk," she blurted out, kicking me with her foot and prodding me under her large executive desk.

I freaked out. My heart was pounding in my chest. This was really embarrassing and it would be obvious what was happening here. I reeked of sex and her vagina. I crawled under her desk and sat silently. My wife called out, "Morning, Cindy," in her professional voice. She was sitting up straight on her chair and her dress was pushed back down to the regular length.

"Hi, Lindsay, how're you doing today?" Cindy said.

"I feel great, I've had a good morning," she replied with a chuckle. "You're here early!" she added.

"Yeah, I have some extra work to get done so I wanted to get here about thirty minutes early today. Things haven't been so well with my boyfriend so I'm trying to clear my head," said Cindy.

I heard Cindy walk into the main branch area. My wife scooted her chair back and said, "Okay, we have to get you out of here."

I started crawling out of the desk to leave secretly when I heard footsteps coming back down the hall. I scooted back under her mahogany desk.

Cindy came back into my wife's office. She sounded close to tears. "Lindsay, I've been having a lot of stress with my boyfriend. I think we're going to break up." I heard her sit down in a client chair, opposite my wife.

"Let me come over there to see," said Lindsay, moving quickly to block Cindy from coming over to her side of the desk. They talked for fifteen minutes about relationship stuff and Cindy's relationship with her boyfriend, whom I'd never met. My wife kept trying to end the conversation but once Cindy started crying she barely heard anything my wife said. She couldn't pick up on the tone of her voice.

By the time Cindy and Lindsay were done talking, several other employees had come in. I had no idea what I was going to do. I was sitting under my wife's desk in pajamas, no phone, my keys on the desk.

Cindy left. My wife sat back down in her chair. She looked down at me between her legs. I must have looked pathetic sitting there, dishevelled, while she was looking great and professional.

"What are we going to do?" I whispered.

"Nothing!" She glared down at me. "Why did you have to come so damn early! What the fuck were you thinking!"

"I... I wanted to make you... happy," I mumbled. What had I been thinking? We were in a tight financial situation and could not risk her losing her job as branch manager. I hated to admit it, but she had been making more money than me for years now.

"For fuck's sake, there will be people coming in here all day. I can't have you been seen in your god damn pajamas walking out. It's already past 10 a.m." She looked up out her door, smiled, and waved at a client. She looked down at me. "Just wait there a few minutes. I'll think of something. Christ," she said. "Right now I have to answer my emails. Try to get further under the desk." She scooted in to access her computer. She blocked some of the light and I was pushed under the desk, my back resting against the back side of the desk.

I could hear her typing emails. She squirmed a bit in her chair, and I realized she still had no panties on. "Fuck, I'm still horny. I can't focus on these stupid emails," she whispered. "Hi, Bob!" she said loudly to a passing customer.

"Okay, well it's too late for anything," I whispered.

She suddenly kicked me! "There was a customer walking by," she growled. "Shut up down there. You can't see anything and this is your fault!" she said. "Hi, Mr. Lang, happy Friday!" she said cheerily.

A few more minutes went by. She was typing, but squirming around and sounding frustrated. "Ugh I can't focus. This is so stupid!" she said. I didn't say anything back. "You need to just help me out and be a team player," she said quietly. She scooted her chair all the way up to the desk, so her stomach was pressed against it.

"Where are you?" she said. I crawled slightly to the side and looked up at her from the left side.

"What are you talking about?" I whispered.

"Shut up!" she said. She grabbed my hair with her left hand and pushed me back under the desk. Without letting go, she pulled my head up towards her legs and inched her butt to the end of the chair. Her dress was caught on the chair and pulled up to her hips.

I realized what she wanted, and I started licking her. There was nothing I could do. Just get this over with. After all she was right, it was my fault I was under here. "That's right, baby," she whispered. After a minute of licking she relaxed her grip and brought her hands back up. Quietly she began typing again. "Keep doing that. Do not stop," she said.

I continued flicking my tongue over her vagina, pleasuring her. My wife was typing away, no underwear on, receiving oral sex at work as early morning customers slowly walked past her office.

I felt humiliated. My nose and face and mouth smelled like her vagina, my hair was rumpled and I was in my pajamas. She was the image of professional success. After what must have been twenty minutes I felt her legs twitch uncontrollably. She was starting to orgasm, and I continued to lick her. Her hands came back down below the desk and grabbed my hair. She came silently, clenching her legs around my head. I was sweating and tired and covered in her juice. I just wanted to be out of here.

After she finished orgasming she pushed me back under the desk. "Stay down there, I'm going to figure a way to get you out of there. And thanks for the orgasm," she said with a smirk.

She stood up, straightened her skirt, and pushed her big office chair under the desk, effectively trapping me in the dim light. If I tried to get out I would move the chair, which would immediately attract attention because the office was empty. I just had to wait. I heard the sound of Lindsay's shoes as she walked out.

I tried to get comfortable under her desk and closed my eyes to rest.

I felt her chair be pulled out and woke up. I realized I had fallen asleep. I checked my watch, and it was 11:30. I'd been asleep for over an hour! I looked up into my wife's eyes and she looked down at me.

"There's people all over and there's nothing you can do. We're going to have to wait until the end of the work day. I brought you some food," she said, and she tossed a bagel down to me. It hit the ground and rolled under the desk. It was kind of disrespectful.

Without saying anything she got in her chair, scooted it in, and started reviewing papers. I sat there for another thirty minutes or so, eating my bagel. Then I noticed my wife start to squirm again. "God damnit. I can't focus. Where are you?" she whispered. I knew what was coming. I poked my head up between her, making eye contact.

"Lindsay this is ridiculous," I whispered. "No it's not. It's your fault, and I can't focus," she replied.

She slowly pulled her skirt up to her waist and grabbed my hair again. She pulled me in, nose to clit, and I started licking. I licked her for twenty more minutes and was getting really tired. She showed no signs of cumming, she was just in this perpetual state of pleasure. She was typing away, reading reports, and even answered a phone call. I kept licking her and finally after another fifteen minutes felt her thighs start to twitch. She clenched my head in her legs really hard, and her hips twitched hard. She was cumming and squeezed my head with her thighs. I could barely breathe. After fifteen or so seconds she relaxed.

My knees and back ached from going down on her for so long and I slumped back under the desk. My face was damp with her juices and I was exhausted and frazzled from being under her desk.

I laid there slumped under the desk while my wife continued working. She didn't acknowledge me and seemed happy when she talked on the phone or to employees who came in to her office. After a while I drifted back to sleep.

Later she came and sat back down. She was talking Cindy again.

"Today has been a good day for you, Lindsay," said Cindy. "You haven't closed four new loans in a day, ever. Four loans is good for a week, you've done it in one day. You're so energized, is it the new diet you're trying?" she asked.

"I don't know," she said thoughtfully. "Today's just been good. I'm focused, excited, feeling like a confident woman. I'll get a nice commission for sure."

"Is your hubby okay with you making such large commission checks?" she asked.

"Oh yes, he supports me. In more ways than I could ever ask!" she said, almost laughing.

"Haha I don't get it," said Cindy. "Oh well, you two have such a great relationship. I'll never understand how you do. I'll see you after the weekend, babe," said Cindy. I heard her walk out.

My wife sat down and looked at me. "Come here, babe. Mommy's had such a good day of work, I want you to help me finish strong".

I looked up at her and our eyes met. She looked so confident, so powerful.

She pulled my hair towards her vagina, and I started serving her again. I closed my eyes. My wife scooted her chair in, and it was late in the day. "Time to make another sale," she said in a sexual voice. I heard her pick up the phone and begin to call a customer.

"You really are a supportive husband. We're going to be doing this more often."

I felt her thighs start to twitch. She was cumming again...

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