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Trouble with Roxy - Part I

Nothing is free
The last few months have been tough for Matt, working long days at work and being without a girlfriend for the last few months. Everything seemed to be going fine with Rachel but then one day he got the "It's not you, it's me" line. Sure they could still be friends but she never did return any of Matt's calls.

He really missed Rachel. She was a little wild, unlike Matt, who was a bit conservative in manner and not very out-going. She always said he should take more risks and be more fun. Rachel brought out the best in him, at least, he thought so. He also missed making love to her. She was blond, had soft, fair skin and gave a great blow job. She really knew how to tease him without making him cum until he exploded in her mouth. She was definitely more adventurous than him. One thing that pissed her off was that he wouldn't go down on her. He could make her cum with his fingers but never wanted to with his mouth.

"That will be 8 dollars," said the cute brunette waitress with a low-cut top.

She was cute with her nipples pointing out through the thin sheer top. She also had on 4 inch heels and a black mini-skirt that barely covered her ass. Eight dollars for a coke! What did Matt expect sitting at a table in the Skintight Nude Bar. Her statement broke his thoughts about Rachel.

Matt looked around after paying the waitress with a twenty and getting a whole lot of one dollar bills for change. This was Matt's first time here. A friend said the girls were very sexy, friendly but to make sure you bring enough money because they could tease you out of your last dollar. His friend was right at least about the girls being hot, the asian dancer on stage just finished her last dance. She was facing away from him squatting down picking up her tips. Her ass looked perfect for her size, two small cheeks with her long black hair stopping right before her ass. She bent down and he could see her pussy lips glistening in the spotlight. He was transfixed by the view and did not notice her looking over her shoulder looking at him. It only took a moment until he noticed her smiling at him. He got caught looking which is why he was there but he still started to blush while at the same time getting hard.

He heard the next dancer up was Roxy. She was fully dressed in a nurse's uniform, white hat, white uniform with buttons down the front, white stockings and garter which peeked out from her short uniform that also barely covered her ass. She was taller than the asian girl and also had more curves. Her uniform barely could contain her large breasts. She also had beautiful carmel skin and black hair down to her shoulders. Something about her was mysterious. He had to get a closer look and took a chair by the stage.

Roxy's first dance was a slow seductive number. One by one the buttons on her uniform were opened. The black light shining on her made her uniform glow. She stopped right in front of him as she unbuttoned the last button to her uniform. It fell and before stood Roxy in a white lace bra with traces of her areoles showing along with white crotchless panties. Matt's mouth was dry and his mind was thinking dirty thoughts. He was thinking maybe this wasn't a good idea to come to a strip club when one hasn't had sex in awhile.

Roxy then bent down and whispered in his ear. "Do you want to see more..... feel more? Have a private dance with me later." She smelled so good with a sweet perfume scent. He also thought he smelled a hint of sex as well.

She then moved on. I looked at her ass which was almost completely exposed with the skimpy panties.

The next song Roxy showed some great moves on the dance pole. She also removed her bra and her large tits were gorgeous, full, round and firm with large areoles and eraser thick nipples. Her breasts were bigger than Rachel's. Matt looked longingly as Roxy stopped in front of another patron and squeezed her tits together near his face. She tend moved on to me and danced right in front of me waiting for a tip. I took a few dollars out and put them in her garter. "Thanks handsome," she said as she licked her lips seductively.

Roxy's last song was the best. She removed her panties while keeping on the stockings and preceded to move her fingers over her pussy. Her pussy was cut short in a triangle and her lips were puffing out. She let out a low moan just as the music stopped. Matt was hot and hard and he needed some relief.

Matt got up to go to the bathroom just as Roxy was picking up her money off the dance floor. She motioned him to come over to the dance floor rail. She looked down at his pants. "Don't lose that hard on in the bathroom until after you see me," she whispered and smiled seductively. Matt looked down and turned red again. He had a huge hard on and a small wet spot on his jeans. He just nodded and walked to the bathroom with his hands in front of his pants.

Peeing with a hard on was a challenge for Matt. He had to use a stall. Every time he started losing his erection, he thought of what Roxy said and he had a hard on again. He stroked in cock briefly but it was almost too sensitive to touch and he didn't want to disappoint Roxy.

Matt sat down again but didn't see Roxy anywhere. He started to get disappointed but then he felt a hand on his shoulder and could smell Roxy's perfume. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a black mini-skirt with a white silk blouse tied around her waist with most of the buttons in the front open. She had a red and black push up bra underneath pushing her tits close together. She looked so hot and desirable.

"So are you saving your hard prick for me? You didn't come in the bathroom, did you? So what is your name handsome"

"I am Matt and what did you mean about feeling more? Please sit down."

Roxy sat down and proceeded to tell Matt about private dances in the back. She asked him whether it was his first time at the club and told him that usually dances were 20 dollars each but she would give him a free dance as long as he didn't come. She said all this while caressing his thigh dangerously close to his hard cock.

Matt wanted to touch her, kiss her, fuck her badly. He was so hot and hard. He moved his hand to her leg. She quickly and firmly grabbed it. "I can touch you but you cannot touch me with your hands .... or your mouth. Club rules," she said.

Matt was thinking about what his friends said about the girls being teases here. However, his cock didn't care. It needed her to touch him, to make him come. Plus, the dance is free, he thought.

Roxy lead him to the darkened back room and sat Matt down in a wide comfortable leather chair. She made some small talk and found out about Rachel and Matt probably told her more than he should. He told her how horny he was and she just smiled wickedly. Roxy first sat across from Matt and as Matt was telling her about Rachel, she took her g-string off. It was a matching black and red g-string and it looked wet in the crotch.

Roxy explained the rules. Some of them she told Matt were the club rules and some were her rules. First, only she can touch him. Second, he must do what she says or she will stop. Most importantly, he cannot cum unless she tells him. Lastly, any additional dances will be 20 dollars unless he wants to go to the private room for 400 for 30 minutes which has fewer rules. Also, watch the bouncers, if they see any inappropriate behavior either Matt touching her or exposing himself, he will be throw out.

"Are you ready," she asked. Matt just nodded and the song started.

Roxy started by doing a slow strip tease standing between his legs. She put both hands on his thighs and bent down and whispered in his ear.

"I want to feel your cock."

Roxy slowly lowered her head close to his cock. He could feel her hot breath blowing on it. Matt thrusted upwards so his cock could touch her face. She just smiled and backed off. Roxy's blouse finally came off and then her bra. She then kneels down and pushes her breast against his chest while carefully not touching his cock. Matt lets out a low moan. Roxy brushes her hair against his face, neck and works her way down to his cock. Matts moans again and reaches for Roxy's breasts. He just touches them when Roxy backs off and tightly grabs his hand.

"No, those are the rules. Don't be bad or I will punish you," Roxy said.

Matt was taken aback. "Punish me, what do you mean," he asked.

"Do it again and you will find out"

Roxy then starts kissing his ear, her tits are in his face but he dares not to kiss them. Matt is beside himself, he cannot take it much longer. There is a huge wet spot on his pants and the song is almost over.

Matt again reflexively reaches again for her tits just as the song stops and she backs away after he touch her.

"I told you not to do that," she shouted at him.

"I couldn't help it. I want you."

"Not unless we go to the private room and I first punish you," she said.

Matt was not thinking. He could just walk out of the club. All he needed to do was just touch himself and he would cum but he wanted her. He needed her.

"Okay, lets go to the private room." Matt pulled out his wallet and paid her 400 hundred dollars. It was all he had.

Roxy smiled seductively. She had him. She wanted him to please her. This was going to be a good night.

She grabbed her g-string, slowly moved it across Matt's face. He could smell her and was just in a state of heighten lust. His wet spot was even more noticeable as Roxy walked Matt up to the private room. It also was darkly lit with a couple of chairs and a small bed with a brass headboard.

Roxy locked the door and then sat down.

"Strip," she shouted. She said it with such force that it took Matt by surprise but he did it.

Roxy watched as Matt took off his clothes. His cock glistened and was rock hard. It was a nice looking 7 inch cock with a large head. That will feel good later, she thought.

"First, you need to be punished," she said.

She had him bend over her lap, his hard cock pushing down on her skirt and pussy. She slapped his cheeks hard about 10 times. He didn't think he could get any harder but he did. He could feel some pre-cum drip out on to her skirt.

After his punishment, he got up. Roxy saw the pre-cum on her skirt.

"Lick it off, you bad boy!"

"Now, lie on your back on the bed."

He was still shocked at her tone. It was very forceful and for some reason, he complied.

"Remember, you will do what I say or you will have to satisfy yourself."

It happened so fast but Roxy quickly pulled a bag from under the bed and tied him up with scarfs. She then put a blindfold on him. He was in shock but still horny and hard as can be.

"You need to make me cum before I let you cum. Understand?"

Matt just nodded as Roxy took off the rest of her clothes and caressed her pussy. Started to play with herself and he watched helplessly. She put two fingers inside herself and then she made him lick her fingers while she sat on his chest. His cock was touching her ass and he tried to hump her.

"I want you to lick my pussy. You need to learn how to treat a woman."

Matt was so horny at this time that he didn't care what he needed to do. Roxy lowered herself on his face and told him what to do. He was so horny that he just licked and sucked like a madman as Roxy was fingering her clot and touching her tits. She was finally going to get some relief.

"That's it! Harder! Faster!" She was riding his face and tongue like it was a wild bronco. Her moans were getting louder.

"Make me cum and then you can come!"

Matt was so horny. He was madly humping her backside trying to get his cock in her but she would not let him. His face was covered with her juices but he was enjoying every minute.

Roxy came with a loud moan. Her legs clamped tightly around Matt's head. She took off the blindfold and Matt got his first close up view of a very wet and puffy pussy.

Roxy had a huge smile on her face.

"Now, it is your turn," she said.

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