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Two Teachers and One Pupil (Part 2)

It seems one chapter was not enough....

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Okay so a previous commenter said how my previous story ^_^ ended perfectly for a second chapter to be allowed. So.. here goes! If you haven't read my first story (which is a little shorter) I really would advise you do because this might end up not making full sense otherwise! As always PLEASE rate and comment, thank you!

Fixing up her blouse and rounding off her tie she walked to the door, opening it and starting to walk out.

"Oi," Dean called, she turned round mistified.

"You forgot these" he said, waving her knickers towards her.

"You keep em'.... Give me them back later?" she said, raising her eyebrows. She smiled and left closing the door behind her, hearing the two teachers talking about her as she did so.

She was on a high all afternoon, well you would be too wouldn't you?

It wasn't until last class of the day, Biology funny enough that she started talking to Sally, her fellow slut who she had done it with five times previous. Their same uniform centered, although Sally had less buttons popped. Still she thought I could pop them... she smiled at herself, trying to pay attention to Sally's conversation about her drunken fumble with Marc in the next class.

"..So where were you at lunch?" Sally asked, ignoring the teacher who was reading out from a textbook.

"Ah, you know.." she said looking down at her blouse.

"Oh My Gosh! You so screwed Dean!" Sally shouted, near enough the whole class could hear. She wasn't annoyed though, she knew half the girls in her class where just jealous, they all wanted a piece of what she had. And yes, they could but she was always the first. She smiled at her thoughts again.

"I think you'll find I also screwed Daniel McDoud" she said, winking at Sally.

"OMGosh, you what?, You actually scewed Daniel? The new teacher?" Sally said, pressuring her for answers and leaning closer to her.

"Well, I didn't screw him as such. Maybe next time though... he is huge" she said and laughed.

"and.. do I get a piece of this?" Sally asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

She thought about it for a second, before answering what she already had agreed in her head earlier.

"Sure you can..." the bell rang; end of class.

"Follow me.." she whispered, getting her bag and walking out the class.

Leaving the room, she walked up to where she had been just before lunch; Mr Dean's office. She chapped loudly on the door and waited, pressing herself against the wall. The door opened and Dean popped his head round catching the eye of Sally before turning to see her looking at him eagerly.

"I thought I'd bring a friend with me, to come and collect my knickers" she said, biting the edge of her lip.

"People are in here.." he said, stuttering.

"Its alright, " Sally matched her friends eagerness. "..We'll wait are your car, sir" she smiled.


"Its cold" Sally said, hugging onto her shirt for warmth.

"Not long, he'll be out. Just..wait" she said, leaning against the cold bonnet of his car. Slightly jumping forward as she felt the coldness touch her naked ass, she had forgotton she wasnt wearing any knickers, for a second.

"Girls?" their headmasters voice leemed out at them from behind a window. Both sliding to the ground, out of his sight.

"I've got an idea" she said, on" she grabbed Sally's arm and ran towards the girls changing rooms.

Slamming the door behind them as they both entered, she turned to face Sally and raised her skirt showing her her tight pussy.

"Fancy it?" she asked, winking.

Sally didn't need to be asked twice, she had already ripped of her skirt and shirt in seconds and was soon pressing her friend against the wall, lifting her leg to tighten around her waist. Kissing her deep, opening her mouth slowly and pushing her tongue deep inside her mouth.

"Showers" she exclaimed, turning round and running to the cubicles. Running water soon started and Sally had joined her in the hot wetness. She was still wearing her shirt and skirt, but pulled off her shirt in blink, keeping her skirt on but riding it up. This time she was pushing Sally against the wall, kissing her deep before pulling herself away, pecking on her shoulders, her arms. Stopping for a minute to suck on each of her nipples as she put her finger into Sally's mouth, telling her to "lick on it". She was nearing her hips, when a bang slammed on the door and Dean appeared outside the cubicle curtains, pulling them open.

The two girls, walked towards him like fresh candy at a stall. Sally roughly unbuttoning his shirt and her friend already on her knees eagerly unzipping his trousers and pulling his already hard cock out and flicking it slightly with the tip of her tongue. The steam of the shower made it all the more sticky and well wet.

Sally, who was now fully naked ran to stand under the shower rubbing her arms and teasing her nipples, which where rock hard due to her being so cold and being so horny.

"Mr Dean..." she said, curling her finger and pointing for him to go over to her. He made his way over, and slipped onto the tiled ground. His back hitting onto the cushioned side panel. He wasn't injured, but he was lying down on his back. Both girls took their chance while they could, strolling over to him and standing above him.

"Could you... " Sally said, lowering herself onto his shoulders. He didn't make a fuss as she slowly sat her horny wet dripping pussy on his lips. Squeezing onto her rock hard nipples, she moaned; rocking her head from side to side as he moved his tongue around inside her, she was getting more wet by the second.

Smiling as Sally was moaning in pleasure, she took down to her knees again. She watched his cock, which was so hard and twitching with excitement and as she wrapped her hand around it she slowly moved her hand up and down. Juices pumping out him and onto her hands, he couldn't see anything she was doing, so she tempted for surprise. Going deep, taking all of him into her mouth till she could feel his juices sliding on the back of her throat. Pulling herself back and forth, all the while touching her own soaking wet, horny pussy. Not being able to contain it any longer, she held onto Sally's shoulders for support. Landing right down on top his now throbbing cock, she felt every inch of him go inside her. Making her feel so good, she reached out her arms and pulled Sally backwards into her arms and started rubbing her tits as Dean continued to lick inside her, deep.

Thrusting her hips up and down, moving back and forth she was close to climaxing. He could obviously feel everything inside her was about to errupt so he began thrusting his hips up to meet hers as she pulled away.

Both girls, moaned loudly. Sally stretching her arm back around to play with the front of her friends climaxing pussy moaned louder and louder with every thrust he gave his tongue.

"Oh Oh..." Sally screamed loud, coming into his mouth. He continued to lick inside her as her friend came, moaning deeply, with the help of Sallys finger pumping against her.

"Uh ye.." was all Dean said as she felt him erupt inside her, his warm juices pushing inside her and running down his throbbing piece.

All lay still for a second, before the smiles raised upon their faces.

"I'm thinking A-Star" Dean said, winking towards the girls.

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