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Welcome Home My Love, Part 1

This is part 1. I hope you enjoy, please leave feedback or comments x

She had had a long, hard day at work and all she wanted now was to get back to the comfort of her home and relax but she knew better than that. She knew there would still be housework to do and her little boy to look after so precious time to herself would have to wait although she thought that as usual once everything was done and her little one was tucked up in bed she would be ready for bed herself.

All the way back home she couldn't stop herself thinking of her significant other, he was the love of her life. She worshiped him and loved him completely but lately things had been a bit difficult. Like everyone they had ups and downs but the downs always seemed to be about the same thing, the same thing that would never go away and her old insecurities had once again flared up and once again it was causing them to argue and she hated that, she hated feeling like things were slipping away from her.

She walked in the front door, took off her coat and scarf and hung them up with her bag and slipped her shoes off before walking into the living room. "Hi, I'm home" she shouted. The house was really quiet which was really strange and the living room was empty.

"Hello? Where are you guys?"

"Hi, welcome home my love" he replied to her as he walked down the stairs then towards her and kissed her on top of the head. "Work ok?"

"Same old I guess. Why is the house so quiet? Where's my little man?" she asked,

"I got a sitter for the night. I thought it would be nice for us to get some quiet, quality time together. I think its much needed, don't you?

She didn't answer him, she just looked at him and gave him a sheepish smile. He wrapped his arms around her body and just held her close to him, feeling her already start to relax in his arms.

"I have a little surprise for you" he whispered in her ear, "its upstairs though, you go on up and ill be right behind you." She was more than a little surprised by this, this was not at all what she expected when she came home from work.

She made her way up the stairs and noticed the light on the landing at the top was quite dim, not like the light from a bulb. She gasped when she got to the top and saw what he had done. There were rose petals on the landing floor leading the way to the bathroom and candles on either side of her as she followed the crimson path casting a soft light around her. She walked into the bathroom to find the tub full of steaming water topped with mounds of creamy white, delicately scented bubbles. There were lit candles on every surface casting that same dreamy light that was on the landing and she noticed that he had placed her favourite fluffy towel on the radiator so it would be warm for when she got out. She couldn't stop herself from grinning as she tested the water with her hand, it was perfect, it was all perfect. Her eyes started to well up as she thought about how much effort he had put into this and it was all for her.

He walked into the room behind her. He was anxious to see her reaction, he wasn't quite expecting tears but he knew she was just feeling emotional after everything they had been through recently. He pulled her into his arms and held her there for a moment, feeling her heartbeat against his chest. She loved how he held her, she always thought of his strong arms as walls that he put up around her, protecting her and always keeping her safe.

"I've got you a nice, cold glass of wine, now you get yourself undressed and enjoy that bath" He said looking deep into her eyes and wiping a tear from her cheek with his thumb. She did as she was told and removed her top and pants, then her underwear and stepped into the bath. He didn't stop watching her as she undressed in front of him and then slid under the water. He smiled to himself thinking how much he loved the way that she didn't even realise how sexy she was and the effects that she had on him. He had to move his hand to cover the already growing bulge in his pants.

She closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh as the hot water lapped around her large breasts and shoulders. The heat relaxed all her tense muscles and melted away all thoughts of her mundane day. The more she relaxed, the more she let go of all her recent worries. She opened her eyes and looked at him, he still hadn't taken his eyes off her, and she smiled thinking about all the effort he had made for her. They chatted easily while she soaked in the tub and drank her wine, all previous tensions and arguments completely forgotten as they just enjoyed each other's company.

She pulled the plug, got up and stepped out of he bath, he took the towel from the radiator and held it out as he admired her curvy body, still dripping wet and covered in bubbles. She walked into the towel and he wrapped it round her as he gave her another big cuddle. She had seen the way he was looking at her as she had stood naked in front of him and as she rubbed herself dry she couldn't help smile as she wondered what else he had planned for her.

Once she was dry he led her naked across the landing to the bedroom. The room was lit with scented candles, the dim light gave the room a soft sensual feel. He let go of her hand and placed his hands so one was round her waist and the other hand cupped her cheek softly. He kissed her on the forehead than started placing soft little butterfly kisses on her eyelids, down her cheeks, across her nose, down to her mouth then to her chin, across her jaw and back to her mouth. He needed her to feel and know that he loved every inch of her and how beautiful and precious she was to him. He paused to look into her eyes before he lent back down to kiss her softly on the mouth. He kissed her so softly it took her breath away, his lips moved against hers gently and his tongue reached into her mouth softly, creasing her tongue, drawing it out of her mouth into his so he could suck it gently. He pressed his mouth against hers a little harder before leaning away from her face.

He lay her down on the bed and slowly he removed his own clothing, allowing her to drink in the image of his toned body. He lent down over her body, placing little butterfly kisses on the smooth skin of her chest, between her breasts and down her stomach, his hands caressed her hips as his lips moved down, stopping just above her small, neat mound of pubic hair, continuing the soft delicate, barely there kisses. He made his way back up her body to her heaving breasts. He cupped them, one in each hand and gently caressed them, stroking the soft skin until his fingertips reached her already hard nipples. He squeezed them lightly between his finger and thumb, applying the pressure he knew she loved. He lent down and swirled his tongue round one of them and then sucked it. He flicked the tip of his tongue over her nipple back and forth, causing her to groan. He lavished attention upon both nipples until she was quaking beneath him and begging him to kiss her again. He moved so his body was directly over the top of hers as he kissed her again on the mouth. By now she was tingling all over, she had felt that warm, wet tingle between her legs and she knew she would have to have him before long. As he kissed her on the mouth she had a hand on his face and her other hand sought for his hard cock. She grabbed it lightly, feeling the full length of it and feeling how hard he was. Her hand started sliding up and down his shaft, softly massaging him. He groaned into her mouth as she squeezed her fingers round him a little harder, applying more pressure to his throbbing cock.

"I want now to be about pleasing you" he whispered as her hand slid over him faster, "I want to do to you exactly what you want me to do, I want you to have everything you need",

"This is what I need" She replied as she gave him a gentle squeeze, "I need it in my mouth, I want to taste you in my throat".

She pushed him off her and he stood up as she slid off the bed and knelt on the floor beneath him. She looked up at him with her innocent eyes as his cock throbbed right in front of her mouth.

"No, I don't want you pleasuring me, I want to satisfy you" He replied to her placing a hand on her cheek.

She didn't answer him, she just took hold of his cock with her hand and held it to her lips. She squeezed it gently, forcing out a drop of pre cum. She closed her eyes as she licked the droplet off the end of his dick, she loved the way he tasted on her tongue and she felt the heat in her pussy as it turned her on even more. She took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked gently as she massaged his shaft with her hand until she saw another little pearl glistening at the tip of his cock. She let his balls drop from her mouth and smiled as she brought his cock to her mouth, ready to lick away her little prize.

She looked up at him again as she licked the very tip of his shaft, he was looking back down at her with lust and love in his eyes. She held his gaze as she held his cock in front of her face and without warning she engulfed his member deep into the warm, wet depths of her mouth. They both let out a sigh at the same time, him because of the feelings she caused and her because she loved nothing more than to feel his thick cock in her mouth. She moved her head up and down, sliding her full, red lips over his shaft, swirling her tongue in circles around the head while he was inside her mouth. As she moved her mouth down the shaft she pumped upwards with her hand from the base, making sure none of him was forgotten.

She took him back out of her mouth and licked long licks from the base of him right to the tip, flicking her tongue over the tip and swirling it round in circles then taking just the tip into her mouth and sucking on it before releasing it and licking at it again. She smiled to herself knowing that he would be loving seeing what she was doing to him and knowing he would be watching she started to play with her breasts and pull at her stiff nipples with her free hand. She took him in her mouth again and worked his shaft, sliding up and down, massaging him with her tongue inside her mouth. His hand was still on her cheek as she bobbed up and down on him and without losing rhythm for a moment she took his hand with her own and slid it back so it was in her long flowing red hair. He was so turned on by this gesture, partly because he knew what it was she wanted him to do and he wasn't about to let her down. He grabbed a fist full of her hair and started to control her head himself. She kept her lips tight around his shaft but it was him now controlling her head movements, controlling how deep she took him.

He didn't force her down just yet, he just held her head as he pumped his dick into her mouth, it felt so good when her lips were around his cock. He looked down at her and saw that her free hand was now between her legs and he knew she would be playing with herself too. He imagined the image of her fingers sliding into her hot wet pussy as his cock was in her mouth, taking everything he gave her. He couldn't help himself then, he had to feel his cock in her throat. He thrust upwards into her mouth as he used his hand to push her head down on him, She gagged at first but he just held her there, letting her get used to him, he knew she could take it. He felt her groan on his cock as he slammed himself into the back of her throat over and over. He could feel himself get closer and closer as he fucked her mouth.

"I'm gonna cum if you carry on" He gasped but she didn't release him from her mouth so he knew she wanted him too.

She started working her hand at the base of his shaft again as her lips slid up and down on him, She wanted to feel him shoot in her mouth, she wanted to swallow it all, she loved being able to taste him in her mouth still afterwards. His hand gripped her hair harder and she knew he was getting close. Please, please let it all out, I want to taste you. Please cum in my mouth, I want to swallow it all, she begged him silently and looked up at him with pleading eyes. Then all at the same time he groaned and closed his eyes as she felt the first lot shoot from his cock and hit the back of her throat, she felt it all pump into her mouth as she swallowed hungrily and she tasted him on her tongue as his cock jumped and twitched in her mouth. She released her lips from round him as the cum stopped flowing and licked his cock all over just to make sure she had swallowed every drop then looked up at him smiling.

She stood up and he kissed her on the head. He hadn't expected that but he was glad she had done it, it was amazing. They both lay down side by side on the bed, He cast his eyes down over her perfect body.

"What made you do that Angel?" he asked,

"Because I love to do it, it turns me on no end having your cock in my mouth and feeling you fill my mouth up with you're cum"

He smiled at her reply as he ran his fingertips over her body causing her to get goose bumps and her nipples to stand up again. He truly did love her, he loved how she was so devoted to him and how she loved doing anything to please him. His hand slid down her body and between her thighs. He was surprised at just how wet she was, she was soaking and he knew that giving him a blowjob was what had turned her on so much. She sighed as he parted the lips of her pussy and stroked her with his fingertips and he smiled as he thought to himself I'm gonna make you do so much more than just sigh Angel, its you're turn now....


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