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Truck Ride Oral

Tags: oral, truck, couple
Nicole makes the truck ride home a little more fun for Michael.
The freeway was mostly empty as Michael drove Nicole back to her home. The couple didn’t get to see each other alone that often, mostly hanging out at the mall or the gym. Michael’s mom didn’t like the couple being at their home alone and Nicole’s home was busy being totally cleaned and fixed up.

Michael focused on the road ahead as Nicole undid her seat belt and slid across the bench seat to cuddle next to her boyfriend.

“I hate that the trip home is the only time we are alone,” Nicole said to Michael.

“I know me too,” Michael told Nicole.

“I mean it as great when we first got together because we got to talk and learn so much about each other, but now there are….other things I want to do with you,” Nicole said with a smile, running her hand along Michael’s leg.

“Oh trust me, me too.” Michael said with a smile.

Nicole shifted a little and began to kiss Michael’s neck.

“Don’t you start,” Michael said to Nicole.

“Start what?” Nicole asked innocently before returning to Michael’s neck.

“You know that gets me horny,” Michael said.

“This?” Nicole questioned knowing full well it did, but this time when her lips returned she bit Michael’s neck playfully.

“Don’t start what you can’t finish,” Michael said with a small laugh.

Nicole just smiled as she slowly rubbed the growing bulge in Michael’s jeans.

“Take those off if you are going to do that, you don’t know uncomfortable that is.” Michael told Nicole.

Nicole was more than happy to oblige as she began to undo Michael’s jeans. She could feel Michael’s hard cock in her hand now, and she slid it through the slit in his boxers. She did not keep rubbing it though, and instead started to gently suck the head of his cock.

“Oh you are bad,” Michael said to her with a slight moan as he watched the road.

Nicole smiled around the cock in her mouth and slowly began to take it deeper. She got Michael’s cock nice and wet as she sucked it slowly, and Michael could not help but moan as he drove. Nicole had only sucked cock once before her and Michael got together, but she made sure to do it every chance she could. She actually enjoyed doing it, and even swallowed Michael’s cum. Michael was finding it harder to focus on the road as Nicole began to deepthroat his cock.

“Mmm that feels good,” Michael moaned down to Nicole.

Nicole kept her rhythm and Michael continued to moan. His cock was very wet and he could hear Nicole’s mouth moving up and down on his cock.

“I’m going to cum,” Michael moaned down to Nicole.

Nicole slid her mouth up Michael’s cock and continued to suck the top few inches as his cock throbbed and began filling her mouth with cum. Nicole kept sucking slowly as she kept Michael cumming. Michael moaned gently the whole time and relaxed as he finished cumming. Nicole slowly drew her mouth away from Michael’s cock, redoing his jeans as his cock softened.

“That was amazing,” Michael said to Nicole.

“You’re welcome,” Nicole said, cuddling back up to Michael.

The two relaxed together as Michael pulled up to Nicole’s house in the truck.

“I hate this part,” Nicole said.

“Me too, but just think in a few months we will be living together and won’t have to ever do this again.” Michael told Nicole, kissing her deeply.

Nicole returned the kiss and after a few moments broke it saying “you always know what to say to make me feel better.”

“I do what I can,” Michael said with a smile.

Nicole smiled back and got out of the truck.

“By baby, love you.” Michael said.

“Love you too,” Nicole said as she walked to her house.

Michael watched her until she got inside and then drove away, a smile on his face.

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