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T/Th Class will never be the same

Getting caught masturbating during class while chatting on Lush
“I saw what you were doing.” The words came from behind me as I walked out of my last class of the day. I turned and said, “excuse me?” He said, “I saw you…just now, in class. Your hand down the front of your sweats. It feel good?”

So first—a little background. My name is Jesse and I’m a sophomore at UGA in a little town called Athens, Ga. During school, I work as a personal trainer at a local gym and during summers, I work as a lifeguard. I’m 5’6, 105, athletic and lean. I had actually been sitting in class, bored to tears so I wandered online and found myself chatting on to two of my friends at the same time—Essexboy19 and Keyser-Soze. Essexboy19 and I were having quite a heated chat with him calling me every dirty name he could think of while telling me all the ways he was going to defile me in person. Keyser-Sozer was ordering me to masturbate while telling him about it.

And here I was talking to a jock that had sat beside me the entire semester but to whom I’ve never said “boo”, telling me that he saw the entire thing just a few minutes ago.

“Ummm… yeah it did feel good. But can you do me a favor? Tell me if it smells as good as it was feeling.” And with that, I held out the fingers of the hand that just moments ago and been twiddling my clit and plunging into my pussy while I was being ordered to do it- in chat- I know it was brazen and over the top, but I was so fucking horny… just pushed to the limits and needed some type of release. And in a hurry!

The guy, who was easily 6’4” and built like an army tank took my hand and moved my fingers to his nose, inhaling them deeply. Then as quickly as he had done that, he inserted them between his lips, into his mouth. “Tastes better,” he smirked as I quickly glanced around to see who might be watching. It was after 5 pm and the hall was deserted. But nevertheless, I was standing here talking to a 6’4” gym rat with his arms bulging out of his tank top and his chest deeply defined beneath the tight fabric, not sure where this was going as I drew my hand back.

“I was chatting online to a couple of friends and got a little carried away,” I said. “This class is so fucking boring.”

“Yeah.” He smiled. “It is. Must have been some conversation?

“Oh. You have no idea.” I offered. “But I really need to run. I have a lab.”

“Well, you certainly had me going in class. I think you saw me get completely hard watching you. Didn’t you?”

“I did. And I told the guy that I was chatting with that you were watching me.”

This drew a laugh from him. “I’m Andrew, by the way. You’re…..”

“Jesse,” I said. “We’ve been sitting in back together all semester.”

“Don’t you live with the lacrosse player?” Andrew asked?

“Yeah, he’s my boyfriend. And just off a big SELC win at Clemson last weekend.”

“Ummm, and he doesn’t mind you talking to other guys and masturbating in class?” His smile was infectious and I was smiling back at him. In fact, at that question I almost laughed in his face.

“Ummm, no. We’re secure in our relationship. No worries there. But I really do have a lab in twenty minutes across campus. I need to run.” And I turned to leave.

“Hey,” he said. “Class was over kinda quick. And I am still rock hard. I bet you didn’t finish what you started either.” He was right. I hadn’t. Class had ended abruptly and we were out the door to this encounter. The hallway was no completely empty as was the class from which we had just exited.

“Uhhh, no, I didn’t. But I don’t think we can do….”

“Well, it sure tasted good. How about if I just finish you off real quick and take care of myself. Here inside. I’ll hurry.”

I know this sounds crazy and implausible as hell, but I was incredibly worked up from my online conversation with Essexboy19. And then to have Keyser ordering me to play with myself…. Well, I was already way past “Go.”

“Dude… I have to get outta here. Come on.” He followed me back into the classroom and we pulled the door shut. If there was no one in here by now, then there was no class scheduled in here. I pulled my sweat shorts and panties down revealing my bald but still wet pussy. Andrew dropped his shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear so his stiff cock was instantly revealed. He was hung maybe 7inches. On a regular guy it would have looked normal. But on him, it made him look a little small. Definitely not my 9 ¾ inch boyfriend.

I still couldn’t believe I was doing this, but as momma used to say, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.” And those guys had really gotten me worked up. I sat on the edge of the desk and he dropped to his knees in front of me, one hand already stroking his cock. At first his tongue was slightly awkward. But as he concentrated on my clit and began rhythmically tongue fucking me. A wash of warmth spread across me.

I arched my back. This was definitely feeling good. He started moaning, his face glued between my legs, and within a minute, hot ropes of cum started jetting from his cock. It splashed the side of the desk hitting my right leg. He never broke his stride tongue fucking me because I think he knew I was getting close. In fact, I was closer than I thought. The sight of his sticky load erupting from his purplish cock head combined with the rhythm of this tongue thrusts through me over the edge and I before I knew it, I was awash in scorching orgasm that burned in my thighs and up through my entire body. I had been pinching my left nipple and that heightened my orgasm that much more. I flooded his face with my juices and he greedily lapped them up.

We both paused to take a breath. I laid back on the desk, my naked cunt exposed in the air as he stood and and gently stroked it with his thumb. He pulled his pants up. Looked down at me and smiled. Still wiping me off his lips, nose and chin. “That was fun,” he said.

“Yeah. Thanks,” I offered as he turned, grabbed his book bag and headed for the door. Leaving me there to wonder what exactly class was going to be like on Thursday afternoon.

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