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Wake-Up Call

who needs an alarm clock when you have me....
I open my eyes and scan the dark quiet room, allowing myself time to adjust to the darkness. The only light visible is that from the moon seeping in through the window and the alarm clock on my night stand. It reads 3:46 am. I take a deep breath and raise my arms above my head, stretching out long like a cat who has just awoken from a deep slumber. I inhale the salty sea air as it drifts through the open french doors of the bedroom balcony. It's peaceful and the only sounds are coming from outside; the gentle lazy crashing of the waves as they break against the shore. I then tune myself to the sounds of you breathing steadily in and out. You sleep without a care in the world. I turn to my side, bending my elbow and resting my head in my hand just so I can watch you. You lay on your back, your torso naked, strong and beautiful - the cast of the moon on your body seems to almost make it glow. Your chest rises and falls in time with your deep steady breathing.

Whenever I wake in the middle of the night, this is what I do. I lay here and I watch you sleep. There is no tension in your face. Your jaw is not clenched. Your brow is not furrowed. You just lay there relaxed and peaceful. The stresses of the daily grind does not show. You seem almost boy like and innocent - even though I know full well that nothing is further from the truth. You are most definitely all man. But here in the early morning hours, when the rest of the world is at ease, I have this special time to really look at you - relaxed, subdued, and completely at my mercy.

My eyes make their way to your face. Your lips are full and sensuous and slightly parted. I lightly run my index finger over their softness, for I cannot help myself. You take in a slightly deeper breath - but still you sleep. That simple act of running my finger over your lips has my breathing coming more rapidly. You excite me in ways I've never imagined, though I've barely touched you. Although you have yet to lay a hand on me.

I take in your strong muscled arms that are thrown over your head. Your jet-black hair is mussed as though you have run your strong fingers through it countless times throughout the night. Again, I cannot resist the urge as I lean over to run my hand through your hair. It is silky and soft and sexy as hell. You stir slightly - but again you sleep. It seems I will have to move to a more sensitized location if I plan to rouse you fully. I take in your large defined torso. The urge to run my tongue around your nipple and down your flat rigid stomach is almost overwhelming. I can now feel the wetness gathering between my legs, my plain cotton bikini panties are soaked. It still amazes me that just watching you sleep does this to me.

My gaze drops lower. The lightweight Egyptian cotton sheet is tangled and lays low across your hips, the slightest movement and you would be completely revealed to me. The thought of what lays just slightly south makes my mouth water and my panties even wetter. I lick my lips in anticipation. I know how much you love it when you wake up to my mouth hanging off of your cock. I know you are naked under that thin sheet and I cannot wait much longer - the need to have you is taking over.

I quietly sit up in the bed and pull of my nightgown - your oversized Cowboys t-shirt. It's my favorite thing to sleep in because it's yours. I leave my panties on for now. The sea breeze blowing in from the open door feels delicious and cool against my bare skin and makes my nipples instantly harden . The sensation is almost as good as having your mouth on them. The thought of your hot wet mouth sucking on my nipples makes me shiver and sets my skin on fire. I bring a finger down and slip in under the waistband of my panties. Oh my, I am so wet. I want you so much I ache. I resist the urge to find my own release because I know how much more special it is to have your skilled fingers and mouth do the work.

I make my way under the blanket and straddle your lower legs, lowering my head and placing tiny open mouthed kissed up the insides of your legs. You stir again and I can feel your body stretching and awakening slightly from its deep slumber. As my mouth gets higher and higher on your thighs I hear you make a low, yet still half-asleep growl. This only turns me on further and I bring my hands up to gently massage your hips. Rubbing in small circles and applying the right amount of pressure makes you thrust up and down involuntarily in your half-sleep state. I scratch my nails gently up and down your belly, each time going lower and lower until my fingers finally graze the base of your cock which has now swelled to almost it's full 9 inches. What a glorious sight it is.

I feel the moment you are fully awake. Your body tenses slightly and I can hear the changes in your breathing. You rip the blanket off of me at the exact moment I dart my tongue out to swipe at the moisture gathering at the tip of your engorged cock. You look down at me and let out a slow groan of approval. Here I am straddling you with my perky round ass sticking up in the air and my heavy tight nippled tits grazing your thighs as I playfully take quick licks at your velvety shaft. I know exactly where to touch and lick and suck to drive you crazy. You bring a hand down to caress my cheek and then tangle in with the long thick mass of my curly golden red hair. I continue to tease you. I take long, full strokes of you with my tongue while my hands work their magic - one massaging your heavy balls while I continue to massage stroke your inner thighs with the other. Still I wait, refusing to wrap my mouth fully around your cock until you tell me what you want. I love to make you beg for my mouth.

"Please, Ashley. Please." Your voice is hoarse and sexy and barely above a whisper. It brings an evil smile to my face to know I can bring you to this state. I could make this strong, sexy, independent man fall to his knees and beg for me. It makes me want you even more when you submit to the power I have over you.

"Please what? Tell me what you want, and it's yours. You know that." I feel wicked but I know you secretly love it when I tease you. I can't help it - I want to hear to say it.

"God, please just suck my fucking cock. You're driving me fucking insane." It makes me giggle that your tone is now so demanding, yet your voice quivers and you are nothing but putty in my hands.

After hearing your words I give in to that powerful need and take all 9" of your pulsating heat inside my hot wet mouth, and I'm not sure at this point who it feels better for. I worship your cock. I always have and there is no doubt in my mind that I always will. I love the size of it, the taste of it, the texture. The way it fits inside of my mouth and my pussy is pure perfection. You have always had an obsession with watching me suck on your cock. You chuckle to yourself and always remind me how much to love to watch me love your cock. It makes me blush every time. I can't help it though, you make my pussy drip and drive my senses into overload whenever we are in the same room. It's been 8 years and we still can't keeps our hands off of each other.

I continue to feast on your cock, tasting the salty sweetness of your precum as it seems to now be continuously dripping for my benefit. I savor it. I relish it. I can never, ever get enough. My goal is to always make you come long and hard in my mouth, although it seems tonight you have other plans for me.

"kiss me" you ask. it's such a simple request, so how can I deny you?

I give your cock one final long pull with my mouth and work my way up your stomach and chest, still straddling you. I let out a long groan as my drenched panties drag across your cock, still rock hard and wet from my mouth. I linger there a moment and rub myself against you, the urge to drag my panties to one side and impale myself on you is almost too much. I know you want the same thing - but you have other things you want to do to me first.

You sit up in the bed and lean your back against the headboard. It still takes my breath away to look at you. Your dark eyes are drinking me in and are filled with lust. You are so beautiful. I take my long tanned legs and wrap them around your waist, locking myself to you. You lazily run your hands down my chest, pinching my already erect nipples as you work your way down. You stop to briefly rub the small four leaf clover entwined with a feather. it is the only tattoo to grace my body - a tribute to my mixed heritage of Native American and Irish. Your eyes run all over my body, your hands mimicking them perfectly. You hands intoxicate me and I feel like I could not string together a coherent sentence if my life depended on it. You bring your index finger up to trace my lips - plump from my efforts and dedication to your cock just moments before. You easily slip your finger into my mouth and I suck greedily. You smile at my eagerness to always have some part of you in my mouth. You remove your finger and trail in down my flat stomach until you reach my most intimate part. You easily slide your wet finger between the soaking lips of my pussy and I throw my head back with the sensations. It feels so fucking good when you touch my pussy. You know exactly what to do with those expert fingers. You toy with me for what seems like hours, constantly avoiding my throbbing clit. The moment you fully plunge your digit into my tight wetness I cum. I ride your finger like I ride your cock. I lock my legs and pump my hips - never getting you deep enough. I want more.

Before I even fully recover, you grip my ass with your strong hands and lift my lower half hungrily towards your mouth and inhale my scent deeply. Your warm breath blows gently across my aching pussy, torturing me. You flick your expert tongue out, gently parting my folds and taking one long lick from bottom to top - I swear I die a little at that moment. You work your tongue over and over my moist lips driving me insane with lust but never once touching that place I need it most. You laugh a little, knowing what you are doing to me. I guess this is payback for my earlier actions.

"Please" I beg.

"Please what, Ashley?" I hate and love this so much. I can feel my wetness dripping from my cunt down my thighs.

"Please baby, suck my clit. Please, Please do it." I'm begging. I can't contain myself anymore. I know you will hold back as long as possible because you're just as stubborn as me.

Just as I feel like I'll die from this feeling, your mouth covers me fully as you pull my blood engorged clit between your teeth and feast on me. You nibble and suck gently. Fuck, nothing will ever compare to the feeling of you eating my pussy like this. Your stubble gently scratches my thighs and I reach down, grabbing fistful's of your thick hair and locking your mouth to me. I am no lady tonight. I am your whore. I grind my hips back and forth, my juices covering your face. You look me in the eyes as your hand comes to my ass, your thumb gently starts to massage the tight puckered opening of my ass and I let out an enthusiastic scream as I come again, panting your name over and over like my own personal prayer.

"Bend me over and fuck me Adam. Please. I want your cock in me so bad." Am I even talking? I can't tell at this point. I must have told you to fuck me because you flip me over on my hands and knees and turn me around to face the headboard. I bury my face in the soft bed and stick my ass up in the air, waiting for you to fill me. My body is dripping sweat. I can barely breathe. You roughly pull my hips to you and fill me up completely with one long rough thrust. You're talking now under your breath - panting half sentences that I can barely make out.

"Oh fuck baby, your pussy is so god damn tight and wet. Ohhhhh....fuck! Mmmmmmmm......take my cock baby. Take it all."

This only intensifies everything because I love it when you talk dirty to me. You grab the headboard for extra leverage as you pound into me over and over. You're so close. The feeling of your balls slapping against my pussy is making me moan.

"Cum for me baby. Fill me up with it. I want to feel it in my pussy." I grind my hips in perfect rhythm with you - meeting your thrusts every time. The sound of your primal growl is all it takes, and we cum together. I feel shot after shot of your hot thick cream filling me up until it's overflowing and running down my thighs onto the disheveled bed sheets. You stay inside of me, still semi-hard, and roll us over on our sides. Your hand cups my mound, rubbing our combined juices together and making me purr deep in my throat. Our bodies are sweaty and the sheets are beyond tangled beneath us, but we don't care. You stoke my hair and kiss my neck sweetly. As I drift off to sleep completely spent, all I can think of is how I can top this tomorrow.

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