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Unexpected school day

Who would of thought school would go that way.
With her once again on my mind, I left home with a big grin on my face. Connie was the only beauty on my mind for months. She was what I wanted. A horny 16 year old high school student. Horny and willing to do anything.

As I got off the streetcar in front of our school, I saw her arriving the opposite way. She was wearing a short, red skirt with a black, soft low-cut shirt tucked in. Sadly, she wasn't wearing tights, but I knew something lots of people don't know; she likes to wear skirts with just her panties on. I was able to peak a couple of times at her different panties.

But today it was different.

She felt different. I can't really describe the feeling, but all I can tell you is that she didn't have to show me her tits to get laid with me that day.
But who knew that that day, would be the first time I would ever fuck with her.

As we got to our first class together, we chatted like every other time. But I just couldn't keep my eyes off her tits. They seemed so uncomfortable stuck in a bra. They where practically calling out for my help to free them. I almost did. If only no one else was in the class. It was art class. And I had the privilege to sit in front of her. I practically dropped everything I had on my table to be able to bend low to try to get a peek at her panties. Every time I dropped something, she giggled. Witch was a good thing; when she giggled she pretty much repositioned herself on her chair again. It was too dark to see anything that was under her skirt, so I stopped dropping things.

When I actually dropped something unintentionally, out of habit I looked at her crotch. She had discreetly placed a paper in front of her skirt saying: "Meet me in the Music room at lunch".

The class ended shortly after that. We went our separate ways to our separate classes. All I could do was to think of the message, what was she going to do? Tell me to stop being a perv? Report me to the principal? Or do what I hope for; fuck the living daylight out of each other? I had to sit through 2 periods thinking about it before lunch.

When the bell rang, I was already in the music class, with a dick ready to fuck the first girl I saw. I would have to, I was that horny at the time. The lights where off. I could hear the sounds of my friends in the hallway, they where talking about video-games, as usual. Then I heard it. The small shuffling of her flats on the hard, cold floor. I turned around, but the sound was coming from everywhere. I couldn't see her in the dimly lit classroom.

Then I felt the touch of her small hand on my dick. Just that surprise made me come a little. I was that horny and I could feel the skin on my dick stretching out more than usual. I then felt her sides come into my hands. Her lips pushed against mine. I could feel her uneasiness in her tongue as we made out. I then proceeded to move my hands up on her shoulders and I gently swept her shirt right off her shoulders. The dim light entering the large room made her skin radiate and made it look smooth. The smell of her perfume put me in a trance where all I could do was fuck.

So as I pulled her shirt off in a swift movement. I grabbed on to her breasts. Abruptly, I pulled her nipples. She seemed to love it as she moaned for some more. I got on my knees. Passing my tongue around her nipples, I pulled up her skirt, and to my surprise, she had no panties. Moving my right hand, I caressed her inner thigh. as I was giving her a hickey under her tits, I could feel a small drip of her cum slowly making its way to her knees. Following the wet path, my finger had no hard task finding the entrance to her pussy. Alternating between sucking and pulling on her breasts, I decided it was time to finally do it.

I got up and her hands undid my pants in no time. With my dick sticking out under my boxers, I picked her up. Without meaning it, the entrance to her pussy landed right on my covered dick.

The warmth and liquids escaping her pussy where too great for my will power, so I came.

Feeling bad and unhorny, I posed her on the table and moved away. She leaned back; with her legs over the side of the table, I could fully see her pussy. I got on my knees once more and put my face over her pussy. All I could smell was victory; I finally got what I wanted. So to make her happy, I stuck out my tongue, and made puny movement barely touching her dripping wet clit. Just that small gesture made her moan in pleasure. She then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my tongue in her pussy. I could feel her pussy muscles contract and expand as she gasped in pleasure.

While licking her pussy, I pulled out my dick from under my boxers and put on a condom I took out of my wallet. I then stood up and with our gazes meeting, I could see the fire of pleasure in her eyes.

"It's about time you put it in me," she whispered.

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