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Well hung ...well late!!

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After weeks of drooling, I finally get to experience my well-hung boss
It was just after six on Friday evening and Linda was still at work trying to finish off an urgent report, which had to be mailed out before she was able to leave for the day. Her office was in a high rise building on the 27 th floor and the view from her office window out over the city was spectacular, especially the sunrises and sunsets.

Linda never did mind having to work late as it meant spending “alone” time with Marc, her boss, who she had fantasied over ever since starting her position as his personal assistant, three weeks ago. He was a well maintained blonde 36 year old with the most striking amber eyes and had a body like a Trojan horse, which Linda had fantasied riding on numerous occasions.

While Linda typed up the report, Marc was sitting in his office making notes for Monday’s Exco meeting. His office was large and situated at the corner of the office floor enjoying a 180 degree view of the city and surrounds as his windows were ceiling to floor, from corner to corner. His office was very tastefully furnished, accommodating his double sized desk and two guest chairs in the corner of the office, having windows and the view either side and to the right was a small six seater boardroom table and chairs and to the left was a lounge suite, which Marc used for informal meetings.

By now it was just before seven. Linda had finished the report, quickly checked for spelling mistakes and mailed it to Marc. She switched off her computer, tidied up her desk, picked up her handbag and walked over to Marc’s office to say her goodbyes. His door was closed, so she knocked and waited for him to respond before opening it. “Hi Marc, I have mailed the report to you, for you to forward” Linda said standing in the doorway. Marc responded, “thank you, I really appreciate” and then looking up at her asked … “Do you have any plans this evening or would you like to have a cocktail and enjoy this gorgeous sun set with me, pointing out over the horizon?” Linda felt her heart skip a few beats …. thinking to herself……. could my fantasy become a reality!!!

Linda tried to hold her composure as she didn’t want to come across as overly keen …“Actually, I don’t have plans this evening and I would love to have a cocktail with you” Linda answered.

“Well then, please come in and shut the door behind you” Marc said as he got up from behind his desk and walked over to the liquor cabinet.

“What would you like to have, or can I surprise you?” he asked her.

“The surprise sounds tempting, I think I will have one of those,” she answered as she walked over to his desk and placed her handbag on one of the guest chairs.

Linda went over to the window and looked across the city, the last of the sun’s rays were being pulled in, the traffic below was busy some on their way home and others to evening engagements … Marc finished pouring the cocktails and turned around towards Linda and was captivated by her fine silhouette against the sun’s last rays. She had a strikingly beautiful body, slim waist and wonderfully proportioned breasts, just more than a handful which was ideal for Marc, and they were perfectly accentuated by the silk buttoned blouse she was wearing.

Marc approached Linda and handed her, her cocktail which comprised of a combination of spirits and soda, Linda took hers and thanked him.

“I would like to propose a toast…. to a wonderful evening and especially the gorgeous company”. Linda turned her head away slightly so that Marc would not see her blushing. She just could not believe that here she was alone with him in his office. As he placed his free hand on her shoulder and started some idle chatter, it immediately sent shivers all over her body and realising that this was arousing her and not sure where to look, she turned to him and smiled hoping that he had not sensed anything.

They moved the guest chairs in front of the window and sat there for a few hours chatting about their pasts, their achievements and their goals and desires. When Linda got up to re-freshen their drinks, now being their third one, Marc moved away from the window towards her at the liquor cabinet, he placed both his arms around her waist and kissed her gently in the back of her neck and whispered “I know that you want this as much as I do!”

Linda let out a pleasurable moan and turned around to face Marc. He took her face gently with in his hands and pulled her closer to him…… their lips met and Linda didn’t pull back or away as she was so captivated by the control of his mouth on hers and the sensations that start to consume her.

His hands moved down to her blouse and towards the buttons.

One by one, he undid all the buttons and let her blouse slip to the floor. With a knowing hand, Marc then unclipped and removed her brassiere, to reveal her gorgeous, perfectly rounded breasts. With her nipples so erect, seeing them excited him as he went down on them and sucked them whilst his fingers gently fondled them. Linda was by now so aroused she found it hard to contain herself and proceeded to unbutton Marc’s shirt and also let it slide to the floor.

Linda, was captivated by his handsomely maintained body. As she felt his penis harden against her belly she could feel her pussy become very moist and wet and started to rub herself against Marc’s hardened shaft to which he let out a pleasurable sigh!

His hands fondled her sensually as they worked their way to the zipper on her skirt which he unzipped and let fall to the floor.

Linda, standing in her black g-string, had undone Marc’s belt and his trouser button and unzipped him too. Pulling his trousers off, Linda knelt in front of Marc as her hands caressed his skin and made her way to his briefs and took them off. Her hands and fingers caressed his legs as she ventured up towards his naked shaft and lightly began to wrap her figures around Marc’s erection, her hands gripping tightly as they slid down the shaft. Marc’s breathing became deeper and soon he was moaning his delight at what she was doing to him. He began gyrating in harmony with Linda’s hands and fingers as they wrapped around his swollen penis and she started to slide her hands up and down the length of his shaft with the help of his pre-cum. Linda, by now, was very wet and as she was so aroused, she went down on Marc’s enlarged penis with her wet lips, tantalising his engorged head with her wet lips and tongue. She could taste him, and started to suck his hardness as she orally had intercourse with him. She freed her one hand and caressed her belly as she moved her free hand down between her panty and her mound whilst she slowly parted her thighs so that her fingers could work their way to her soft wet pussy. With two fingers, she parted her lips and then fingered herself whilst she gave Marc oral pleasure. Marc could not hold back anymore and let out a pleasurable cry as his whole body went rigid in bouts of pleasure as he reached the pinnacle of his orgasm. This triggered off Linda’s orgasm which was as immense as Marc’s.

Marc bent over and pulled Linda up to him and his lips meet hers again and this time he kissed her with such passion and said; “That was absolutely amazing, and I am not finished with you yet young lady!!!”

His hands, now all over her, touched, teased, explored, awakened all Linda’s nerve endings with such pleasurable tenderness that Linda wanted more and could feel his penis growing against her belly. Marc guided her to his desk and, sweeping the contents off with one hand, laid her gently down. His fingers lightly traced the outline of her body, down to her panties before hooking them under his fingers and pulling them off.

Bending over her, he gently kissed her, gradually making his way down to her aroused breasts which he fondled and sucked on. He then bent her legs and placed her feet on the table and parted them, moving down her belly as he lick-kissed her, past her mound, to her soft, moist and very wet pussy where he slipped his tongue over her clit into her welcoming pleasure pit. He lingered there, sucking, licking and teasing. Linda, letting out gratifying moans as her body tingled from between her toes to the hardened nipples on her breasts, suddenly shouted out; “Please don’t stop…. I am so close! ….. fuck me.”

Sitting up, she grabbed at Marc’s very erect penis, which was already lubricated with new and old cum, and guided it into her very ready and awaiting vagina. Marc was even more aroused by the sensation as the head of his shaft entered Linda’s tight vagina and passed between her soft wet lips which embraced his erect manhood. Their bodies took over and impulsively their hips gyrated in unison as the sensations of Marc’s hardness inside her and her soft pussy around Marc’s shaft brought about the animal instinct in them. Marc plunged himself into her as she clung onto him with her ankles, driving him deeper and harder as their passion grew. She could feel Marc’s penis swell as he drove himself deeply into her and started moaning. The she felt the scorching sensation as he came into her, sending her senses reeling as it drove her to her own orgasm. Their bodies exploded into convulsions as they reached the pinnacle of their own orgasms. Marc still inside Linda bent over and lay on Linda’s chest, both pleasantly exhausted. He could hear her heart beating heavily and to his delight could feel her vagina throbbing against his shaft as her orgasm slowly receded.

They chatted for a while, whilst they finished off the last of their drinks on the couch later curled up and fell asleep, only to be woken up a few hours later by the sound of a vacuum cleaner on the other side of the office door. They hurriedly got dressed and tidied up the evidence of the night’s events, making as though they had come to work early.

Their timing was perfect, as no sooner had they sat down, when the door opened and Clara, the cleaning lady, appeared.

All was well!!!

And to Linda’s delight, the late nights became more frequent with her Trojan horse!

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