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Whispersssssss In The Night

How a little too much beer caused him to miss the fun.
After being in San Francisco for a week on business Tom came home with a big victory for his company. They gratefully gave him a bonus week off. During his week off we were notified that his next assignment would be in Dallas. Two days before Tom had to fly out to Dallas one of his colleagues named "Rocky" came up from Ga. to spend the weekend with us. Rocky was familiar with who Tom would be meeting in Dallas so they thought it a good idea for Rocky to coach and prep Tom for the upcoming conferences there.

On the second night the three of us spent the entire evening out on the patio grilling food and popping some beer cans.

As the evening progressed the effect of the beer was working on Rocky. It was so funny watching him study me as I moved around in my sun skirt. Every time he finished a beer I would uncross my legs and get up giving him a leg shot as I went to pop him another beer. Soon he realized that his reward every time he finished a beer was another leg shot.

I must admit that it was really beginning to turn me on as each time he was very noticeable in observing me.

When 10PM rolled around both Tom and Rocky said they needed to get to bed because both their days would start early the next day. They both took showers and went to bed while I cleaned up the patio a bit.

The house was quiet now and I got my shower out of the way and slipped on a housecoat. While in the hallway I saw the door to the guest room open a few inches. I opened our bedroom door and could hear Tom already sound asleep. I remained in the hallway and pulled the door shut. Turning I peaked into the guest bedroom door and saw Rocky laying on his side with his back to me the sheet was barely covering his bare hip.

Temptation overwhelmed me to enter the room. I entered in and quietly latched the door shut behind me and proceeded over to the side of the bed he was facing. My feet found his damp towel on the floor where it must have dropped off his naked body just as he fell into bed.

The deepness of his breathing confirmed my suspicion of him being in a deep sleep. Exhausted from the long day him and Tom put in along with me endlessly popping open cans of beer for him all contributed to my premeditated plan.

Feeling safe I knelt down on the side of the bed he was facing. Gently I pulled down the sheet enough to expose his nakedness. "Mmmmmm", I whispered to myself, "must be why they call him Rocky".

Excitement rushed through me as I stared at his dormant manhood in the soft illumination from a night light on the opposite wall. I reached my hand towards his soft and resting love muscle and touched his balls gently with my finger tips and moved them on over the length of his shaft causing him to deeply and forcefully inhale. Movement of my fingers on the head of his cock let it begin to stiffen. As if by reflex action he turns his body from on his side to on his back and again breathing in deeply and somewhat louder. Continuing my fingertips back and forth on his shaft it begins to rise and stiffen more and again his breathing deepens sounding like whispers of delight as his head turns from side to side on his pillow.

Now with a maximum defined hardness and erection my fingers slide down his shaft to his balls and my other hand taking his cock head in my fingertips begin a two hand massage of his straining love muscle.

He groans and stiffens his legs and again turns his head from side to side on his pillow breathing deep whispers of his arousing within his coma like state of mind. His cock throbs and his whispers tell me of his need for me.

Again feeling confident and bolder I allow my shortie housecoat to drop off my nakedness as I stand up to lean over his twitching hardness. Leaning down closer I give a quick glance to his face before taking the head of his cock into my mouth causing him to much more forcefully sway his head back and forth and release louder and more audible hisses and whispers of his pleasure from what I am doing. Sliding my face up and down his length his breathing whispers his need.

"Mmmmmmmmm!! Baby, Baby !!" I whisper to myself as the sweet-salty flavor of his moist manhood stimulates my brain. My breathing begins to whisper how badly I want him. How badly I want to fuck him with my mouth while massaging his balls with one hand and touching my hot wetness with the other hand. His whispers telling me to take him completely.

Now licking his shaft up one side and down the other and kissing his balls he begins a continuing moaning and hissing in unison with myself as my own excitement continues to rise causing my breathing to whisper to him how badly I want his cock in my hot wet pussy. "Oh, Baby !", how bad I want to feel it's head enter the lips of my love canal. "Mmmmmmmmmm Baby Doll", I whisper, "how you make me drunk with desire to fuck you hard".

Continuing to suck his shaft with deep thrusts into my mouth he suddenly and without warning begins to rapidly swell and raising his hips up and with both hands reaches up to the top of the headboard I knew that he was past the point of no return. I knew he was about to cum.

Wanting so much to watch his ejaculation I removed my mouth and began stroking his cock with full length glides of my fist. His love muscle becoming so tense and hard as he neared his time of release. His hips still raised and his groans even louder his cock goes into convulsions as the first shot of his cum shoots stright up in the air and falls back down on my wrist and forearm feeling so hot and creamy followed by his second gush which shoots into the air and falls down on his belly. "Mmmmmm Baby Luv !!!", I whisper. More love juice ooooz's out and flows over my wrist as I continue a slow tight stroke on his cock.

His body begins to relax as his breathing still deep but also becoming more relaxed. I look towards his face and am astonished over the fact that he remained out cold during the heat of the entire thing!

Grabbing the bath towel I wiped him off and listened to his breathing more softly now whispering and conveying his satisfaction to me.

I put my housecoat back on and quietly left the room and closed the door.

I opened the door to our bedroom, dropped my housecoat off again and crawled in bed next to Tom. He wrapped his arms around me pulling our naked bodies together.

At 4 AM the alarm went off and I got up with Tom and showered with him. We soaped each other up and slid our bodies against each other. I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his waist and he held up my foot. He slid his cock into my starving pussy. Tom fucked me with slow deep strokes soothing my need with tremendous satisfaction until our juices exploded together.

We dressed and I drove him over to the airport. He kissed me long and passionately because he would be gone all week.

When I returned home it was 6:30 Am and I heard Rocky was up and moving so I started a pot of coffee and started the bacon. When Rocky came out to the kitchen I started him some eggs over easy.

I sat with a cup of coffee with Rocky as he ate. We did a lot of small talk and it was noticeable that he was a little confused. It became very humorous to me that he knew something happened last night.....or did it?

When he had finished his breakfast I fixed him a coffee to go and then walked out to the driveway with him to his car.

Rocky then thanked me for breakfast and as he did I wrapped both my arms around his left arm and whispered to him, "Rocky, it wasn't a dream".

He stared into my eyes now even more confused but also surprised.

Again I whispered, "It wasn't a dream".

He kissed me on the cheek and then drove off.

As I returned inside the house I whispered to myself, "Next time he's not going to sleep through it".
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