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We met on a plane (continued)

A continuing true story of my three month affair
This is the continuing story about a woman I met on a plane and how she seduced me into having a three month affair....

We get to the hotel room and start passionately kissing, our hands roaming all over each others bodies. We are still standing up and my hand is on the inside of her thighs lightly touching her, while I lick her amazing breasts. I can feel her wetness and the heat coming from her. We are both turned on and she reaches into my pants for my cock. I stop her and pull her dress over her head. She is completely naked and beautiful standing there. I take her in for a second and am very attracted to her. I have not been with someone that I am this attracted to in a long time.

She unbuckles my pants and says, "Your turn."

Within seconds, we are both naked. We are still standing up and she is stroking my cock while I am playing with her clit. She is moaning hard and moving her hips in tune with my rubbing.

She pulls back to look at me and says, "Holy shit. You have a hot body!"

As a runner and ironman triathlete, I take very good care of myself. She starts to rub my chest and stomach and then gets on her knees in front of me. She looks up at me and takes my cock in her hands and just stares at it.

"You have a beautiful cock too," she says and starts to kiss it, while she gently plays with my balls.

I moan loudly and she puts my cock in her warm mouth. I am in heaven and she slowly slides up and down my cock with her mouth. She pulls my cock out and rubs it on her face and kisses it some more. She loves it. She puts it back in her mouth and bobs up and down. Then she takes her hand and starts stroking my shaft. I am so worked up and it feels amazing. I do not want it to ever end. She keeps up the pace and I am just enjoying the feelings and the beauty of seeing my cock disappear into her mouth. I tell her how hot she is and that I am going to cum. I ask her if she wants me to cum on her face like she said she wanted to try.

Her response is "Wherever you want it, just give it to me. I want your cum."

I tell her that I want to cum on her beautiful breasts.

She smiles and takes my cock and starts jerking it off saying "I want see your cum on my breasts. Your cock is so hot and I am so turned on."

She keeps stroking and I am ready. I grunt hard and the first rope of cum splashes on to her chest. Shot after shot comes out until she is covered. She is so sexy right now.

She licks my cock clean and says "that was so hot. I have never seen so much cum. Is that normal for you?"

I just laugh. Her breasts are so beautiful with my cum on them. She is rubbing the cum on her chest and I lift her up and push her back on the bed. I lay down on top of her getting my cum all over both of us. I love it and start kissing her again and then start working my way down her body. I have my hand inside her thighs gently touching her clit. She is trying hard to get me to rub harder but I am just teasing her. I lick her nipples and then her stomach. I make little circles with my tongue on her hips, first left and then right.I lick her ass and she moans loudly. I lick her thighs and make circles with my tongue around her pussy. I lick up and down the sides of her pussy. She is trying to shove her pussy in my face. I pull back and shake my head and she knows that I know what I am doing. 

I continue licking all around until she is going crazy. Finally, I put my tongue on her clit and she nearly cums. I start making slow circles with my tongue on her clit. She is moaning loudly. I start going faster. She is lifting her hips up off the bed. I put one finger insider her and she moans so loudly that it is almost a scream. I curl my finger up just a bit so that I hit that sensitive spot inside her. She is moaning loudly and lifting her hips high off the bed. She tells me she is going to cum. As promised, I take the tip of my finger and put it in her ass. That sends her over the top and she moans out and starts thrashing about. She keeps cumming and cumming. My finger goes all the way into her ass and when I pull it out she cums again. I keep licking her clit as another wave hits her. I start slowly bringing her down. My face is soaked with her juices. She pulls me up and kisses me deeply. I love that we are both so dirty.

She tells me "That was honestly the best oral sex I have ever had."

I tell her "Let's check that off your list!

She is caressing my chest and stomach while we are talking. She looks down and I am hard as a rock.

I suggest "How about we take a shower together?"

To be continued....

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