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Two Teachers and One Pupil

Surely school was boring? Or so she thought...

Two Teachers, One Pupil.

Double English was a drag, lead onto double Maths just before lunch.

In fact Maths being the time of day she can catch her eye candy, flicking through pages of her course work all the while pretending not to focus on her displayed boobs, wearing her normal uniform - minus the top four buttons of her shirt.

Her skirt, short as could be riding up as she walked down the corridor before class, the odd wink and whistle blew as she walked past a group of teenage boys. She winked back before smiling at them all coyly. Walking on she made her way to Maths, or rather Mr Dean's class.

It had been all too long, four months. She had suffered for, waiting for him to make that move. Something she knew he couldn't do legally but hey? Who would tell? She wouldn't, that she was sure of. She was nineteen, him being her teacher was the only problem.

She was first in class, she sat in against the wall at the very back of the room, her favourite place where she could touch herself and wink as Mr Dean looked up. Every time she had done this, he attempted to smile back although flustered he failed, before looking down and correcting the students course work on his desk.

Class began; Algebra.

About forty minutes had passed, she rolled her eyes and roughly fingered her hair, looking up to where Mr Dean sat, and sighed. He was looking at her this time, his legs and shoes perched on his desk: relaxed mode she thought. Then he winked.

Subconsciously she laughed, a small laugh but non-the-less. Checking it was clear, she peered round the class. Everyone sat staring at their sheets, not one was focused on either of them. So she began un-buttoning the top four buttons of her shirt, loosely untying her school tie and letting the knot hang round her waist. Lifting her leg onto the table, the same way he sat, yet only one leg she posed it. Her skirt already high up and her leg lying on the table, she could tell she was showing her underwear to him. Something he liked, as he sat smiling. She grabbed her pencil, ready for use but placed the tip of it in her mouth, licking it softly and looking at him while she did so. Pushing the pencil back and forth, going deeper with every movement. His eyes pierced at her, with a grin spreading across his face.

The bell rang, time for a lunch break. But that was something she planned on skipping if that meant she got a piece of him. Walking outside the class she stayed against the door, all the students left before she spoke.

"Where?" she asked seductively.

"Not here," he whispered, walking towards her. "... my office will be empty in five minutes" he said.

"Then.. I'll be there" she said, biting the edge of her lip. She walked outside the room, up the stairs to the main office. Walking through to where his office was she sat outside on a chair. Waiting.

Soon enough he appeared, shuffling her into the room with his hand on her back. Mumbling something about "corrective course work faults" to avoid any questions from the office opposite. The door closed heavily as she walked into the room, quickly spinning round as he grabbed her from behind turning her to face him. Not even bothering to place his lips anywhere on her, he started unbuttoning her shirt while she unbuttoned his, throwing it onto the ground before unclasping his belt and pushing his trousers down. He had already removed her underwear, roughly pulling it aside, her skirt still sitting against her hips. She could tell that his cock was hard, he was leaning against her thigh. Pushing him away from her, she sat down at her knees pulling at his boxers and revealing all six inches of him. Softly licking at the end, before dragging her tongue down the shaft slightly tingling onto his balls. She waited till his juice started rivalling before she took all of him into her mouth.

"Pull my hair" she whispered, naughtily. Grabbing the back of her ponytail, he pulled her hair back and forth controlling how deep she took him. She could tell as he began to pull her faster that he was about to cum, so she pulled away. Sitting herself up on his desk she wrapped her legs tightly round his middle and lay back as he started to thrust fast into her. She could feel him slowly edging to her and then, with speed, going deep inside her. She moaned loudly, clutching her boobs with one hand and touching her pussy with the other.

It was then there was a loud bang at the door, the door opened. She sat up urgently and stared where MrDean was looking. It was a new teacher, she recognised him from Soccer class she had watched earlier that week. Instead of what she expected, he closed the door and walked towards her.

"Give me head, and I wont tell" he said, the cheekiest grin spreading on his face. He was already unzipping his trousers, moving his boxers down to reveal his cock, becoming erect. She knew it was wrong, she should leave.... But this would be so good she thought. She sat herself up on the desk, moving away from Dean and towards the new teacher who stood in front of her. Kneeling down, she didn't do any funny business she waited for a second before putting his cock deep into her mouth, flicking the sides with her tongue.

"Pull her hair" Dean said frankly, "..she likes it dirty this one" he said, winking.

Pulling at her hair he lunged her head back and forth, she noticed Dean sitting behind her, he began holding her hips. Pushing her forward he lifted her skirt. Moving herself backwards, she reversed onto his hard cock, harder than it had been before. Entering her from behind.

Sucking and licking his cock faster, she used one of her hands to move the shaft back and forth, the other hand rubbing her soaking wet pussy as Dean thrust deeper behind her.

"Oh fuck.." was all the new guy said, before his juices swarmed out. She pulled back allowing it to cover her lips and chin, she smiled cheekily at him. It was only a few seconds later before her nerves tingled fast, the thrusts behind her got faster and more deeper as she begged for him to do so. Moaning loudly, she felt everything inside her tingle as she came. Dean thrusting slower as she could feel him cumming inside her, before pulling himself out and smacking side of her ass. She sighed loudly, wow she thought.

Pulling herself a side, she looked up at both their shocked faces.

"Well?," she asked " I get an A?" she continued, winking.

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