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Voyeurs Stimulation-Becomes His Completion

She didn't know that she was being watched

She didn’t know that I had followed her, that I watched her, that I longed for her, or that I wanted to give her the release she desired. I wanted to make her aware of my presence. I wanted to place my thick rigid cock in her mouth. I wanted to replace her hand with mine. I wanted to run my hand along her breast, slowly rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples squeezing. While guiding my other hand down her stomach until I reached her dripping wet cunt. We have been best friends since forever and I didn’t want to ruin our relationship, but as I watched her mount the guardrail I couldn’t stop myself from straddling the guardrail behind her, from wrapping my arms around her, from making her mine. She smelled of sex and lust. My hand roamed over her bouncy breast. I felt her tremble and moan with excitement.

“Aw Chrissie, do you like what you see” I asked as I shoved my hand into her open shorts. “Mmm, you’re already ready for me.” I couldn’t believe I was finally about to have her after years of longing, of lusting. She moaned against my hand as my two fingers stroked her pussy.

I ran kisses from the back of her neck to the back of her ear. Roughly tonguing her earlobe into my mouth, I listened as her moans swelled. Making my pulsing penis grow longer and harder. My hips thrust into hers pushing my fingers deeper into her flaming hot pussy. She pulled my hand from her hot pussy and licked my fingers before sucking my fingers into her mouth. “Suck it like you would suck my cock Chrissie.” She began sucking and bobbing her head on my fingers while grinding her ass back on my dick. I continued thrusting my hips into hers and pumping the fingers of my other hand in and out of her pussy. I felt her body tense. She sucked my fingers harder into her mouth. My thumb joined the party in her wet cunt and began to rub her clit.

She screamed around my fingers and trembled in my arms. Her body went slack. I pulled my fingers from her pussy and began sucking them into my mouth savoring her sweet and tangy taste. We watched as the man stretched out on the bed and the woman mounted him and began to rock, grind, and bounce on his cock, her breast dangling over the man’s face. “Sean?” Chrissie whispered my name. Her eyes were glued to the couple in front of us but, her body was all too aware of my body. I held her tightly as I slowly grinded my cock against her ass.

“Yea” I moaned out as she grinded on my dick.

“You helped me. Now let me help you.” We hopped of the guardrail. She kissed my lips before dropping down to her knees. She made quick work of undoing and pulling down my pants. For a moment all she did was star at my dick and all I could do was watch her. She looked up at me and smiled licking her lips. The tip of my dick was covered in pre-cum.

She started licking my oozing cleft. Massaging the cum into my thick cock. As she took the head into her mouth and glanced up at me. My eyes made contact with hers before rolling into the back of my head. I felt her grin around my cock head and suck it harder. She went to my balls and began to toy with them. Slowly she eased more of my dick into her mouth using her teeth to graze the top and underside. I growled deep in my throat as I felt her tongue follow behind her grazing teeth. I tried to push my cock into her mouth. She placed her hands on my thighs stopping me.

She was torturing me. I looked down at her and watched my dick slowly disappear into her hot mouth. The incredible sensations were too much for me to handle. As my cock reached the back of her hot throat more pre-cum dribbled from my cock, she clamped her mouth down. My eyes connected with hers as she slowly pulled back sucking the cum and her saliva off of my cock. I couldn’t take it anymore. I knocked her hands off of my thighs and grabbed the back of her head. Before my cock cleared her mouth I rammed it back in there. “Clamp down on it and continue to suck.” I groaned out.

As she created suction I ram my dick in and out of her mouth. I could feel my dick hit the back of her throat. Relaxing her throat as my dick entered her throat. I stopped pumping and held my dick in her throat before, pulling all the way out and ramming it back into her mouth and shooting hot streams of cum into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed all of the cum.

“Damn ……Chrissie….” I said on a heavy breath. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her lick cum from the side of her mouth. “This is going to be the start of a satisfying relationship.” We smiled at each other fixing our clothes and preparing to leave. We had a lot of years to make up for.

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