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While you were sleeping

My furst submission! please comment. criticism is most welcome!

Your body is a distraction to me.   Throughout the day I catch myself thinking about it.   The way your biceps flex when you stretch your arms above your head.   The way your ass cheeks flex when you walk up the stairs.   Your wonderfully sculpted chest.   Ahh…I could spend hours just touching you, memorizing every inch of your skin.  


I watch you as you sleep.   So peaceful.   You breathe deep and even in slumber.   A slight smile on your face, dreaming.   Of what I wonder?   I raise the sheet a bit and see your gloriously hard cock.   So, that’s what you’re dreaming of.   Unconsciously your hand reaches for your cock.   And I hold my breath, hoping that your touch doesn’t awaken you.   Your fingers lightly touch your swollen cock and softly begin to stroke.   There’s a drop of pre-cum glistening at the tip.   My tongue darts out as if to taste it, but I don’t.   I don’t want to waken you yet.   I want to see what comes next.   You shift in your sleep.   Roll over onto your back as your hand closes more securely around your cock.   Languid strokes, up and down, up and down.   Then, a slight change in your breathing.   Your other hand comes up to your chest, stroking your erect nipples, teasing.   Your mouth opens, your hips starting to move a little as your hand picks up speed, stoking, clenching your cock.   The drop of pre-cum drips down, settling in your pubic hair.  

I can’t stand it any longer.   Cautiously, so not to wake you, I lean my mouth close to the head of your cock.   Licking the tip slightly, gauging your reaction.   None, good.   You continue to stroke.   Little moans escape your lips, hips moving a bit more frantically.   I reach over and trace my finger down the line of pre-cum, to the base of your now throbbing cock.   My mouth slowly encircles the head.   God you taste so fucking good.   I lick and suck just the head, I don’t want to disturb your stroking.   More moans, I reach down and cup your balls, testing their weight, squeezing just a little.   My hair tickles your side and you squirm a bit so I pull it behind me.   Don’t want to disturb you yet.   My tongue licks the underside, just under the ridge of the head, where I know you are sensitive.   I can see your cock jump a little, but you don’t stop stroking.   Your breathing is harder now, moans become louder, longer.   Your hand pumps faster, body tensing.   Your other hand has left your chest and is clutching at the sheet.   I run my tongue over the head once again, slowly lowering my mouth to take you in.   Your hand stills.   And I take more of you into my mouth.   The hand cupping your balls squeezes again, rolling your testicles around, urging the hot liquid forth.   “MMMM” I hear.   I look up and you are watching me.   “Yes” you say as I take you fully inside.   Tongue swirling, moving, touching.   Mouth sucking, releasing you, sucking again.   Mimicking the contractions of my pussy when it cums.   Your hands reach out and grab my head, pushing it down further, pulling it back out until your cock comes free with a “pop”.   Only to push down again as your hips lurch forward.   “I was just dreaming of your hot mouth around my cock”, you say.   “Suck my cock, deeper, take it all”.   I position myself so I can do as you ask, taking you deeper, swallowing the head, lips milking the base of your cock.   “YESSSSS” you whisper, “that’s it, take it all”.   I can feel you swell, feel your pulse against my tongue as you fuck my mouth.   Your balls tighten in my hand.   I know you’re getting close.   “Cum for me” I say, releasing you.   My hand grabs your cock, copying your strokes from earlier, as I look up at you.   My hand twists, sliding up and down, squeezing you.   Another drop of pre-cum leaks out and I lean forward to greedily lick it off.   My tongue swirls around the tip, parting your slit, seeking more.   Your hands clench at your side, your body arches, hips rise up towards me, “I’m going to cum!” you yell.   “Do it, cum in my mouth, let me taste you” I beg, as the first hot spurt of cum hits my tongue.   I take you in my mouth and suck you, stroke you, feel every jet of sperm as it hits the back of my throat.   “god, yes, fuck” you cry, pumping your hips upward, fucking my mouth.   I reach up, grab your nipples in my fingers, give them both a little pinch and your cock twitches in my mouth.   I continue to suck and lick you, swallowing every drop of your sweet cum until your shudders subside and I can feel your cock begin to soften.   I gently clean you off with my tongue, licking away any traces of semen.   Loving the salty bitterness.   “Wow” you say, “That was incredible”, as you pull me into your embrace and cover us both up again.     

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