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War Cry (Part 1)

War Cry (Part 1)

The needs of a knight attended to by a young nymph
The battle was over…

The summer morning mist still covered the batter ground where so many had fallen. I stood alone, the low mist covering the ground and shrouding the bodies of so many of my fallen soldiers. The air was heavy with the smell of battle, a musky aroma that caught in the back of my throat. My nostrils flared slightly as the metallic smell of blood filled them. I knew I must leave this place, this bloody place of horror and carnage. I needed to wipe away the terrors that played out over and over in my mind. I trudged away from the mud drenched blood field, my sword still clutched in my hand with blood dripping from its tip, I limped towards the stream.

I wiped my sword clean on a tuft of grass as I descended down into a small dell were the stream had formed a lagoon. I slid and half stumbled into the small valley as my aching limbs and battle weary muscles managed to take me.

The dell smelled sweet and fresh with its lush leafy green reeds and soft heather bushes. I wanted to wash away the bitter smell of battle that clung to me. I quickly healed off my boots, removed my leather breast plate and laid them down with my sword. They needed to be at hand should I be disturbed. Last I peeled off my tunic and hose that clung to my large and well-developed muscular frame.

I marched crystal clear waters up to my chest. I could feel the cool fresh water soothing my aching muscles and cleaning the wound I had on my shoulder. I took a deep breath and dived below the surface for as long as I could. I burst out from below the water feeling fresh and at more ease with the world. There was a sweet smell in the air now coming from the flora that covered the dell, it was like the kisses of a fair maiden on my sole.

I dragged my naked body out of the waters and lay against a huge moss covered rock that half entered the waters. The midday sun shone down into this protected wonderland I had found. I lay my sword on the thick moss beside me and allowed the hot sun to warm and dry my body. As I lay there totally naked my eyes closed as I looked up into the sun, the sweet smell of the dell that was intoxication as was the euphoria of feeling so alive after the battle but has the sun’s rays kissed my flesh and warmed it I could feel my cock lazily swell and grow. With my back laid out on the thick bed of moss that covered the rock, I filled with joy, and my hand moved to hold my swelling cock. From the cool waters to the hot sun kisses my body responded to this bliss and my cock filled out in length and girth. It felt hard and heavy in my hand just as my broad sword did and a pulled down on it to expose my full swollen head to the sun. Hugging my ball with my hand I slowly raised and lowered my hand up and down my full cock enjoying the feeling of bliss it gave me.

The sweet heady smell that filled the dell grow stronger and stronger it reminded me of the beautiful smell of a woman’s skin and the sweet juice that gathers between her lips, I could almost taste it. The fragrances were intoxicating but it was then that I got the sensation I was not alone. I smoothly lower one hand from my cock to my sword hilt, and still with my eyes closed, I could hear the very gentile low breathing coming from a little way off. It was soft and quick like that of a small deer or rabbit. Once I had narrowed down the creatures’ location in my mind I jumped to my feet and sprang of the rock swinging my sword into a killing position as I flew through the air. I landed straddling the creature with my legs the sword hovering over its neck.

Below me wasn't a wild creature or an assassin but a beautiful young girl. Naturally startled by my unannounced hunters pounce. The girl held her hands up in surrender closing her eyes for fear the sword wound come down upon her slender neck. ‘Please no sir …please’ she whimpered.

I smiled to myself and noticed that her fingers were wet. It was clear that this young woman had been watching me and indeed playing as she watched. Her eyes were tightly closed as she knelt before me fearing the wroth of a war battered knight.I simply clasped both her wrists tightly together in my large firm hands…and then sucked her juice from each finger…slowly and one by one.

This warmth and surprised intimateness washed away the girl’s fears and I could see the sensation on her fingers deeply welcomed. I cast aside my sword and slid my free hand through her lushes strawberry blond hair, my broad fingers sliding through the silky fine shoulder length hair and cupping her head when I reached the nape. I stroked my thumb across her cheek and tilted her head to look up to face me. Her green eyes glinted in the sunlight and my still swollen cock was just a couple of inches from her quivering mouth. Our eyes met…and I released her hands that then slowly slide gentility down my full chest and well-formed stomach. My cock filled again full and hard and the beautiful maiden opened her mouth to take in the head of my cock. She darted her tongue into the end to lap up the pre-cum like a bee would nectar in a flower and then swirled her tongue around my hot head. I was so hard and big now I could barely contain myself. Then having slide one hand the length of my chest she grasped my cock and slowly slid her mouth down my now pumped up shaft.

I roared into the air louder than my battle cry as this joyous feeling boiled inside me. This little nymph of the dell was filling me with a glorious joy as she worked on my cock with her hand and mouth. At times I could not hold back from thrusting as I held her small head in my hands although she gagged at times her determination and hunger for my cock did not stop. See worked on my cock like a true nymph, slurping, swirling her tongue, grasping with her little hand and sliding up and down my length. She had one aim in mine and that was to make me cum. Saliva covered my cock and her lips as she drove on and on. Both my hands were now clasping her hair, as I grasped the soft sheaths of her slinky hair and pulled her onto my glorious full cock. And then as the feeling exploded from deep within my loins, I grasped her hair again only this time pulling her head back as pulse after pulse of my white cum pumped over this young nymphs face. The joy in my heart as I looked down to see jet after jet of my seed shoot onto this beauties face, covering her lips, eyes and lashes and dripping down onto her firm breasts. I roared into the air again with total satisfaction and that roar echoed through the out dell.

I collapsed to my knees in front of my beautiful cum covered nymph, my heard filled with the beautiful joys of life that she had put there. As I breathed great gulps of air I looked into her eyes and could see a wonder-us warm love. 

I lifted her in my arms and I waded into the lagoon again, this time with my sweet young maid, and now with love in my heart not death.

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