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Underwear party 2

Modelling naughty undies for the ladies
I was used as a model at the naughty knicker party.

This is a true story from about two months ago, I have though changed the names of those involved, you will understand why!

As I previously described I am a HGV driver, I do not get home very often during the week as I am usually away in different parts of the country. I do not normally see my wife between Monday morning and Friday evening.

On this occasion my wife had an Ann Summers party booked for a Saturday and her friends and our new neighbours were all expected to attend as we have moved since my last tale. Adele the Party organizer was also booked to attend.

I was allowed to go through the invites this time as I knew I was going to be posing nearly naked in front of a load of tipsy women.

Saturday arrived and we prepared all the food in the form of a finger buffet in readiness for a sexy night ahead.

The evening arrived and prior to the arrival of the ladies I left the house and went to the local pub for a few beers with friends. This had been arranged with both Adele and my wife who wanted me to arrive once the party had really got going and the ladies had consumed a few glasses of wine.

I arrived home just as the party was getting lively and was not received very well by my wife( A staged response.). It is against the rules of the party for a man to be present. I said my hello's and made my way upstairs where I showered, then lay on the bed.

A short time passed and my wife and Adele appeared in the bedroom doorway clutching an armful of mens undies. It was clear my wife was quite merry, having consumed a few large glasses of wine. It was clear she was happy the plan was working and that the ladies wanted to see me model some undies.

I remained in the bedroom and was dozing when there was a knock on the door; it turned out to be Adele, the party organiser. Adele is woman of about 25, blond and very attractive. Adele said that the ladies were ready for me and were keen for me to pose in some sexy undies that they might buy for their partners.

I am quite proud of my body, I am not as slim as I used to be but I am not fat and I have a good sized cock and big balls.

Adele told me that the selection she left with me were the ones selected by the ladies as possible purchases. I started off wearing a pair of tight boxers that were a size too small to show off my bulge. I took a big swig of my drink and went down stairs to the lounge where I saw lots of familiar faces and some unfamiliar ones. The girls were sitting round our large lounge, dildos and sex toys of all shapes and sizes were scattered all over the floor and coffee table. I entered the lounge to a few woops and screams, even from people who had seen me in swimming trunks before.

As before I modeled various pairs of boxers then moved on to some thongs. I modeled these but was feeling a bit insecure. I now had just a thin piece of material between me and about 12 ladies, and a cock that was not as limp as it was.

The thongs were very sexy and had me quite excited as I was asked to wander in amongst the ladies so they could get a closer look. Our lounge is very long and narrow so I was never more than a few feet from any of the ladies. A couple of the ladies had a good grope of my cock or ass as I walked past, but I was not sure which ones were responsible.

I went back upstairs and was followed by Adele who was carrying some more items. I said, " I thought that was everything." Adele said, "you want some sales for your wife don't you, so try these on. Do this and I will give you blow job before I go home."

I picked up the clothes, which was a sexy red fireman's stripper kit, this consisted of a pair of red satin briefs that had Velcro on each side for quick removal and a fireman's hat. Adele had also left me a knitted Santa's Willy pouch which had a sprig of mistletoe on the side and a couple of small bells on a chain, very festive as Christmas was only weeks away..
Adele then produced her special delay spray and sprayed my cock. The spray was supposed to stop me getting an immediate erection and coming too soon. I slipped on the pouch which covered about two thirds of my cock I then slipped on the Red fireman's briefs and popped the hat on my head. Finally Adele rubbed my chest and legs with some oil which made me feel really sexy.

I entered the lounge were all the women were very merry and very excited. Most of them were very drunk, the chants of "get them off" were quite embarrassing. I removed the hat and placed it on the head of one of the ladies. Then I moved along the line of ladies allowing them to feel the material of the briefs. 

I looked to my wife for assurance and she gave me a cheeky smile. Adele was egging the ladies on asking them if they wanted to see what was under my briefs. They all of course said they did, so I asked who wanted to help me off with the Red fireman's briefs my wife's friend Lucy was fastest to answer and she tore at the briefs which were soon in her hands. This left me wearing only my Santa Willy pouch which caused a good laugh.

I was now once again very nervous and grabbed my hat and placed it in front of my growing cock. . Adele said to the ladies, "Who wants to kiss a cock under the mistletoe?"

I was passed from one lady to another as they either kissed my cock through my pouch or rubbed my oily chest, my cock having been kissed by a number of sexy ladies was now semi erect. 

I finally got to my wife's oldest friend, Lucy. She looked up at me and gave Willy sexy smile. She placed her hands on each hip and pulled my cock towards her, she took the pouch in her teeth and pulled it from my cock leaving me naked. .

Lucy buried her face into my crotch and took my cock in her mouth to cheers from the other ladies. I was looking for my wife who just gave me a cheeky smile. I looked down at Lucy who was deep throating me in my house in front of my wife and her friends.I could not help looking down Lucy's big cleavage that showed off her wonderful big tits which I wanted to grab.

I knew I would not last long and within a few minutes I was shooting my load down her throat, Lucy did not stop until she had sucked me dry.

As she let my cock drop out of her mouth I covered it with my hat and headed up stairs.

I was followed up to my bedroom by Adele who came up to me and dropped to her knees and said, "I promised you this." She took my semi hard cock in her mouth and soon had me erect again. After about five minutes of great head and her fingering my ass, I came again, this time Adele swallowed my load..

Adele got to her feet kissed me full on the lips and was gone. 

Once the ladies had gone I went downstairs where I found my wife and to my surprise Lucy and Eve drinking wine. My wife said, "The girls want another look at your fireman's pole so are staying to check it out.."

That was a great night I was sucked dry by four different women and got to keep the Red Fireman's outfit,.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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