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We met on a plane... A true story

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The first adventure in a three month fling
This is a true story...

I met this woman on an airplane and we chatted for a while about stupid small-talk crap. Somehow the conversation turned to marriage and relationships and how tough they are. We are both married. The conversation was never inappropriate and we exchanged business cards in the end as I told her I would help her find someone in my company that she could sell her product to.

I received a different sort of e-mail a day later.

It said, "I enjoyed meeting you. I know this may be a little crazy, but I sensed something between us. I am unhappy in my marriage and I think you are too. I am not interested in leaving my husband but I am interested in new adventures. Would you be interested? If not, please just delete this and forget I said anything."

I responded back that I am not happy right now but do not think I will do anything. I said I enjoyed talking to her and am happy to meet for a drink and maybe talk some more.

We met for a drink at a hotel bar of her choosing. I would be lying if I said that I was not aware that being at a hotel bar made it kind of obvious what she wanted.

I am greeted by the same woman at the bar only now she is wearing a sexy black dress. She is brunette, around 5' 7", maybe 120lbs, with a beautiful face, fantastic body, and clearly enhanced breasts that look great in her outfit. She definitely came with the intention of seduction.

After a drink or two, I ask her what it is that she is missing and she tells me, "Sex with someone I am attracted to".

This hits home for me and I ask for more details. She tells me that she got married young and wants passionate dirty sex and to try things that she has always wanted to try.

I ask, "Like what, if you do not mind me asking?"

She says, "I want to be with another woman. I want to be dominated. I want to try anal sex. I want amazing oral sex. I want a guy to cum on my facelike they do in pornos. Is that enough?"

I am shocked by her forward nature but am so turned on. This could go so many directions.

I tell her "If you are serious about this. Go to the bathroom right now and take off your panties and bring them to me."

She looks me in the eye, stands up, and walks to the bathroom returning a few minutes later with her panties in her hand.

I put her panties in my pocket and I start talking to her some more and describe to her how I would give her oral. I explain how I would lick all the way from her shoulders down her breasts and stomach to her thighs making little circles with my tongue all the way down. I describe how I would lick the inside of her thighs, her hips, and her ass.

She is squirming in her seat. It is obvious that she is turned on.

I tell her how I would tease her by licking up and down the sides of her pussy but ignore her clit until she was completely worked up. I tell her that when I had her worked up, I would dive in with my tongue on her clit and start fingering her. I explain how I would bring her close to the edge and then put the tip of my finger in her ass and make her explode on my face.

Her face is flush with redness and she tells me that she is so wet right now. I tell her that I want to taste her and to put a finger inside of herself and let me taste it. She looks around to see if anyone is watching and puts her finger up her skirt and then pulls it out and hands it to me to taste. I lick it up and tell her that she tastes wonderful. I ask her if she already got a room and she just nods.

Confident woman!

The tension is incredible. We make it into the room.......

Part 2 to follow.... Feedback welcome

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