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What a way to wake up...

Tags: master, sub, love, oral
How would you like to wake up to this?
I am laying on my stomach, my feet crossed as I prop my head up on an elbow, looking at you laying next to me. I sigh softly, biting my lip as I let my eyes wander down your temple and chin, along your neck and then the sheet bars my view.

I softly and gently pull the sheet back, making sure not to wake you as I lift myself off of the bed slowly. I get on my hands and knees, unable to stop smiling as I settle down on my knees between your legs, my eyes traveling up your chest to your peaceful face and then down to your semi-hard cock.

I start to get excited at the treat that I know is waiting for me, and I can’t help but fidget a little, biting my lips and licking them as my breathing accelerates a little bit. I look down at your cock, my breathing more rapid as my eyes get wide, and I am amazed at the privilege, to be allowed to wake you like this. It’s a treat for both of us- you start your morning with an orgasm, and I am allowed to carry around your cum in my stomach all day, constantly reminding me of your ownership.

I gently wrap a hand around the base of your shaft, slowly stroking up and down, licking my lips as I watch your cock getting hard, my smile getting a bit bigger as I keep my eyes flashing between your slowly hardening cock and your face, making sure I don’t wake you.

Finally I drop my head, keeping my eyes on your now firm cock as I wrap my lips around your cockhead, closing my eyes as I let my tongue roll around the tip. I tighten my lips a little, starting to get down lower, below the curve of the head as I pump up and down a little bit, pushing my tongue against your skin. I hear a soft moan, and I open my eyes, looking up at your face. Your eyes are still closed, but your mouth is slightly opened, your eyebrows up ever so slightly as your cock gets harder in my mouth, my tongue rolling around it as I pump a bit.

I get your rigid shaft about halfway into my mouth and I start to pump faster, a salty taste filling my mouth as your head starts to leak pre-cum. I pump up and down, slowly but surely working my way down your cock, hearing your sleepy moans as I tighten and loosen my lips, changing the amount of pressure from my tongue.

Slowly my lips get lower and lower, making nice slow progress to stop myself from gagging loudly, afraid it will wake you up with a start. I gag a few times, softly, little shudders running down my back, but I keep everything under control.

I keep a hand on your balls, holding them and rolling them very gently as I feel them gradually start to fill and tighten. After another thirty seconds of my careful attentions, I can feel them tense up; I look up at your face, and see your eyes, slightly sleepy but open as they watch me, your hands folded behind your head.

I push all the way down on you, gagging a bit, my throat tightening around your cockhead as I moan loud, my eyes closing tight. I feel your cock jump in my mouth, and then a long, low moan comes from your mouth as you start to cum deep inside my throat, filling me up with your wonderful cum. I can feel it sliding down my throat, making me moan louder as I shudder with excitement, so glad to be allowed to take your cum into my stomach every morning. You reach down with your hands, holding my face as you pump your cock a bit, fucking my mouth as you cum.

I swallow it all, not wanting to waste a single drop of your precious breakfast treat for me, and when you have, regrettably , finished filling me, you let go of my head, your hands going back up behind your head as you let out a long breath. I sit back on my haunches, my bright eyes on your face as I lick my lips, swallowing a few more times as I coo and hum happily, satisfied.

“Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to wake you like that, and for allowing me to take your cum into my stomach every morning, Sir- it makes me very happy, Sir, to be able to do that for you, Sir,” I say quietly, and I see you smile, your eyelids fluttering open.

“You’re welcome, baby girl- now come here,” you say softly, patting the bed. “I think I’m going to stay in bed for a few more minutes, then we can go hop in the shower.” I crawl up, laying down next to you, my head on your chest as you lay still, a very happy smile on your face. I beam up at you, letting out a very content sigh, so glad that I could make you smile like that.
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