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Wake Up Surprise

After a long day at work she had one thing on her mind.
The sun was just starting to rise against the grey haze of the sky, casting rays of golden yellow over the hill as she pulled into the drive way. She killed the ignition and sat back closing her eyes and enjoyed the silence. It took a few seconds to will her body to move before she climbed out of the cab of the old Chevy. With every step she felt as though her legs were turning into stone, every muscle in her body screaming due to fatigue as she climbed the front steps.

She opened the door and walked down the long entry into the kitchen, the familiar scent of lavender and peach blossoms welcoming her home. As she set her bag on the counter before retreating to the bedroom, she glanced at the clock, it flashed five forty-five in neon green numbers. She had just finished an eighteen hour shift at the hospital and she couldn't wait to climb into bed. She walked down the hallway and softly opened the french doors that lead to the bedroom.

As she walked in a smile spread across her face. Seeing his masculine body sprawled across the bed caused her heart to race as she felt a twinge between her legs. The steady rise and fall of his chest with each breath, his hands tucked under his head, one leg slightly bent at the knee. The sheet barely covering his body.

She stood frozen in place for a few minutes admiring the muscles that graced his perfect body. The skin pulled tight across his chest and down his stomach which was ribbed with muscle. The sheet covered his loin area allowing her imagination to run wild. She caught a glimpse of the soft delicate blonde curls not quite obscured by the silky sheet.

Her body was being drawn to him, her heart beating out of her chest as her legs carried her across the room. She slowly removed her shirt and then untied the drawstring on her pants, letting them drop from her hips, she was left in a cream colored lace bra and matching thong. She now stood at the foot of the bed as she began pulling the sheet off his sleeping body.

She climbed onto the bed on all fours being careful not to make to much noise, she wanted to give her lover a treat before she passed out next to him. This was one of the moments when she was thankful that he was a heavy sleeper. As she positioned herself between his legs she let her fingernails gently run up his inner thighs.

As she continued to delicately run her fingernails up and down his thighs she began to blow warm breaths along his soft dick. The sensation of the warm air caused him to take in a deep groaning breath as his eyes sleepily opened. It took him a few seconds to comprehend what was happening, but when he did a smile lit up his face as he whispered "Good Morning Baby."

Her auburn red hair fell in cascading waves over her shoulders as she began kissing up and down his stomach. She let her breast rub against his smoldering skin as she slowly worked her way to his lips. She gave his a few soft kisses before kissing back down his now responsive body, coming to a stop at his now semi-erect dick.

She begin to kiss down the soft skin of his dick until she reached his scrotum. As she sucked his balls into her mouth her tongue fluttered around making him let out a groan. His breathing became more labored as she continued to suck his balls in and out of her mouth. Her hand glided up and down his shaft the entire time.

Her lips found the tip of his dick again as she kissed up and down the shaft before gently fluttering her tongue along the tip, tasting the salty sweetness of his pre-cum. She locked her gaze on him as she slowly continued to lick up and down his shaft, her nails dancing around his pubic region and up and down his thighs.

The touch of her nails, the sensation of her fingertips along his pelvic bone sent a tingling sensation coursing through his body as his dick danced in response. The anticipation of her full lips wrapped around his now throbbing dick caused him to clench his fist. He wanted so badly to shove her face down onto his dick, to feel it deep in her throat. It took every ounce of restraint he had not to move his hands from behind his head. He instead clenched his fists as another grizzly moan escaped his throat.

As she continued to run her hands up and down his body she began to blow on his dick again. The slight coolness of her breath caused his hips to buck as his body stiffened. He couldn't take the teasing much longer, needing a release his eyes locked with hers, and without speaking a word she knew what he wanted, what he needed.

His eyes still locked on hers she slowly took his dick twisting her head slightly as she worked just the tip in and out of her mouth. Before long she was taking the full length of his dick in and out of her mouth rotating her head ever so slightly back and forth with every movement up and then back down. She was rewarded with a deep groan and a few 'Oh yes" as his eyes remained locked with hers. She continued to suck his dick while her hand began squeezing his balls with a moderate amount of pressure.

The pressure of her hand on his balls and the warmth of her mouth on his dick was glorious. If he could be woken up everyday this way he would die a happy man. The way she sucked his dick drove him insane. She wasn't delicate but it wasn't aggressive either. Through the passion that flowed from her eyes, her hands, and her body movements, it was evident that she fully enjoyed pleasuring him. She continued to devour his dick in her mouth, her tongue teasing the tip with every rise of her head.

As the speed of her sucking quickened the pressure of her mouth on his dick became stronger and he could feel the build up. His body started to tighten as his testicles began to tingle. The pressure of her mouth on his dick was quickly pushing him over the edge as the tingling sensation traveled up the shaft of his dick. His body began to respond as his hips thrust up.

She continued to suck his dick as she heard him mumble "Baby, I'm gonna come." She looked into his eyes and continued to suck, her hand stroking his shaft as her mouth sucked just the tip. His hips began to buck as the tingling reached the tip of his dick and warm cum began to spurt out into her mouth. She continues to stroke his shaft as he released wave after wave of cum. She sucked every last drop out of his dick, swallowed it, and looked into his eyes as a smile spread across her face.

He laid lifeless on the bed catching his breath as she climbed up next to him. She softly kissed his cheek and whispered "Have a good day babe." Before she drifted off to sleep.

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