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Wash Away the Pain

He tries to relax in the shower
He was looking forward to feeling the hot water rush down over his body to relax some of his tense muscles. They hurt. All of them. From the tip of his toes up through his body to his aching head, everything hurt and as the rainshower head began pouring a steaming hot downpour it felt like it might wash away.

He leaned back against the glass wall, cold and hard, and despite the hot streams he shivered for a second. He put his head back too and water rushed into his gaping mouth and ran out and down over his chest and tightly muscled belly before smoothing out the thick mat above his cock and running over it in a hot coursing flow.

He didn’t move for few minutes until the glass warmed and his mind stopped racing its playback of the horrible last few days. He stood upright and his chin dipped onto his chest and the water ran down over his back and ass, almost burning after the cool wall. He reached up and took a big squeeze of the bath soap, filling his palm. He rubbed it over his neck and chest in big sudsy circles before running his soapy hands down over his tummy and lower. He circled his cock and gently massaged all around his full balls. 

As his shaft began to stir he let out a moan that sounded almost strange and he leaned back again and ran his hand up and down the semi hardness of his cock. It didn’t rise fully until he gently circled the full head with his fingers. It began its slow pounding rise to full rock hardness.

He felt her body touch his all along his chest and tummy and her hand slid down and pushed his away as her tiny fingers circled him and squeezed in that funny way she always did when she first touched his cock. Testing? Is it hard enough yet? Full enough? In all their years he never asked her why.

His hand rubbed over his chest and pinched a nipple but her face pushed in and her mouth replaced his fingers and enclosed the nipple just before her teeth grasped it and let it harden in her mouth.

He almost sobbed as her hand began to twist and run from the base of his cock out to just behind the fat full head where it circled and rubbed before sinking back down to the base.

As his hands felt the full roundness of her ass she bit and chewed at the nipple as water pushed her hair down over her face. His breath began to come in deep spasms as her fingers began to play gently over the soapy head of his cock and her lips slid down onto his ribcage. Like always her tongue played on and then under each rib before it slid down onto his tummy and then back and forth in each fold of his sixpack abs. One, two, three, back and forth, lower each time. 

And like it always did her tongue sank into his belly button and she sucked and nibbled around it before her knees buckled and she sank down in front of him. He could just barely feel her sweet hand on the back of his thigh as she pushed his cock up against his tummy and sucked up and down along the fat vein on the bottom side of it. Now he was sobbing. She turned her head and ran her mouth up and down along the shaft as her hands slid around his muscled ass around and pulled his cheeks open.

She backed slowly off with her mouth and as his cock lowered and pointed at her, bobbing and pounding, she slid her lips over the head and locked them just behind the crown. Sucking hard she let it slide in and out of her lips. The feeling on the head of his cock was unbelievable. Her tongue probed at the open slit. Her fingers played in the soap in his crack and finding the little bud they began to press and slide all around it.

He felt a finger press to the side of his hole and when it easily slid inside him to the first joint of her finger, her mouth sank slowly and inexorably down until the tip of his cock hit the back of her mouth.

So familiar, so loving and so fucking good and he felt the cum boiling up in his balls. She pumped him forcefully with her tight mouth and as the finger at his ass began a long series of twists it sank deep into him. She pushed the head of his cock into her throat. Part roar, part moan and part cry his cum flooded out into her warmth and he fell back against the wall and slid down until he was sitting on the floor with the water pounding down over him.

He didn’t move until the hot water ran out a few minutes later and he reached over and shut off the tap.

The water dripping down his face into his mouth turned from fresh to salty and he rose and pushed open the big glass door, now completely covered in steam.

For just a second he expected to see her there, cleaning her teeth and smiling that sheepish grin that she did every time he encountered her compulsive needs. She wasn’t there though and he let out a long sigh that slowly took away every bit of his breath. 

He glanced back into the shower where the jets of his cum still streaked down the front of the glass enclosure and the pain started all over again. She wasn’t in the bedroom either and she never would be again. 

For some reason , like the lyrics of a bad song, those damn words popped back into his mind, just like they had all day.

“In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the charity of your choice.”

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